AeroPress Coffee Water Ratio

What’s this ‘golden ratio’ they’re banging on about? Let’s find out the best coffee ratio for your AeroPress!


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AeroPress for speedy single cups

Hey, quick caffeinators, we know you love your AeroPress coffee maker. It’s the go-to device for strong, barista-standard coffee you can make in minutes. Lots of fun and minimal mess, we struggle to find fault with our trusty AeroPress device. Heading outside and need coffee on the go? Pack your AeroPress: it’s the brewing device you can use anywhere.

But hold up before you head off and lose Wi-Fi. To make great coffee in your AeroPress, you need to get clued-up on the right coffee to water ratio to use. Feeling like we’ve just spoken Swahili? Don’t worry! Let’s find out what all this ratio stuff is about.


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What even is a coffee to water ratio?

Otherwise known as the ‘golden ratio’, a coffee to water ratio is the amount of coffee to the amount of water used in the perfect brew. Each brew method has its own coffee to water ratio. Cafetieres take a coffee to water ratio of 1:20, while super-strong ristrettos sport a ratio of 1:1 (pow!).

We put our recommended coffee to water ratios at the top of each brew guide on our coffee labels. Just flip it over and take a peek!


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AeroPress Coffee Water Ratio

Ahh, but what is the best AeroPress coffee to water ratio? For truly top coffee, we recommend a golden ratio of 1:16. This means that you need 16ml of water for each gram of coffee. Your AeroPress takes 240ml of water, which means you want to use 15g of medium-fine ground coffee for one lovely cup  (240÷16=15). Looking to serve friends (lucky them!)? Your AeroPress can make up to four cups: simply use 60g of coffee (15×4=60) and the same amount of water, and then share between four mugs before topping up with hot water.



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What’s the best coffee to water ratio for you? Let’s get personal!

1:16 might be the golden AeroPress ratio, but it might not be your golden ratio. Because coffee to water ratios aren’t set in stone. By altering the amount of coffee and keeping the water quantity the same, you can create a coffee to water ratio that’s just right for you. If the day calls for a stronger AeroPress coffee, try upping your coffee weight to 18g and keeping your water to 240ml. This will give a punchier brew and a coffee to water ratio of 1:13. If this is the cup for you, then you know your new AeroPress coffee to water ratio! Tippex over 1:16, because 1:13 is the ratio you want to remember.


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