A Brand New Mother’s Day Coffee!

17th February 2023

Mother’s Day coffee for First-Class mums!

A Unique Mother’s Day Gift

Problem: Mum loves biscuits but tells you not to buy them for her. ‘I’ll only eat them,’ she says…

Solution: Treat her to freshly roasted, biscuit-inspired coffee instead! ???

She’ll love our limited-edition Mother’s Day coffee. With notes of lemon shortbread and a name that proclaims her awesomeness, it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift!


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Tempting Taste

ON AMOTHER LEVEL is a coffee made for mums. Supermums, cuddly mums, powermums… this Mother’s Day present is the tops!

Just one sip takes her to biscuit tin heaven. Buttery notes of lemon shortbread combine with orange and tangy blackberry in a cup she’s sure to love. We’ve kept the roast nice and light to let the fruity sweetness shine bright and create a coffee perfect for spring!

Hey, great idea time. ? Make Mothering Sunday brunch extra special this year with this lush light roast! Or (cue another idea), add it to a hamper of teatime treats. She’ll love it!

Coffee from The Democratic Republic of the Congo

This is an organic, speciality grade coffee grown by skilled farmers in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. You’ll find their small farms in the country’s Isale region, which lies towards the east and offers first-class coffee-growing conditions. Eastern DR Congo has witnessed 20 years of conflict but remains better suited to grow arabica coffee than any other area of East Africa. Why? It’s all down to the:

The fertile land is the real highlight – the Virunga Park volcanoes infuse the soil with coffee-loving minerals. Virungas even means ‘volcanoes’ in the Kinyarwanda language!


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The Very Great Virunga Coffee Company!

Mum’s super special coffee is washed processed at the Kahondo wet mill in the Isale area. Kahondo is one of the seven stations managed by the Virunga Coffee Company, a big-hearted organisation established in 2012. Virunga has two main goals: to boost organic farming and help farmers increase their profits through more effective methods. And they’re doing a grand job so far! To date, they’ve helped over 8000 locals develop better practices. They also distribute an awesome 3 million coffee seedlings each year!


Beautiful Bourbon Coffee

There are two main types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica’s the good stuff, while Robusta tends to be low-grade and overwhelmingly bitter.

A coffee varietal is simply an Arabica or Robusta subspecies. You’ll find oodles of Arabica varietals on farms worldwide, each with their own flavour profiles and preferred growing locations. ON AMOTHER LEVEL features delicious Bourbon beans. Loved for their mellow, buttery flavours and balanced sweetness, they’re the perfect choice for Mum’s special gift. Bourbon tends to be pretty rare, too, because fewer cherries grow on each coffee plant. A special coffee for your very special Ma!

Make it a Mother’s Day Gift Set!

Looking for a gift to lavish her with love? Here it is – our exclusive Mother’s Day Coffee Gift Set! Her hand-wrapped, ribbon-tied gift box features a fresh bag of Mother’s Day coffee plus some very neat coffee accessories. She’ll love the stylish tin and handy Two Chimps magnet – it’s perfect for keeping the label safe on the fridge!

The shopping part couldn’t be simpler. Just pop the gift to your virtual cart, choose Mum’s brew method (we grind fresh every day!) and add a sloppy message on the gift note. We’ll then hand-pack her special present and send it on its way First Class! Don’t stress about delivery charges, either – you’ll receive Mum’s gift with free delivery!

The perfect, most delicious solution to Mother’s Day gifting! And something a little bit different…


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Explain the Name!

Listener. Teacher. Supporter. Life Organiser.

She’s pretty amazing, right? Just brilliant. The absolute tops.

Mum is, well, ON AMOTHER LEVEL!

Give her the day she deserves with beautiful, hand roasted organic coffee. We think of it as gift-wrapped permission for her to put her feet up!

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