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You can find the chimps at other places too; not just online.

Even so, we wanted a website that was as awesome as the coffee. Something a little different, which is as much of a joy to its users as each sip of coffee is to the Two Chimps Troops. Luckily for us, our web designers Herdl did an amazing job when creating our award winning coffee website. They did such an excellent job in fact, that our website has been featured on CommerceGurus’s website for the top designs to learn from!

A closer look at our award winning coffee website.

Have a read of what the team at CommerceGurus had to say about our coffee website:

“Two Chimps Coffee is a gorgeous site from the UK selling various flavours of coffee as well as subscriptions so you can get a regular delivery of your favourite brew. It’s beautifully designed throughout with lots of little details to explore on each page. I really liked the wizard on the homepage with a couple of simple questions to narrow down what blend might be best for your circumstances. Sometimes these ask too many questions, and people struggle to finish them, but the designers got it just right.


screen shot of commercegurus write up about the award winning coffee website


I liked the dark colour scheme and the animation throughout, it gives the site a dynamic feel. The single product pages are carefully thought out, and the information on the farmers growing the crops is interesting and encourages buyers to support independent retailers like this one.”

Features of Our Award Winning Coffee Website

The team at Herdl have made our website super simple to navigate too; meaning you can get to freshly roasted coffee much quicker! From our homepage, having fresh coffee on its way to you is as little as eight clicks away!

Our award winning coffee website has lots of awesome features which we are super proud of too. One mentioned by this recent accolade is our coffee wizard. The wizard is great if you are new to speciality coffee and don’t know where to start. It simply asks you a few questions about your coffee-drinking habits before creating a bespoke coffee subscription for you, using the information provided.

screen shot of the wizard at two chimps coffee .com


Our online account management is also super simple to use. You can pause and restart your subscription whenever it suits. So if you are going on holiday and you are worried about missing your coffee, pause it while you are away and restart it when you are back! This also means you are still receiving the freshest coffee, rather than gathering a stock. You aren’t tied into a contract with us either. So if the time comes when you want to stop your subscription, you can do so easily. We will miss you though.

Not only do we offer freshly roasted coffee subscriptions, but we also offer brewing equipment, coffee gifts, individual bags, coffee samples and much more through our coffee lovers blog.


moka pot and kettle


So, what are you waiting for? Check out our website today to see just how awesome it is! Oh and while you’re here, why not grab a bag of freshly roasted coffee too?

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