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The best speciality coffee at home

Want the best coffee at home on tap? Awesome tasting coffee is just a few clicks away. Choose your coffee, grind size, amount and frequency and leave the rest to us.

Or try a mystery coffee subscription to receive a randomly selected bag each time!

Oh, and every coffee comes with free First Class delivery. Because pesky delivery charges aren’t nice.

Upgrade your home coffee in a few clicks with Two Chimps Coffee. Head to the shop or click the button below to start your coffee subscription today.

How it Works

Walk through the door a coffee lover. Leave a coffee expert!

There is always room for extra knowledge, right?

Come back to school coffee-style with one of our awesome coffee courses. Each Two Chimps course is led by our trained professionals in a relaxed, informal setting. No classroom in sight!

Unleash your inner barista in our Barista Basics Masterclass or get creative in a hands-on Latte Art Workshop. Each course is conducted in small groups and requires no prior knowledge. We provide everything you need, as well as the odd (well, frequent) coffee pun!

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Doing our bit

The planet? The people on it? We show them a whole lotta love.

Coffee from plants and people (not plastic pods)


We source your Two Chimps coffee from small farms and single estates. Trading as directly as possible keeps the supply chain short and ensures fair pay for the farmers. Did you know we pay between 30 and 150% more than the going rate for our speciality beans? That’s better than Fairtrade!

Bon Voyage!


Once the producers have processed and rested the beans, they pack them in super-strong jute sacks, each weighing 60 or 69kg. Then, it’s time for shipping to the TC roastery!

Freeee Delivery Over £25!


Become and coffee subscriber, or spend over £25 and get FREE 1st Class DELIVERY! Everything ordered before midday is dispatch the same day (Monday to Friday) - Get ready to pounce on the postie!

Carbon Neutral Coffee in Recyclable Bags

Our Packaging

Sip happy – your coffee is planet-kind! We pack your awesome beans in 100% recyclable bags. Yup, you can even recycle the stickers! Heard that black plastic is hard to recycle? Don’t worry. Our LDPE bags are actually clear and printed black! This means they don’t confuse the sorting systems and can be recycled easily!

Waste Not, Want Not

Our Waste

Here at Two Chimps, we keep waste to a minimum. From donating coffee sacks to cafes to printing roast logs on used sticker sheets, we do everything we can to keep stuff out of the bin! Oh, and we’re obsessed with recycling…

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