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Why hello there, coffee lover. Are you looking buy coffee online? A simple subscription? Delicious coffee ground fresh on the day of dispatch? You’ve arrived at your destination!

Here at Two Chimps, we roast high-scoring speciality coffees at our family-run roastery in Rutland (England’s tiniest county, didn’t ‘cha know?). We’re only interested in the really good stuff: hand-picked, ethically sourced coffees brimming with flavour. Sound good? Pop a bag of Two Chimps in your virtual trolley, and look forward to freshly roasted speciality beans arriving faster than you can say ‘espresso’!

This is the awesome way to buy coffee online. Whether you’re looking to buy ground coffee online or fancy a light roast in wholebean, you can make it perfect in the Two Chimps shop! Let’s do this!

Ooooh, why not put top coffee on repeat? Make it a coffee subscription!


Tell me more about subscriptions!






Advantages of Buying Coffee Online


Quality Speciality Coffee Beans

It’s groovy from the word go. No second class nonsense here.

Your Two Chimps order features the finest speciality coffee, ethically sourced from small farms and sustainably-minded cooperatives.

Quick word on speciality coffee. What is it? Why should you buy it? Well, pals, it’s quite simply the best kind of coffee. Awarded 80 points plus by certified Coffee Graders (called Q Graders) and lauded for its exceptional flavour, speciality coffee is THE stuff to brew:

  • High-grade arabica coffee
  • Picked when perfectly ripe
  • Lush natural sweetness – no bitterness here!
  • Hand-picked and hand-sorted
  • Sourced with care from ethical importers



Enjoy Freshly Roasted Coffee

Fresh is always best when it comes to java. Simple as.

Wait a few months after the roast and the beans will still 100% drinkable, but the flavour might have lost its sparkle. Think little party popper rather than awesome, sky-illuminating pyrotechnics…

But, don’t worry. It’s freshness on tap at Two Chimps! Head Roaster Andy roasts coffee in small batches multiple times each week. This is important – it means every Two Chimps coffee you buy online is super fresh. Buy coffee from the supermarket, and it’ll probably have been perched on the shelf for nine months plus. At Two Chimps, we don’t keep coffee lying around for nine days.

Fine-tuning the recipes and analysing each bag of beans guarantees winning cups every time, while our free First Class delivery gets coffee to you quick. Then it’s a happy union between you, your coffee and those chocolate digestives…


Head roaster at Two Chimps wearing branded beanie hat



Flexible Deliveries

We’re a family-run team at Two Chimps. This is groovy news – it means you get the personal touch!

Unlike other places in the UK where you can buy coffee beans online, you’re in the driving seat with your TC order. Maybe you want fresh coffee ground for an AeroPress? Or need some advice on choosing decaf? Or fancy adding something extra to one of our smile-raising gift sets? No probs! Just get in touch!


Be social on social or give us a tinkle on 01572 774389 ????


Buy Coffee Online with Free Delivery

We’ve all been there. You think you’ve found a bargain and then – bam – delivery charges are whacked on at the checkout. Not fun.

Get groovy with buying coffee online, and you can avoid all this delivery charge kerfuffle. There’s none of it at Two Chimps! Whatever you buy in our online shop, whether it’s tea, coffee or a creamy hot choc, you’ll get free delivery, guaranteed. There’s no minimum spend, and all our coffee gift sets are included. And we know no one likes excessive capitals, but DID WE MENTION THAT IT’S FIRST CLASS DELIVERY every time? Because, errr, who wants to be waiting ages for caffeine?


Start shopping!


Bag of speciality coffee on a table with stack of magazines




Shop Small

So much supermarket and chain coffee is not even roasted in the UK. It’s often poor-quality robusta and left in storage for months. Grumpy face.

Shop small instead! Buy from real people who roast, grind and pack your joe by hand and show a whole lotta love along the way! Ahhh, doesn’t that sound nice ????


Fancy a FREE coffee guidebook! ???? Click the link and we’ll pop one in the post, just for you!


Get yours now!



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How to Order Coffee Online

So, you’ve browsed away and found one (or more – who can blame you?) coffee that tickles your fancy. Seriously, it sounds awesome. The stuff dreams are made of. Time to order a bag!


Strong Two Chimps coffee with butter dish, black latte cup and Two Chimps coffee tin



Easy-Peasy Process

You can buy your favourite Two Chimps coffee in 250g, 500g or 1kg bags. Prices range from £9.95 to £34.95 for one-off orders. Want to try before grabbing a full bag? Get yourself a little sample! Our 125g mini bags are just right for exploring new flavours.

Found your coffee companion (you’ll know because the name alone will send you weak at the knees)? It’s time to get ordering! Simply make your way to our website and head to the shop. Go to the coffee section and click on your java of choice. This will take you to the coffee’s page, where you can find interesting stuff about the growing locations, farms, flavours and more.

Now you’re all clued up, it’s time to select your options. Grind size is first – click on the icon showing the way you like to brew. Each coffee-making method prefers a slightly different grind size, and being nosey about your brew method means we can grind it spot-on. Or send fresh wholebeans, of course, if you’re wanting to buy coffee beans online.

Grind sizes at Two Chimps:

  • Cafetiere
  • Pour Over
  • Stovetop
  • Espresso
  • AeroPress
  • Wholebean


Scroll down and choose your coffee weight, then choose ‘1 Time Purchase’ if you want to, errr, make a 1 time purchase. Ooooh, what’s that other option, I hear you ask. The one that says ‘Subscribe & Save’? That sounds INTERESTING. Click below to learn more!


Click here!


Buy coffee online in seven clicks – we counted!



Checking out

If it’s your first time buying coffee online with Two Chimps, you can create an account at the checkout. This way, your details will be stored and protected (under lock and key) to make future orders even speedier. Less time entering your details, more time drinking coffee. Sounds good. Alternatively, you are welcome to check out as a guest if you would prefer.

Payment is the next step. Sorree… But it was going to come in a guide to buying coffee online, right? You can apply any discount codes or gift vouchers at the checkout stage before selecting your payment method. Debit card, credit card or PayPal: whichever suits you.

Then, that’s it! We’ll get to work grinding and packing your fresh coffee and send it on its way First Class!



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Online Coffee Subscription

How to set up your best coffee subscription!

So, this online coffee subscription stuff… what’s it all about?


Coffee envelope sitting on doormat



Two Chimps plans are the one-of-a-kind coffee subscriptions you tailor to your tastes. Select any coffee from our stellar range then choose your grind size and weight as before.

And now, it’s time to SWIPE RIGHT. Well, click right. Because, to the right of the single purchase button, you’ll see the ‘Subscribe & Save’ option. Give this one mighty click. Maybe get someone to play a fanfare as you do it… because you’ve made an awesome decision!

Make your coffee plan bespoke by selecting your delivery frequency. Look forward to coffee delivered weekly, fortnightly of monthly – whatever suits you!

You’ll also receive a FREE Two Chimps Coffee tin and magnet with your first subscription delivery. It’s our way of saying thank you. And giving you a super cool way to keep your coffee fresh!


Start Now!



Top tip for online coffee subscriptions

Just a quick word of advice while we’re on the subject of subscriptions: go for little and often.

Fresh is best when it comes to coffee and, with this in mind, we always recommend subscribing to smaller deliveries. Rather than ordering 500g to last you a month, for example, go for 250g every two weeks. This way, you’ll be enjoying your coffee while it’s perfectly fresh. And don’t worry about delivery charges getting in the way – order from Two Chimps, and you’ll always receive FREE First Class.

Yup, every time.


Outside Two Chimps coffee roastery




Managing your subscription

Go into your online coffee account, and you can access and edit your coffee plan. Maybe you’re going on holiday (send us a postcard!) and would like your next subscription pausing? Easy peasy! Just log in with your account details and amend away. Or, if you are staying in the UK, why not enjoy top coffee on your holibobs? Simply make a temporary edit to the shipping address on your account, and we’ll make sure you’re kept well-caffeinated on your travels.

It’s just as easy if you fancy switching things up and changing your coffee of choice. Log in, alter your selected coffee and get your mug ready for a brand new brew!

If you ever want to stop your subscription, you can do so quickly and easily. You aren’t in any sort of contract, so you’re free to leave if you want to. We will miss you, though!




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Our Coffee Delivery

Free coffee delivery

You don’t want to be waiting around after buying coffee online. Nor does your coffee: hand-roasted beans need to get to you pronto so you can savour them while they’re beautifully fresh. Good news, then, that you receive every order and coffee subscription First Class. And free, too.


Wait – what??


That’s right. Free First Class coffee delivery on every order – subscriptions included. Other companies might slash their prices only to bump up the delivery charges when you check out. Not here. We keep things crystal clear and deliver your coffee free of charge, with no minimum spend. Buy your coffee before midday, and it’ll leave us that afternoon, too.



Fresh coffee delivered your way

Your 250g bags arrive in recyclable, letter-sized envelopes. They slot happily through a standard letterbox, so you don’t need to worry about trekking out to the post office to collect any missed deliveries.

Can’t wait for caffeine? Upgrade to tracked-and-signed special delivery for a small additional cost. Place your online order by noon, and you’ll have coffee with you by 1pm the next working day. It’s ideal for coffee devices or special (and last-minute…) gifts. The days of waiting around for your coffee delivery are over. Order with special delivery, and we send postie on his way with espresso in hand!

Live in Rutland or passing through? Why not clamber up to the treehouse and collect your order in person? If you’re lucky, you may even get a sneak peek inside the roastery…


bag of freshly roasted coffee with a speciality coffee pouring from a cafetiere



Buying coffee online – it’s easy with Two Chimps!


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