Brewing Festive Delights: Your Ultimate Coffee Advent Calendar 2023

14th November 2023

Coffee Advent Box 2023: Your Ultimate Caffeinated Countdown

We can all agree that chocolate is crucial during the festive period, whether it’s Terry’s chocolate orange, a box of celebrations (which we buy for Christmas Day- but they never make it past November!), or a Yule log, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it. However, when it comes to Advent Calendars, we think we can beat it- caffeinated style. As we all know, there’s nothing better than waking up to a uber-beautiful, top-notch brew. Making this guaranteed for every day of December is what everyone should wish for! This sounds amazing, right? Want to find out more? Well, read on, friends, read on.


Coffee Advent Box

Advent Calendar for Coffee Lovers

Now, admittedly, one of the best things about the festive period is an Advent Calendar. It brings out everyone’s inner child. There’s something so nostalgic and exciting about rushing down the stairs, peeling back a cardboard door, and frantically ripping through the foil to reveal a sweet treat. It’s a feeling that never gets old. But what if we had a twist on this tradition? Can we beat chocolate? Well, if anything can, it’s a good cup of joe.

With our Two Chimps Advent Box, you will receive four 250-gram bags of our awesome coffee, meaning you’ll have a new coffee each week of December! Based on your brewing method, we will choose which coffees you will receive, ensuring you get the best flavours. They will, of course, also be prepared to the grind size of your choice or kept as whole beans. However, you are guaranteed a bag of our limited edition Christmas Fab-Yule-us blend. This festive delight has sweet notes of marzipan and cherries, balanced by a zesty orange. Completed with rich chocolate notes, you have a mouth-watering brew. The festive joy doesn’t end here. Our Advent Box also has our fabulous Two Chimps magnet and storage tin. This isn’t just a pretty home décor piece for your kitchen shelf (even though it does look amazing!); this tin keeps your freshly ground coffee fresh and tasty. This nifty storage tool will also ensure you get every last gram of coffee into your brewer; tip and out they come!

What are the Coffees?

We will give you various flavour notes for the other three coffees, picking the roast style which will work with your brew method. If you receive a yellow labelled Smile at the Yawners, a light and fruity roast, you will experience a milk chocolate base with a burst of cranberry and apple. This creates the perfect amount of bright citrus acidity to wake you up (you can get where we got the name from now). Our red-labelled limited edition medium roast, Coffee and Paste, has flavours of rich dark chocolate balanced by sweet strawberry jam and fresh grapefruit. It’s the perfect brew if you want something special with a little extra oomph. For a medium/dark roast, our blue-labelled My Morning Alarma has a blissfully balanced combo of toffee fudge, chocolate and apple, all brightened up with a cheeky zing of lime! We have plenty of coffee on offer, so don’t worry if you are an espresso drinker; you won’t receive a light and fruity roast. We will make sure you get what works best for your brew style! Check out our other coffees here.

A Sustainable Sip

Yes, this gets even better. It is sustainable, too! Traditional Advent Calendars are hard to recycle as they combine paper, card, foil, and plastic. We have taken all this unnecessary waste away with our advent box! How have we done this? We have three main features which make our Coffee Advent Box the greener choice:

1. Our white advent box is fully recyclable! Just flatten and pop into your household recycling bin, and you are good to go. (this box is also the perfect size to reuse for another Christmas present!

2. All our packaging is recyclable, right down to the stickers! None of this plastic foil door nonsense. We like to keep it simple with our planet in mind.

3. Our coffee is roasted at our carbon-neutral roastery right here in Rutland. What does this mean? Alongside reducing waste, we work hard to reduce the carbon we produce. It’s the little things such as turning off lights, standby LEDs, and anything that uses electricity. That which we cannot reduce on-site, we offset. Read more about how we became carbon neutral here.

Get yours today: Brewing joy with our Advent Calendar

Have we convinced you to skip a chocolate Advent Calendar this year? This truly is the best way to get ready for Christmas. What better way to wake up in the cold, dark December mornings than a cup of awesome Two Chimps coffee.


Why not give the gift of fantastic brews to someone else this festive season? Beautifully packaged in a white box with a Two Chimps ribbon, this will excite any coffee-loving friend or spouse!

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