Best Birthday Coffee Gifts


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

You look like a chimp

And we’ve got a birthday coffee for you!


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Happy birthday, coffee lover!

Sure, we all love cards and candles on our birthday. But if you really want to make the special someone smile, then awesome birthday gifts are a must. So, why not kick off their next year of life with our best birthday coffee gifts? These are the birthday gifts to make them go ‘whoa, YES, I am one year older and deserve to celebrate my AWESOMENESS!’

Here at Two Chimps, we’ve got quirky birthday gifts for every sort of coffee lover. So whether you’ve got a caffeine-fuelled cousin or buddy who’s just starting to brew, we’ve got a birthday coffee gift to make this birthday the best yet!


best birthday coffee gift


Coffee makes you happier

We all know you can’t buy happiness. But you can buy coffee, which is the next best thing! Coffee has been scientifically proven to make you happier by stimulating the release of dopamine. This is the hormone and neurotransmitter that is released during cheerful experiences and makes us feel good-good-good. ?

Even the smell of coffee gives our cognitive function a boost. If you’ve ever brewed a good cup of coffee, you’ll know that coffee starts at the sniff rather than the sip. Think of that gorgeous, rich, almost cocoa-like aroma of your daily brew. Not only does it smell lush, it travels to the same part of the brain that oversees memories and emotions to give our mood a lift and our mind a boost.

What is top of everyone’s birthday list? Happiness. So why not give some coffee-shaped birthday happiness right away?


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Top-quality celebration coffee

When birthdays come around, you only want to give the best. Birthdays are the time for treats and celebration, not second-class coffee you could have bought from the supermarket. Unlike commodity coffee, all our speciality coffees are ethically sourced and roasted by hand. Small batch roasting gives Andy (chief roaster here at the treehouse) meticulous control over every bag of beans, meaning that he can get each roast bang-on! What’s more, we roast our speciality green beans throughout the week. Why? Because fresh is best. So, whether you’re ordering bright and early on a Monday morning (hey, great start to the week!) or choosing a mid-week birthday treat, you know they’ll be getting the best freshly roasted beans!

Because birthday bumps are so last year – right now, it’s all about birthday beans!


coffee cherries


Birthday gifts for coffee lovers

Our coffee gift shop is practically popping with the best birthday coffee gifts. We’ve got gifts for every coffee lover and every budget, so you’re sure to find the perfect present.

Has a keen-bean coffee fan got their birthday soon? Someone who loves coffee so much you swear it’s trickling in their blood? Give them some coffee to unwrap, and you’re onto a winner! Our stellar range includes top-scoring (that’s right: all our coffees score 85 points or above on the coffee Q Grader’s scale!) coffees from the best coffee-producing countries.



Freshly roasted birthday coffee



Fret not if they are finickity about their caffeine fix. Our wide and tailor-able variety helps you to find the perfect coffee gift in minutes. We offer coffees with all sorts of tasting notes, from floral light roasts to velvety medium/darks made interesting with hints of orange zest or caramel. Yum!

You can choose to send their Two Chimps coffee as whole beans or freshly ground ready for their favourite device. Just select their preferences when you check out!


Would they like a new coffee brewing device? Check out our coffee equipment!


Coffee gift sets that are ready to give

Or, maybe they’d like to celebrate by checking out some new coffees? What a way to birthday in style! Our Coffee Lovers Taster Pack is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers; it’s great for coffee fans looking for a new flavour or coffee newbies who just want to try them all! Oh, and while we’re on the subject of the best-of-everything, why not check out our Surprise Coffee Subscriptions? Different coffees delivered to their door in the weeks or months (that part’s up to you!) after their big day. We think a birthday coffee subscription is one of the best celebration gifts around!

Or maybe they’ve got a big birthday coming up? The big Four Zero, perhaps? Look no further than our Ultimate Mega Coffee Gift Set! Complete with eight full-sized bags of ethical coffee along with an earth-positive tote bag, a Two Chimps enamel mug, and lots more, this gift set will leave them wondering whether all their birthdays really have come at once!


ultimate coffee gift set close up


Smiles all round

Birthday gifts are no good unless they bring a smile, right? That’s why we’ve made sure all our Two Chimps coffees come with a healthy dose of joy. From jargon-free coffee guides to fun coffee names (have you met The Waving Goldfish? Or Canoeing in a Cornish Pasty?), we like to take the seriousness down a notch. Without compromising on quality, of course; top-quality coffee always comes first.

So, if you’re looking for a quirky birthday coffee gift to make this occasion their best yet, we’d say you’ve come to the right place!


Two Chimps Coffee roastery


That’s a wrap

There’s one more perk to our coffee gift sets – and this one’s for you. We send all our gift sets pre-wrapped in a white presentation box, complete with a Two Chimps ribbon and sticker. No more late-night wrapping. No more squabbles with the end of the Sellotape. Just a beautifully wrapped coffee gift that’s ready to give.

Now, if that doesn’t tie things up nicely, we don’t know what does!


Say happy birthday with coffee


Say ‘Happy Birthday’ in the best way possible – with a freshly roasted birthday coffee gift that’ll make their birthday go with a bang!


Shop coffee gift sets!


Looking to make a coffee cake for their birthday or perhaps some coffee cookies? Find them – and more – in our recipe section!

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