5 Valentines Gifts For Coffee Lovers

10th January 2023

Special Valentines Gifts that’ll leave them impressed on February 14th

Best Valentines Gifts For Coffee Lovers:

Espressoly For You Limited Edition Coffee

A Pair of Coffee Lovers Gift Set

Best Selling Coffee Gift Set

Tea and Coffee Lovers Taster Pack

Coffee Subscriptions





With the festive frenzy long gone, it’s time to turn our starry eyes to the next big day on the calendar: Valentines Day! Whether you’re searching for a budget present or a Valentines gift set to sweep them off their feet, we’ve got V-Day gifts they’ll love. These Valentines Gifts are delicious, personal and effortlessly giftable.

Oh, and one is even pink…

Limited Edition Valentines Day Coffee

Dive into all the pink-tinged glory of Valentines Day with our lovebird’s special. It’s the personal pressie to send them fuzzy inside.

Espressoly For You is the name of our gorgeous Valentines Day coffee. It’s light, fruity and delightfully drinkable. Love in a mug, basically.

The tasting notes? They’ll send you weak at the knees. Light notes of lemon and Assam tea give this brew an elegant body, while jammy apricot sweetens each sip with gooey, golden-juice flavours. There’s a white-flower aftertaste, too, finishing your cup on subtle floral notes. 100% perfect.





Personalise their coffee gift in seconds with our speedy checkout process. Simply pop the coffee in your virtual trolley, head to the checkout and choose their brew method from the dropdown menu. Whether they’re #TeamWholebean or prefer coffee ground for their favourite device, you can make their gift truly personal by sending it in the form they like best.

Putting together a tasty hamper for your partner? This coffee is the perfect addition!


Miss it, miss out!

A Pair of Coffee Lovers Gift Set

Maybe your relationship is brand spanking new. Maybe it’s coming into its golden years. Maybe you are searching for something special to gift a newly engaged couple.

Here’s the Valentines gift set to go for!

With two white enamel mugs, two stylish coasters and two bags of freshly roasted, speciality grade arabica coffee, it’s the best gift box for your coffee lovers. We roast their coffee fresh just days before dispatch, ensuring tip-top cups brimming with beautiful flavour.

Pressed for time? No worries. We’ll be roasting fresh right through Feb (and beyond, of course) and sending every Valentines Day gift set First Class to make sure your gift arrives lickety-split.


Take a look!

Best Selling Coffee Gift Set

Why buy him one coffee when you can buy him three?

This failsafe coffee set has Cupid’s seal of approval. It’s named ‘best selling’ with good reason…

Let them unwind their smart, ribbon-tied gift box and find three bags of delicious speciality coffee. These are our most popular coffees – the ones they’re sure to love! Simply choose the light roast or dark roast trio, select their brew method at the checkout and get ready for gifting gold stars…

Oh, we tuck a cool monochrome tin and handy coffee label magnet in their gift, too. Because Valentines Day is the time for treats!

Who said Valentines Day gifting was hard, hmmm?


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Tea and Coffee Lovers Taster Pack

Let’s picture a few scenarios:

  • They love coffee and tea
  • They love coffee and you love tea
  • You love coffee but they’re partial to tea
  • You’re the world’s least decisive couple and love ‘em both!

Keep both halves happy with a tea and coffee gift set! Our Tea and Coffee Lovers Taster Pack features three taster bags of freshly roasted coffee, three bags of artisan loose leaf tea, a drinking spice pouch and a trendy white mug. Phew. That’s a lot of good stuff, that is.

We carefully select each tea to make sure only the finest whole leaves make it into our The Tiger and the Bee Make Very Nice Tea range. This is premium, flavour-packed, proper tea – not the tea bag stuff filled with fannings. Always struggle to get your lover off their tea break? Gift them this and they will love you forever.

But it’ll now be impossible to bring that tea break to an end. Sorry. 😉


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Coffee Subscriptions

Love lasts a lifetime, right? Not just one day in rainy Feb.

Send them monthfuls of hugs with a Coffee Gift Subscription. Treat your Valentine to a coffee subscription from Two Chimps, and they’ll receive frequent deliveries of high-grade arabica coffee, roasted fresh and ground for their favourite device. Want them to know just how special they are? How much you care? How awesome they are 365 days a year? This is the Valentine Gift for them.

Their coffee subscription is super simple to set up. Just shimmy over to our Subscription maker and select a coffee they’ll love. Then let us know how you’d like us to send their coffee (ground or wholebean) and set a delivery frequency. Then – wahooo! – their bespoke coffee plan is ready to go!

And you’re the Official Romantic Maestro of 2023.

Sticking to a budget? Cool beans. Our Coffee Gift Subscriptions start at just £17.90!


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