A New Decaf for Your Best Decaf Ground Coffee Yet!

28th June 2022

Enjoy top-notch Decaf Ground Coffee With This Fruity New Light Roast!

Settle down and dim the lights, because we’re doing a little spotlight feature today. Well, rather a BIG spotlight feature, because our fruity new decaf deserves one mahoosive shiny light!

We source this single-origin coffee from a small farm in Nicaragua. It’s a Carbon Dioxide decaf coffee, which we like (a lot) because it’s 100% chemical-free! So whether you’re searching for lovely decaf coffee beans or just-as-good-as-caffeinated decaf ground coffee, you’ve found a new favourite with Earmuffs for Elephants!

What about the taste? Read on, decaf lover, read on…

Fruity Decaf Coffee Beans You’ll Adore

Let’s do a spot of make-believe. Imagine a squidgy slice of malt loaf, still warm from the oven and spread thickly with butter. Now pair this sticky delight with brown sugar baked apples and top it with fresh orange zest.

Oh, wait, you can stop imagining – that’s just what this Nicaraguan decaf coffee tastes like!

That’s right. Treacly malt loaf flavours combine with sweet Bramley apple and zesty orange in one of our tastiest decaffeinated coffees yet!

The El Bosque Family Farm

Julio and Octavio Peralta grow this exceptional Catuai coffee on their small family farm. The El Bosque farm has been in the Peralta family since the early 20th century and enjoys some stellar coffee growing conditions. You’ll find the farm huddled amongst the thick San Fernando forests in Nicaragua’s Nueva Segovia region – the model definition of a hidden gem!

Since 2008, Julio and Octavio have been experimenting with new coffee-growing methods. This means interesting, unmissable coffees with every harvest! Just take a sip and see (well, taste) for yourself!

Nicaragua Coffee

Coffee cultivation in Nicaragua hasn’t always been easy. Political disturbances in the late 90s hit coffee growers hard, and many coffee farms were abandoned. Hurricane Mitch caused havoc in 1998, followed by drought at the turn of the millennium.

But the coffee farmers persevered, creating a super-successful coffee industry today. Now, Nicaragua’s traceability levels are exceptionally high (you can almost always trace your coffee back to a single estate) and it’s coffee awesomely complex. Expect lovely fruit-like flavours paired with lush acidity and a whole lotta deliciousness!

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there! Because Nueva Segovia is held up as one of the country’s best coffee-growing regions! Just another reason why Earmuffs for Elephants is our scrummiest decaf ground coffee to date!

A Very Special Carbon Dioxide Decaf Coffee

This moreish coffee becomes a moreish decaffeinated coffee by a stop-off with the Carbon Dioxide Process experts. This sounds a bit scary, like they’re going to be poking your lovely beans with needles and forceps…

But that’s not the case at all. The Carbon Dioxide decaf method is gentle, chemical-free and (here’s the best bit) great at preserving flavour!

To start with, the decaffeination team soak the raw coffee beans in water. Bath time comes next, as the beans are bathed in compressed carbon dioxide. CO2 is a natural gas – it’s one of the gases we breathe out – and acts as a solvent in the decaf vessel’s high pressures. The carbon dioxide coaxes the caffeine molecules out of the beans while leaving all the taste-creating, larger-moleculed flavoured compounds in place. Which is exactly what we want!

The caffeine-containing CO2 now moves to the absorption chamber. Here, the pressure is reduced and the CO2 goes back to being a gas, leaving the caffeine behind as it switches states. It’s just plain CO2 again now, so can be pumped back and reused. Efficient? We think so!

The name… what’s it all about?

Is it a gloomy Monday? A boring Tuesday? Try this for a spot of fun!

Go up to the Post Office counter with a little box. When the lovely assistant asks you what you are posting, say it’s a Very Very Special Delivery… It’s earmuffs for an elephant! That not-sure-whether-to-be-worried-or-impressed look on their face will make you giggle any day!


Or, you could just brighten your day with this delicious Nicaraguan decaf coffee. It’s jolly good fun!


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