Awesome Coffee Now At Northfield Farm Shop

Northfield Farm – A Farmshop, Working Farm and a Converted Barn all in one place!

Hey! Today, I am super excited to introduce you to our most recent wholesale coffee troop member. Well known for their incredibly high-quality meats, we’re sure that if you have been to an event in the Rutland and Melton Mowbray area, you would have been to visit their stall. But now, they are adding more strings to their bow.

Tell Me Everything!

Northfield Farm can be found between Oakham and Melton Mowbray, just off the main road near to Langham. In 1994, Jan McCourt took on Northfield Farm and transformed it into the well-known farm it is today. The farm was also recognised as a butcher by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in 1997. This was a result of the quality of their meats and their attitude towards the breeding and rearing of their animals too.


sign at northfield farm


During the early years, they sold meat mostly from their own farm. However, Northfield Farm has always had the aim to ‘encourage others to breed, rear & finish rare and traditional breeds’. This initiative has paid dividends, as now they currently source from around 30 farms, all of which have the same values. An ‘informal co-operative’ as they describe it. By sourcing from small farms, Northfield Farm can be sure the animals have been cared for. This traceability of care and attention wouldn’t be possible if they sourced their meats from larger farming businesses.

Events & Shows

Northfield Farm travels up and down the country supplying hot food at the various shows and festivals they attend. We recommend you visit their stand if you get the chance. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed!


northfield farm trailer at event


When at a show, the team source bread from local bakeries, salads and onions from local vegetable wholesalers, while their cheddar cheese, pickles and mustards come from Tracklements in Wiltshire.

Are you planning on visiting the famous Borough Market in London? Well, you will be able to get some of Northfield Farm’s delicious meat their too. That’s right; they have a stall there also!

Stay At The Farm!

So, they have a working farm, a farm shop AND attend shows around the country. Surely there can’t be anything else?! There is. Northfield Farm have renovated an old stables into somewhere you can stay.


Ideal for a weekend getaway, this self-catering let is super cosy. The kitchen, as you can imagine, has a real farmhouse feel, while the master bedroom has a seriously comfy super king bed. With bed linen from the White Company, peaceful sleep is almost guaranteed. There is an ensuite with a large walk-in shower, and towels are provided also.


coffee in an orange mug with a kettle and tin


In between the master bedroom and the sitting room is a ‘snug’ with a double bed too.

Upon arrival, the farm provides guests with a welcome hamper which includes various meats and other local treats. They have also just added something new to this welcome hamper too… Any guesses?

Where We Come In

That’s right! You can now enjoy a delicious cup of cafetiere coffee while you stay at The Old Stables. There is a cafetiere provided, and of course, the coffee has been freshly roasted and ground to suit.


kitchen in converted barn at northfield farm


Currently, you can enjoy a cafetiere of one of the following;

Isle of View Sparkling Water Decaffeinated

Kittens Onesie

Round Hole, Square Peg

Limited Edition Coffee

These coffees are also available in the farm shop, just waiting to be taken home.


two chimps coffee at farmshop in northfield farm


Right then, who fancies a coffee? Head over to our shop today to grab a freshly roasted bag of coffee now.

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