AeroPress Coffee Amount

What is the right amount of coffee to put in an AeroPress? Stop with the guesswork – we can tell you exactly how much to use!


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Say hello to Alan and his AeroPress…

We love our AeroPress. It comes with us on holiday and pops along in our bag for a quick brew at work. We give it a name and celebrate its birthday (yes, really) because we think it’s so utterly awesome! Lightweight, versatile and quick to use, the nifty AeroPress device brews strong, single cups in a couple of minutes. It’s the coffee maker to choose if you want to take top coffee on the go or fancy enjoying barista-quality java when brewing for one.


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Why is it important to use the right amount of coffee?

Coffee brewing is all about balance: the right amount of coffee, the right amount of water. And one very happy you. Using too much coffee will create an overpoweringly strong cup, while using too little will give you something thin and insipid.

Coffee is the star of the show, especially when you’re brewing with top quality speciality coffee, so let’s zero in and find out the correct amount of coffee for your AeroPress device.

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AeroPress coffee amount: let’s get number crunching!

The AeroPress coffee amount is easy to remember. Unlike most other brew methods, which can be adapted to serve different numbers, your AeroPress brews for one. If you’re just starting out with AeroPress brewing, then 15 is the number to note down. Stick it on the fridge, permanent marker it on the wall (maybe not), because 15g of medium-fine grounds is a great starter for AeroPress coffee.


Figure standing in front of AeroPress device and orange mug


When you’re ready to brew, simply place the device over your favourite mug and spoon 15g of coffee into the chamber. 15g is the same as 2 heaped tbsps, but we always recommend weighing rather than spooning to keep things accurate. Along with your coffee, you’ll need 240ml of recently boiled water. This will fill the AeroPress chamber up to just below the top.

If you’re using an AeroPress coffee scoop, you’ll want one rounded scoop of coffee (and the same amount of water). The AeroPress scoop holds 11.5g of coffee when measured level and about 14g when heaped.

Getting creative with the inverted method? Don’t worry: the water and coffee amounts are exactly the same!


Figure making aeropress coffee using inverted method



Altering the coffee amount for a different taste

15g is a failsafe starter, but you can adjust your AeroPress coffee amount to suit your taste. If you want a stronger, punchier coffee (we’re looking at you, espresso lover), then try adding a little more coffee to the chamber. And we do mean a little. Don’t go chucking in another tablespoon; just a few grams will make a difference. Try upping your coffee amount to 18g if you fancy something a bit bolder. Or just need waking up.

Do you prefer a cup that’s a little less strong and more tea-like? Then try reducing the amount of coffee you use by a gram or two. Experiment with different coffee weights (while sticking to that 240ml of water) to find the AeroPress coffee amount that’s perfect for you!


Close up of coffee in a yellow mug and AeroPress device


Hey there, AeroPress oracle. Now you know the right amount of coffee to use in your AeroPress, why not get brewing with some top-class speciality coffee?


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