The AeroPress is a brewing device that looks nothing like one.

To be honest, it looks more like Lego and sounds more like a chocolate bar. But, your eyes deceive you: the AeroPress is a simple, portable brewing device that creates one rather fabulous cup of coffee.


AeroPress set


Tell me more…

The AeroPress coffee maker is extremely popular with coffee specialists and home enthusiasts alike. It is small and compact and made from lightweight plastic, so is ideal for taking on the go. The sturdy plastic design of the AeroPress will stand the odd bit of rough and tumble, making it great for packing into a suitcase and taking on holiday. The uncomplicated – yet very clever – design is also super easy to clean, and the single-mug portion means you can always enjoy lovely, fresh coffee. In case you haven’t guessed, we like this device a lot!


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There must be a catch, right? All these plus-points will surely lead to a sub-standard flavour? Nope! The AeroPress will create café-standard coffee in minutes – no buts! It’s all down to its smart design. The AeroPress combines the French press method (because the water and coffee are immersed together to begin with) and the drip method (because, after the coffee and water have steeped together, the plunger pushes the coffee through a paper filter) to create a flavourful mug you won’t forget.

Flexibility is the buzzword when it comes to the AeroPress. There are lots of ways you can use your AeroPress (there’s even a global championship where coffee buffs showcase new methods!), but most people experiment with the most popular two. We’ll get onto these in a bit but, first, let’s find out more about how the AeroPress came to be…


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Who invented the AeroPress?

The AeroPress was invented by engineer Alan Adler in 2005, after he realised that it was impossible to make a good, single cup of coffee in a drip machine. Alan believed that top-notch coffee should be available to everyone and that we should get great coffee even from single-serving devices.

The AeroPress became popular because it is durable, easy to clean and low in cost. The device allows coffee drinkers (that’s you!) plenty of freedom to experiment and find a method that’s simply spot on. It’s the perfect device for creating a bespoke brewing method at home!


AeroPress on purple mug with Two Chimps tin


What’s in the name

The AeroPress is good fun. Plunging, turning, sliding – it’s just like playtime with toys. ? It’s little surprise, then, that the AeroPress was invented by the same person who designed… toys. Alan Adler is the brains behind the Aerobie throwing ring (the fancy frisbee) but sold the toy-making side of his business in 2017 after the unexpected take-off (get it? Frisbees?) of his cracking new contraption. Coffee buffs were sceptical at first, but a few sips of AeroPress-brewed coffee proved that Alan’s invention created an unbeatable single cup. The proof is in the pudding, after all.


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When do I use it?

All the time! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to whip up an AeroPress coffee in your sleep. Don’t be surprised if you do just that – you’ll like it that much!

The AeroPress is great for single mugs of coffee that don’t compromise on quality; small mugs of coffee deliciousness bursting with body and flavour. If you travel a lot, you need an AeroPress in your life because it is the only way to take barista-quality brewing devices on the go. All you need is a mug, ground coffee and hot water, and you’re good to go!  The AeroPress is also ideal if you’re in a rush. The pressure from the plunger forces the coffee through the filter to speed up the brew time and give you great coffee. Right. Now.


AeroPress with purple mug filled with coffee


Okay, then, but how do I use it?

As we said, there are two main ways to brew coffee in your AeroPress. The ‘inverted’ Aeropress method is the topsy-turvy method. There might be a bit more mess the first time round, but trust us, it’s jolly good fun!

We recommend that you start with a brewing ratio of one part coffee to 16 parts water. This is just a guide, of course, so feel free to play around and find a ratio that suits your tastes.  Next, grab your boiled water and ground coffee (when you order from our online shop, just select ‘AeroPress’ in the grind size dropdown). Stand the plunger on its end so that the rubber bung is at the top. Slide the other tube over it and push down so it’s at about the number four mark. Add 15g of lovely coffee, pour in your water and stir carefully. Rinse the filter by pouring a little hot water over it and then screw the filter on top.

using an aeropress


The next step is a bit of a balancing act: you need to position your mug on top of your stack and flip the whole shebang around so that your mug is at the bottom. Press down the plunger and voilà – your wrong-way-round coffee awaits!

Want to keep your feet on the ground and try the non-inverted method? Why not? Simply put your mug on the table and place the AeroPress on top. Fill the tube with coffee and water, add the plunger, wait for a minute or two and pluuuunge. This method produces slightly more coffee and slightly less mess. Both methods produce a coffee which is a bit different (but always awesome!). Which side will you choose?

Or be a rebel, go offbeat and create your own AeroPress style!


AeroPress on yellow mug



What does AeroPress coffee taste like?

An AeroPress coffee is small and tastes fairly strong – not espresso-like, but to that effect. Coffees made with this handy device will be smooth, rich and full-bodied, with a low acidity and lovely flavour. If you prefer a heavier mouthfeel and want a bit more body, we recommend using metal rather than paper filters as these will allow more coffee oil into your cup.


Mug of coffee made in an AeroPress


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