A New Ethical Coffee for World Chimp Day!

Sip a very kind coffee from your fave ethical coffee roaster (that’s ussss!)


A New Ethical Coffee for the Chimps

Cheeky monkey fun comes every day at Two Chimps Coffee, but there is one day when it is strongly recommended. When it’s practically essential.

And that’s 14th July – World Chimpanzee Day!

World Chimp Day is all about celebrating the wonderful quirkiness of cheeky chimps and helping to protect them for the future. Chimps are human beings’ closest cousins – did you know? So why not get involved and offer our primate pals a little helping hand?

And the easiest way to spread the love? The most delicious, most fabulously flavourful way?

Treating yourself to a bag of Nonsense Unites Us, our limited-edition World Chimp Day Coffee! It’s tantalizingly tasty (just wait ‘till you try that pineapple zing) and helps raise money for UK chimp protection charity, The Jane Goodall Institute.


In other words, it’s AWESOME.


World Chimpanzee Day Coffee from Two Chimps Coffee




Help Support The Jane Goodall Institute

As a UK ethical coffee roaster, we’re always keen to find new ways to make coffee kinder.

And this means kind to people, our planet – and the primates!

That’s why we’re dedicating this very delicious light roast coffee to The Jane Goodall Institute. For every bag sold, we’ll donate £1 straight to the charity (no monkey business) to help support their essential work. Because their work really is crucial. With as few as 200,000 chimpanzees left in the wild, protecting chimps has never been more important. All four chimp subspecies are classified as endangered; if we don’t act now, we might never have the chance to.


Charity coffee from Two Chimps with soft monkey toy


Dr. Jane Goodall founded The Jane Goodall Institute in 1977. They take a community-centred approach to conservation by engaging with people, animals and the environment.

Chimpanzees, however, remain the JGI focus. The team work hard to protect chimp habitats, educate locals, and rescue and rehabilitate orphaned chimps. They also maintain the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre in the Republic of the Congo, which helps support governmental efforts to protect chimps. It’s key – crucial – for chimp conservation.





An Ethical Coffee with Immense Taste

Take a sip of Nonsense Unites Us, and prepare for a totally tropical, taste bud-pleasing triumph.

And, yes, all that alliteration is absolutely necessary – this coffee is incredible! Enjoy its refreshing, tea-like body, and then dive into summery flavours of pineapple and tangy-sweet apricot jam. There’s a curious hint of pistachio, too, bringing a nutty edge we just love.

And you thought chimps liked bananas and leaves? Nope, all they want is a mug of fruity Nonsense Unites Us coffee!



Two Chimps roaster wearing denim apron and holding a bag of light roast charity coffee




Light Roast Coffee Beans

Fancying fruity flavours? Prefer crisp, sprightly sweetness to something creamy and rich? Then light roast coffee beans are for you!

Unlike dark and medium roast coffees, light roast coffee beans offer bright acidity and a lovely, light body. They’re brimming with flavours of fruit and flora – perhaps a little grapefruit zing or soft jasmine sweetness? Or, as is the case in your ah-may-zing Chimp Day coffee, juicy pineapple flavours!

You can use any device to brew this light roast coffee, but a cafetiere or filter brewer will be especially lovely. These devices are the yin to your light roast coffee’s yang. The left to its right. The chimp to its anzee.

Light roast coffee beans are less porous than their dark roast chums, meaning that their compounds extract more slowly. This makes the steadier rate of filter and cafetiere brewing just perfect for your Nonsense Unites Us coffee! Pressure methods like espresso can be lush too, of course, but they can sometimes be a bit too speedy.


Find more light roast coffees here!





Sourced from Rwanda

We source this limited-edition ethical coffee from the Karongi district in western Rwanda.

Family-owned coffee farms pepper the Rwandan landscape. They tend to be small and organized into cooperatives, which allows farmers to share washing stations at the coffee processing stage.

Your Nonsense Unite Us coffee is processed at the Gishyta washing station in the Karongi district. The station opened in 2010 and is owned by Providence, who is currently developing a new tracing system which will allow him to support and train local smallholder farmers. It’s ape-olutely fab!


red Rwandan coffee cherries in a bowl




What’s the Name All About?

Sooo…. Does Nonsense Unite Us??

It sure does! Human beings are funny. We do wacky things like skydive and play tiddlywinks and stick big green trees up in the house at Christmas.

And chimps? They’re equally charming and just as quirky. I’d love to see a tiddlywink-playing chimp, though.

So, yes, it looks like nonsense unites us!


Nonsense Unites Us coffee labels spread out on a table



Pop a bag of this ethical coffee in your basket today – you’ll be sending £1 straight to The Jane Goodall Institute.


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