10 Reasons why you need a Coffee Subscription

You need a coffee subscription box in your life: here are ten quick reasons why!


  1. Always have coffee at home
  2. Always have the freshest, tastiest coffee at home
  3. Make life simpler
  4. Saves you money
  5. Enjoy coffee tailored to you
  6. Enjoy full freedom and flexibility
  7. Support coffee farmers
  8. The coffee is carbon neutral
  9. You receive freebies
  10. Try new coffees


What does the perfect life include? We’re not sure either, but we do know one thing – it features a coffee subscription box!

Creating a bespoke coffee plan with Two Chimps will deliciousify your life. Every mug will taste better, every morning will feel brighter. You’ll be on cloud nine!

All this, and so simple to set up! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s break it down and check out ten reasons why you need a Two Chimps coffee subscription.


Reason One: Always have coffee at home

Set up a Two Chimps subscription and never run out of coffee again. You choose how much coffee you receive and how often you receive it, protecting you from the tragic event that is: Empty Coffee Tins. Because no coffee lover wants that, do they?

Two Chimps coffee tin with a spoon in besides a blue coffee mug


Reason Two: Always have the freshest, tastiest coffee at home

You don’t want any old coffee filling your tin. You want fresh, speciality coffee! Creating a tailor-to-you subscription is the best way to the freshest coffee. By ordering small, frequent deliveries, you make sure you’re always brewing the very freshest coffee for your cup.

Here at TC, we roast small batches of beans throughout the week. So, when your coffee subscription box arrives through the letterbox, you know it contains coffee roasted only a few days ago! The result? Coffee that’s vibrant, flavourful and way better than instant!

Two Chimps coffee delivery sitting on a doormat


Reason Three: Make life simpler

When coffee is delivered, life feels a little easier. It’s one less thing to think about; one more thing ticked off the to-do list.

Simply set up your Two Chimps coffee plan in seven clicks (we counted!) and sit back. Then start a cross-stitch. Or maybe make focaccia. Because your subscription is saving you time!

two chimps decaf coffee gift set - two chimps coffee


Reason Four: Saves you money

Along with time, money is one of those things we like to save.

Although we don’t offer jumbo discounts at Two Chimps (because it leads to the farmers receiving less, which isn’t right), we still make sure subscribers save money with every delivery.

Thinking of subscribing? Do. As well as bespoke deliveries of freshly roasted coffee, you’ll save £1 on every bag. And this all adds up – you could save yourself £52 over the year! Wahooo!

Oh, and don’t forget, you receive every order via FREE First Class delivery!


Reason Five: Enjoy coffee tailored to you

Every coffee lover likes theirs a little differently. Maybe you like light roast coffees, brimming with all their very-berry vibrance. Or, perhaps you want a finer grind size for your moka pot? Maybe you aren’t too sure what you want, and want to chat with real people to help you find out!

No problem. With a Two Chimps coffee plan, you control every part to create a coffee subscription box tailored to you. You choose the:

The result? Personalised coffee deliveries that make you smile every time!

Overhead shot of spooning ground coffee into an AeroPress


Reason Six: Enjoy full freedom and flexibility

You might know what you like and want to stick to it. But you might not. And that’s totally fine!

Switching things up with your delivery plan is simple: just log in to your personal account and amend away. Or give us a call; we’re happy to make all the necessary tweaks over the phone! This means you can alter any part of your coffee subscription – from the delivery frequency to your selected coffee – in minutes. Faff-free caffeine, see?

You can cancel at any time, too. Because no one likes the kind of thing that comes with strings attached.

Medium roast Two Chimps coffee resting on wooden table besides Two Chimps coffee tin


Reason Seven: Support coffee farmers

Opting for ethical coffee is a great way to support real people. Here at Two Chimps, we pay more for every sack of beans we buy. Between 30 and 150% more, in fact. This means that more makes it back to the farmers, allowing them to invest in their business and provide for their families.

So, yes, we’re not going to lie; you will pay a little more for ethically sourced coffee. But this tells you it’s fair and thatthe growers aren’t losing out. It tells you that your coffee box is a good one!

Coffee cherries resting under a tent in Brazil


Reason Eight: The coffee is carbon neutral

As a carbon-neutral roastery, we prioritise carbon reduction and offsetting to ensure a sustainable future.


Reason Nine: You receive freebies

Everyone likes a freebie. Especially when they’re the good sort (NO MORE novelty keyrings).

Our Two Chimps subscribers receive a complimentary coffee tin and fridge magnet, and coffee samples now and then. We keep the subscribers-only treats coming with 10% off anything (yep, anything) on our website, plus a voucher for £5 off a Two Chimps coffee school. And then there are all the fun puns and coffee jokes you have to look forward to…

I mean, what could be better?


Reason Ten: Try new coffees

Fancy switching things up? Then go for a Mystery coffee delivery! Surprise Coffee Subscriptions are perfect if you want the best of everything. It’s like a coffee kinda tapas.

Set up a Mystery Subscription and experience different coffees each time. Ooh what’s that? A fruity-bright coffee from Kenya? And (fast forward a month) a velvet-smooth coffee with hints of chocolate? Try them all with our mystery coffee plan!

Did you know that all our speciality coffees are all 100% single origin? Find out more about the benefits of receiving single-origin coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Two Chimps coffee samples surrounding branded black coffee tin


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