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A Guide to Buying Coffee Online From Two Chimps


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Why hello there, coffee lovers. Are you looking to buy good coffee beans online? The search is over: you’ve arrived at your destination!

Here at Two Chimps, we roast speciality coffee  at our family-run roastery in Rutland (England’s tiniest county!). We’re only interested in the really good stuff when it comes to coffee. And that means speciality beans all the way. Pop a bag of Two Chimps in your online trolley, and you’ll receive freshly roasted speciality beans faster than you can say ‘espresso’. We source all our coffees via ethical coffee importers and roast in small batches to guarantee fresh coffee every time. Online coffee beans don’t need to be age-old and plastic packed; buy coffee online from Two Chimps and enjoy fresh coffee picked, packed and roasted by real people. 

This is online coffee just the way you like it. Grab a Sharpie and underline that little word ‘you’, because YOU are at the centre of your TC order. Whether you want to buy whole beans or fresh coffee ground for your favourite device, whether you like your roasts bright and light or rich like chocolate, you can personalise your coffee order to get spot-on cups every time. Fancy putting top coffee on repeat? Set up an online coffee subscription in four easy steps!

Lockdown helped us all to see how easy online ordering can be. But don’t worry if you still have some questions or are new to speciality coffee. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about buying coffee online!

How to Buy Coffee Tasters Online

Buying coffee online can be difficult when you haven’t tasted it… There are nine coffees in our online shop and they all sound pretty darn awesome. How do you know which to go for?

You try before you buy with coffee sample! Bite-sized and kind of cute, our 50g coffee samples are great if you are unsure which to choose. Each coffee in our range is available in sample size and always contains freshly roasted beans or hand-ground coffee for your favourite device. A 50g packet will make two lovely cups – ideal for sharing (or not…)! 

You can order samples for specific coffees or go on a coffee road trip with our Coffee Lovers Taster Pack. Containing six mini bags of our favourite coffees, this is the set to take you on a coffee flavour adventure! This handy set arrives ribbon wrapped and comes with a Two Chimps coffee tin and magnet, too. Great to give as a gift or coffee treat for yourself.

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After choosing your coffee, you can buy it online in 250g, 500g or 1kg bags. Place a one-off order or, if you’ve found a coffee you can’t live without, set up a bespoke coffee subscription and receive your choice of coffee as frequently as you need it. They’ll be no more running out of coffee in your house!

How to Buy Singular Bags of Coffee

So, you’ve sampled away and found one (or more – who can blame you?) coffee you love. Seriously, it’s awesome. The stuff dreams are made of. Time to order another bag! 

You can buy your favourite Two Chimps coffee in 250g, 500g or 1kg bags. Prices range from £8.95 to £29.95 for one-off orders. Fancy saving some pennies? Join the troop and start your very own online coffee subscription! 

But back to that single bag you want to order. Simply head to our website and click ‘show me the coffee’. This will take you to our coffee carousel, where our ever-changing coffee range will greet you with a smile. You can also access the coffees by clicking on the menu icon in the top right-hand corner of any main page. Wherever you are (on our website, at least), great coffee is never far away!


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Once you have decided which coffee you are going for, simply follow the step-by-step checkout process to select your amount and grind size. You can have it all sorted in seven clicks – we counted!

Checking Out When You Buy Coffee Online

If it’s your first time buying coffee from us, you can create an account at the checkout. This way, your details will be saved and protected and any future orders will be even speedier. Less time entering your details, more time drinking coffee. Yup, sounds like a plan! Alternatively, you are welcome to check out as a guest if you would prefer.

Payment is the next step. Sorree… But it was going to come in a guide to buying coffee online, right? You can apply any discount codes or gift vouchers at the checkout stage before selecting your payment method. Debit card, credit card or PayPal: whichever suits you. 

coffee pouring out of a cafetiere into cup

While you’re checking out, why not sign up for our newsletter? It’s the non-spammy, actually pretty interesting kind of newsletter. From global coffee trends to the latest Two Chimps news, you can stay in the know with our twice-monthly coffee email! It’s also the easiest way to ensure you’re first in line when we roast a new coffee…

How to Buy Coffee Subscriptions Online

So, this online coffee subscription stuff… what’s it all about?

Two Chimps subscriptions are the one-of-a-kind coffee subscription you tailor to your tastes. Select any coffee from our stellar range, before specifying your grind size, volume and, lastly, your delivery frequency. You can choose to receive your freshly roasted coffee weekly, fortnightly or monthly and are free to pause or cancel at any time. This is a no strings attached kinda service! 

And the grind size? There’s plenty of choice here, too. Go for whole beans if you like to grind at home, or pick your go-to brew method to receive fresh coffee ground by our team on the day of dispatch. 

How do you make your java at home? Choose from:


Pour Over


Espresso Machine

Aerobie Aeropress

… and receive speciality coffee ground for your device. Easy!

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Setting Up your online coffee subscription

If you need a bit of help picking your coffee or knowing how much you need, simply head over to our online coffee calculator. Or, as we like to call him, the COFFEE WIZARD! Tell the magical Wizard what time of day you drink your coffee, how you brew and how often you drink it and… abracadabra! The Wizard will recommend your ideal subscription plan. The stuff of magic? We think so. 

You’ll also receive a FREE Two Chimps Coffee tin and magnet when you start a subscription with us.  It’s our way of saying thank you. And giving you a super cool way to keep your coffee fresh.

Just a quick word of advice while we’re on the subject of online coffee subscriptions: go for little and often. Fresh is best when it comes to coffee and, with this in mind, we always recommend subscribing to smaller deliveries. Rather than ordering 500g to last you a month, for example, go for 250g every two weeks. This way, you’ll be enjoying your coffee while it’s perfectly fresh. And don’t worry about delivery charges getting in the way – order from Two Chimps, and you’ll always receive FREE First Class. Yup, every time.

Managing your subscription

You can access and edit your coffee plan in seconds using your online coffee account. Maybe you’re going on holiday (send us a postcard!) and would like your next subscription pausing? Easy peasy! Just log in with your account details and amend away. Or, if you are staying away in the UK, why not enjoy top coffee on your holibobs? Simply make a temporary edit to the shipping address on your account, and we’ll make sure you’re kept well-caffeinated on your travels. 

It’s just as easy if you fancy switching things up and changing your coffee of choice. Log in, alter your selected coffee and get your mug ready for a brand new brew!


two chimps coffee and tin

If you ever want to stop your subscription with us, you can do so quickly and easily. You aren’t in any sort of contract, so you’re always free to leave if you want to. We will miss you, though!

How to Buy Mystery Coffee Online

Roll up! Roll up! Here’s our Mystery Coffee Subscriptions! Surprise coffee subscriptions are made for those who like a bit of everything. It’s like tapas, coffee style. Set up a Mystery subscription and look forward to different coffees each time. Oooh what’s that? A berry-bright coffee from Kenya? And then a velvety coffee with undertones of fig? Work your way through them all with our surprise coffee plan! 

Two Chimps Coffee mystery coffee

We have seven single-origin speciality coffees in our range, plus two exceptional limited editions. Seasonal sourcing means our coffee range is ever-changing and always fresh. It also means that the new coffees keep coming, so your Mystery Subscription will never get samey!

Limited Edition Coffee

So, yes, seasonality means our coffees change from time to time. We source and roast the freshest coffees from small farms, so they really have gone once they’ve been harvested and drunk. No conveyor belts or mass processing here, no siree. 

With our limited-edition coffees, this switchy swappy happens more frequently. We select all our limited-edition coffees from smaller harvests and micro-lots, which means they are, well, limited. The farmers only harvest a very specific amount, making each limited edition a true one-off. Our limited editions are always fascinatingly inventive  – just what you need if you like trying something new!  

To buy your limited edition coffee online, simply follow the step-by-step method ordering process detailed above. Just look for the words ‘limited edition’ on the label and you know you’re in for a one-of-a-kind coffee experience!


Coffee beans


As always at Two Chimps, we want you to LOVE your coffee. And we totally understand that everyone’s taste buds are different. Subscribed to a new limited edition coffee but aren’t keen? Just let us know, and we’ll pop a different coffee in the post. No added charges, no questions asked.

Our Coffee Delivery Service

You don’t want to be waiting around after buying coffee online. Nor does your coffee: hand-roasted coffee needs to get to you pronto so you can savour it while it’s beautifully fresh. Good news, then, that you receive every order First Class. And free, too.

Wait – what??

That’s right. Free First Class coffee delivery on every order. Other companies might slash their prices only to bump up the delivery charges when you check out. Not here. We keep things crystal clear all the way and deliver your coffee free of charge, with no minimum spend. Buy your coffee before midday, and it’ll leave us that afternoon, too.


coffee delivery


Your 250g bags arrive in recyclable, letter-sized envelopes. They slot happily through a standard letterbox, so you don’t need to worry about trekking out to the post office to collect any missed deliveries.  

If you can’t wait for your caffeine, we can upgrade you to tracked and signed special delivery for a small additional cost. Place your online order by noon and you’ll have coffee with you by 1pm the next working day. It’s ideal for coffee devices or special (and last-minute…) gifts. The days of waiting around for your coffee deliveries are over. Get ready to pounce on the postman because when you order with special delivery, we send him to you with espresso in hand!


Shoot and cooling tray of Roaster

Live in Rutland or passing through? Why not clamber up to the treehouse and collect your order in person? If you’re lucky, you may even get a sneak peek inside the roastery…

Still Not Sure How to Buy Coffee Online? Try Our Wizard!

We’ve mentioned the Coffee Wizard before but we think he deserves a final curtain call. He’s that awesome, you see.

Our Coffee Wizard will help you decide on the best coffee and subscription plan for you. How? By asking four quick questions:

What time of day do you drink coffee?

What do you like to make your coffee with?

Would you like it ground for a particular device? Or would you prefer it whole bean?

How often do you drink coffee?

After this, the Wizard will work his magic and recommend a coffee he thinks you’ll love. He will also suggest the quantity that you will need based on your answers – clever huh! If you don’t fancy these suggestions, no problem. Simply scroll down to find a full list of our coffees.

Find your perfect coffee now!

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Online coffee from Two Chimps: it’s the way to stress-free speciality cups made just for you. 

If you have any questions or just fancy a chat, don’t hesitate to contact the roastery on

01572 774389. Our coffee-loving team will be more than happy to help you!

Remember there’s always our coffee samples if you’re not feeling sure.


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