AeroPress Filters

But it’s just a piece of paper… right?


Remember the year you received the best birthday present ever, only to realise that there weren’t any batteries? Your seven-year-old self was devastated (until mum popped to the corner shop. Lifesaver).

Forget your filters, and you’ll be in the same position. You’ve got an awesome new device but, doh, the filters slipped your mind. So, here’s your not-so-subtle prompt: DON’T FORGET YOUR AEROPRESS FILTERS. Small but utterly essential, a pack of AeroPress Micro-Filters is crucial to coffee success. If you bought your AeroPress from us at Two Chimps Coffee, it will arrive with 350 little paper filters as standard – wooo!

png of aeropress micro filters

Let’s find out a bit more about these cool little dudes…


What are coffee filters for?

The Aerobie AeroPress is the versatile, single-serving coffee maker that cleverly combines elements of pressure and immersion brewing. It comprises of three lightweight components: chamber, plunger and filter holder. Chamber and plunger, we love you dearly, but the filter holder is what we’re interested in here, because it’s the home of our fabulous filters! Once the coffee and water have steeped together in the chamber, you plunge the coffee through the filter holder and filter paper. This gives you a tidy puck of used grounds and a lovely mug of coffee pour un.


Pick up a paper filter

Paper filters are the most popular choice amongst AeroPress fans. They are small (63.5mm in diameter, if we’re getting the ruler out) and fit perfectly into the filter holder. Paper filters are made from the same type of paper used for the cone filters you put in your pour over coffee maker. You can buy natural ‘brown’ filters, which are unbleached, but we steer clear of these because they can alter the final taste of your coffee. Standard white AeroPress filters are not harmful in the slightest: they are bleached using a non-elemental chlorine bleaching process and contain no polluting dioxins.


aeropress filters on the table in front of the aeropress filter box


Whichever type of paper filter you go for, it’s always a good idea to rinse it under running water before use. This will eliminate and ‘papery’ flavour that might affect the taste of your coffee.


Or make the move to metal filters?

Metal AeroPress filters are less common, but are a top choice if you like a cup that’s rich and intense. Metal filters have larger gaps than their paper cousins, which allow much of the coffee’s oil and natural sediment to come through into your mug when you brew. Whereas paper filters give you a smooth coffee, metal filters bring a bit more mouthfeel and texture. Great if you want a BOLD cup no one will accuse of being a shrinking violet.

Metal filters are reusable, too. Just be sure to give them a quick wash after use.


AeroPress with purple mug filled with coffee


Are AeroPress filters compostable?

Good news for all the gardeners reading – AeroPress filters can go straight onto your compost heap! Simply remove the used grounds and paper and place them both in the compost bin. Waste-free coffee and a very happy compost heap (used grounds boost its nitrogen levels): what could be better?

AeroPress filters aren’t single use, either. When you’ve finished brewing, just remove the filter and rinse under the tap before placing it straight back in the filter holder to dry. Top marks for the planet, right there!


coffee ground on plants in the garden


Stay stocked up with this 350 pack of AeroPress filters. Or why not grab an AeroPress from our online shop – each device comes with a full-sized filter pack!

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