Bespoke Coffee Subscription

Our bespoke coffee subscriptions are exactly that; bespoke.

Each coffee subscription is tailored to you and your coffee drinking habits. For instance, if you prefer your coffee ground for your favourite brewing device, then no problem. We will grind your coffee to order, just before it leaves us – creating the perfect bespoke coffee subscription.

In short, when you start a coffee subscription with us, you are entirely in control. We have made our coffee subscriptions so simple, the only thing you need to worry about is pouncing on the postman!



A bespoke coffee subscription at Two Chimps Coffee isn’t just about choosing your coffee, grind size and frequency. Oh no. Let’s look into our bespoke coffee subscriptions in more detail now.

The Freshest Coffee

We hand roast in small batches multiple times each week. Doing so assures that the coffee we supply to you is always the freshest it can be.


coffee in a cooling bin


To ensure your coffee stays fresh for as long as possible, on the back of every bag you will find a one-way valve which allows the gases to be released, but will not let oxygen in.

Our coffee bags can be resealed too, helping to lock out the oxygen and therefore keep the coffee inside fresher for longer.

Also on the bag you will find a sticker showing when the coffee was roasted, who it was roasted by and the grind size. Awesome to see how fresh your coffee is, and for stock rotation at home.

Before your bespoke coffee subscription leaves us, the last thing we do before we pack is to grind as per your request.

By grinding to order allows us to keep the time between grinding your coffee and you receiving it as short as possible.


portafilter with coffee

Can I choose my coffee?

Sure. We have a range of six coffees which you can choose from as part of a subscription.

As an addition to the six, we have a limited edition coffee as well as a mystery subscription. Don’t worry, we will get onto these soon.

Three of the six have been roasted lighter to bring out fruity and floral notes whereas the other three have been roasted to bring out more intense chocolatey and caramel-like flavours.

One coffee from each roast style has been paired to a time of day too, meaning we have two morning, two all day and two evening coffees.

One of our evening coffees is a sparkling water decaffeinated coffee too.


espresso extraction

Mystery Subscription

Perused through all of our hand-roasted speciality coffees and can’t pick a favourite? Our mystery subscription could be just the ticket.

Rather than receiving the same coffee each time your subscription is due, we will send you a different bag each time. This allows you to sample a bag of all of our coffees which may help you to find a favourite.

If, after trying the range you do indeed find a firm favourite, we will be more than happy to change your subscription so you receive this coffee going forward.

Love them all? Brill. Stay with your mystery coffee subscription and keep receiving a different bag each time.


tamping coffee into a portafilter

Limited edition

As mentioned briefly, not only do we have an array of six amazing coffees, but we also run a limited edition coffee alongside these too.

Our limited edition coffee is chosen by our customers at an open coffee tasting event. Want to get involved? No problem; just contact the team today for more info.

Our limited edition coffees do not follow a particular pattern. We source a smaller batch of fresh coffee for our limited editions, and we aim to change these every three to four months or so.


Coffee Wizard

If you’re not sure where to start with choosing your bespoke coffee subscription, don’t worry; we have you covered. Our coffee wizard is here to help.

By answering just four questions on your coffee drinking habits, your unique subscription will be tailored for you. The wizard will ask what time of day you usually drink coffee, how often you drink coffee, the brewing device you love and if you would like your coffee ground for that device.

Brewing Devices

As mentioned, we can grind coffee for your chosen brewing device. Also, our coffees are hand-roasted with a particular brewing device in mind.

For instance, we roast some of our coffees slightly longer, allowing more intense flavours to awaken; making these coffees great for an espresso machine, Aeropress or Moka Pot.

Other coffees are roasted for less time, or ‘lighter’ to give them a term. These lighter coffees are roasted with a Cafetiere and Filter in mind. These are only our suggestions, however; if you prefer a lighter roast in an Aeropress, you go for it.


Aeropress with coffee on a spoon


When you start a coffee subscription with us, you have two options for your first delivery. First up is FREE First Class Delivery and second is a guaranteed next day service; ensuring your delivery before 1 pm on the next working day.

Local to the roastery? Pop up and say hi! (and collect your coffee subscription while you are here.).

You Are In Control

As mentioned, with a coffee subscription you are in complete control. For instance, are you going on holiday and want to skip a subscription delivery? No worries, simply login to your account and pause your subscription.

We will hold fire from sending your coffee to you until you restart it again. This means you will still be receiving the freshest coffee, rather than building up stock.


cafetiere and coffee


Keeping with holidaying, if you are going away in the UK, you can have your coffee delivered to your holiday address! Just log into your account and amend your shipping address.

Alternatively, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to change it for you. Make sure you change it back, however!

I don’t like contracts

No problem. Neither do we. When you start a bespoke coffee subscription, you are not in a contract with us.

Instead, your subscription runs until the point you wish to cancel it. If you do leave, however, you will be missed.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our shop today to get started with your bespoke coffee subscription!

Bespoke Subscription

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