A Closer Look at Small-Batch Coffee Roasting

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we roast coffee in small batches.

But why do we do this, and what are the benefits? Keep reading to find out and to see why small-batch coffee roasting is so important to us here at Two Chimps HQ.

The Coffee

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we source and hand roast speciality coffee in small batches. Speciality coffees are of very high quality and are a much higher grade of Arabica coffee in comparison to commodity coffee.

Commodity graded coffees are a much lower quality and therefore, we have no interest in them. The farmers who grow speciality coffee work hard to ensure their coffee is the very best, and in turn, the team here at Two Chimps Coffee HQ work to continue their efforts and produce amazing coffee for you.


a farmer holding some coffee cherries


When we receive fresh green coffee, we feel that we owe it to the farmers to roast every bean to its full potential.

We never over roast a coffee so that it becomes burnt and bitter, simply because we don’t have to. Over roasting is usually needed when the coffee is of lower quality and full of impurities. By roasting darker, these ‘defects’ can be masked by general roasty or burnt characteristics.

Rather than roasting to mask, we use our coffee roasting knowledge to bring out the natural flavours and aromas locked inside the bean which are ready and waiting to burst out.

So What’s So Good About Small-Batch Coffee Roasting?

Our ethos is ‘fresh is best’ and by roasting in small batches we can be sure that our coffee is the freshest it can be. This starts with the purchasing of green coffee. We only source enough green coffee to last us say 8-12 months (or around four months for our limited edition coffees).


coffee in a cooling bin


We roast all our coffees on-site at our roastery near Ashwell, Rutland. As mentioned, when we roast, we never do so that the coffee becomes bitter or burnt. Our coffees have awesome flavours and we love to show them off! Roasting by hand allows us to control the whole roast and make changes quickly if needed.

We only roast what we need, rather than roasting to build up a stock. If we were to roast in larger batches, we would run the risk of roasting more in each roast that we need, and therefore, creating a coffee stock.

This in turn, could potentially mean that your coffee has sat on our shelves for ages before it reaches you. This would make the chimps sad as they want you to enjoy the freshest coffee. To achieve this, we stick to small-batch coffee roasting.


coffee mug orange

Why Care About The Coffee Being Fresh?

Just like any other food or drink item, fresh tastes better. The fresher the coffee, the more you will love each cup and the more you will be able to taste the notes described on the bag.

If you want to, buy a bag of coffee from a supermarket and a bag of our coffee, and compare. Although the flavours in supermarket coffees are quite bland anyway, the fact they are left on shelves for weeks doesn’t help.

Not got the time, or don’t want to risk having to drink bad supermarket coffee? Don’t worry; we have done it for you. Check out our speciality coffee taste test to see how our coffee held its own when up against supermarket coffee.

writing notes at coffee cupping - a close up of the pen and paper

Want To See It For Yourself?

Every other month we host coffee schools here at the roastery.

These events are free and give you an insight into what goes on here at Two Chimps Coffee.

The session starts with an introduction to speciality coffee; how it is grown, harvested, processed and dried. Next, watch a live roast demonstration.

Lastly, the session finishes off with a mini brewing and tasting session.

Interested? Get yourself booked here.

All of our coffees are roasted in small batches, regardless if they are destined for a café or coffee shop or are coming straight to your door.

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