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Mail Order Me A Waterfall

Fancy fresh roasted coffee that keeps everyone happy? Here it is! Mail Order Me A Waterfall is a crazily delicious coffee of two halves. Things begin subtle and sweet with mellow notes of honey-baked soft fruits. And then…. Zing! Zest! Hellooooo citrus! This coffee starts a party with burstingly bright flavours of lemon and orange. It’s one uber-beautiful brew.

Whether you need fresh ground coffee or whole coffee beans for your machine (this coffee is great in espressos!), Mail Order Me A Waterfall is a failsafe choice!






This Fresh Roasted Coffee Comes from Guatemala

We source this ying-and-yang style coffee from the Unión Cantinil warehouse in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Unión Cantinil is a perfectly located micro-warehouse receiving coffee from a 15km radius . Their farmers grow mainly Bourbon, Caturra and Pache – coffee varietals renowned for their A-Star flavour!

Our ethically-minded importer operates directly in the Huehuetenango department. This is super important, as their regional stations allow them to buy straight from the farm. Trading directly provides steadier markets and greater financial stability for locals, which helps farmers to plan, invest and grow! Top stuff. 👍


Gif showing tasting notes in Two Chimps Guatemalan coffee




Tell Me More About Huehuetenango

Huehuetenango is a department in west-central Guatemala – the highest coffee-cultivating one in the country. Altitude is a key factor when it comes to coffee quality. Higher altitudes provide cooler, breezier climates, which slow down growing times and allow the beans to develop more complex flavours. And become even more DELICIOUS (it’s possible).

Huehuetenango is just a stone’s throw from the ruins of an ancient Maya centre called Zaculeu. Translate ‘Huehuetenango’ from the Nahuatl language, and you’ll find a name meaning ‘Place of the Ancients’. Which we like because it sounds like something from Game of Thrones. 😉

Huehuetenango is just right for growing coffee. With high elevations and warm air sweeping from Mexico, the arabica plants stay nice and protected from pesky frosts. Huehuetenango is remote, but an abundance of picture-perfect rivers and streams make it easier for farmers to set up mills and process their coffees. Nature knew what it was doing!


Speciality coffee farm in Guatemala



Medium Roast Coffee

Another reason why this groovy Guatemalan keeps everyone happy? It’s a failsafe medium roast! Not tutti-frutti light or chocolate-rich dark… somewhere superbly in the middle.

Coffee beans aren’t light or dark (or medium) when they arrive at Two Chimps. Nope – they’re green! Which simply means unroasted or ‘raw’. We then analyse the beans for things like water density before taking them on their merry way to the roaster. This is where things hot up! The coffee roaster reaches blazing temperatures of around 200 to 216°C, which starts breaking down the complex carbohydrates and transforms the grassy-tasting raw beans into madly delicious fresh roasted coffee.


Removing a sample of beans from the coffee roaster



You’ll hear the ‘first crack’ a short while through the roast. This is when the beans start releasing rather than absorbing heat. The ‘Development Phase’ comes next; it’s crucial for creating that marvellous medium roast flavour. Short development times give us light roast acidity, while longer ones result in the rich brown sugar notes of a dark roast. This coffee sits merrily in the middle. Try some fresh ground Mail Order Me A Waterfall in your fave brew device and find a medium honey sweetness teamed with citrusy bright lemon and orange! Perfect!


Roasted coffee beans falling into cooling drum



Want to see coffee roasting for yourself? Come along to coffee school!



Where Does the Crazy Name Come From?

Yep, we’ve done it again… given coffee a wacky name! This coffee name came from Content Creator Ellie, who was pondering the weirdest things to put in the post. What would it be? An octopus? A French souffle? Nope, Ellie thinks it’s a waterfall!

Prefer mail that’s scrummy rather than strange? Delicious rather dead weird? Why not set up a fresh coffee subscription for bespoke coffee sent straight to your door?!


Bag of medium roast Guatemala Two Chimps coffee with tin


Make It A Fresh Ground Coffee Subscription!

Like the sound of zingy Mail Order Me A Waterfall? Or any of our coffees, for that matter? Yep? Then create a bespoke fresh coffee subscription just for you! A Two Chimps coffee subscription has personalisation in its genes. You can tailor each part of your coffee plan, from the coffee you receive to how often you receive it. And you can change your plan along the way – no strings attached!

We roast throughout the week to make sure that every delivery contains the ABSOLUTE BEST. Whether you want fresh ground coffee or happy wholebeans, your Two Chimps coffee subscription will brim with fab flavour! Love coffee? You need this in your life!

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Bag of fresh Two Chimps coffee with tin



Are you bright and zesty or soft and sweet? Be both with this awesome new coffee!


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