Buying Coffee Online Vs in Real Life

Have you ever thought about buying coffee online?

Or do you buy your coffee online and you’ve never thought about visiting a roastery to collect your delicious caffeine fix? Perhaps you always buy your coffee from a supermarket? Whichever describes you best, we’ve looked into the pros and cons of buying coffee online Vs in real life below… Take a goosey’s and see what’s for you!

Buying Coffee in Real Life

If you do prefer to, or you would like to physically purchase your coffee by hand, where you get it from can make a lot of difference and can massively shape the pros and cons of buying coffee online Vs in real life.


Buying Coffee From a Supermarket

Buying coffee from a supermarket may seem easy, but there are never any tasters available for you to smell or try before you part with your hard earned cash – a certain negative when considering the pros and cons of buying coffee online Vs in real life. Without tasting the coffee first, you won’t know if it is for you. You could be spending your money on a bag of coffee that you aren’t going to drink. This big bag of coffee could end up becoming friends with the spices in the back of your cupboard; never to see the light of day again.

Physically visiting a supermarket may not be for you today either. You may not be up for leaving the warm cosiness of your house. If you are feeling a bit worse for wear after one too many at your best friends wedding last night, the last thing you want to do is crawl your way to the local supermarket like something out of The Walking Dead.


green coffee being sprinkled into a sack


When you’ve finally made it to the supermarket, you’ve then got the decision of what coffee to buy. Let’s be honest; no one likes spending any length of time in the supermarket so you probably won’t have even looked at the coffee you’ve picked up.

You may also find that coffee from a supermarket isn’t as fresh as maybe you would have liked. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when it was roasted, or for how long it’s been sitting on the shelf for. For more information on this check out ‘The Shelf Life of Coffee’.

Coffee From a Roastery

If you’re lucky enough to live near the roastery, you are more than welcome to buy your coffee from here.


Coffee being poured from a roaster drum


Buying your coffee from us at the roastery allows you to talk to us about our range of coffees and for us to help you find the one that is best suited to you.

If you like the coffee, come and get more! Even if you can’t quite remember which it was, we will happily assist you in finding the same, or a different one if you are feeling adventurous!

Fresh is best. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we roast multiple times each week to ensure our coffee is as fresh as possible. On the back of each of our coffee bags, you will find the roasted date and even the name of the roaster. How cool is that!

Buying Coffee Online

Buying coffee online has many awesome benefits when looking at the pros and cons of buying coffee online Vs in real life

Firstly, you can order smaller, 50g taster bags of coffee through our website. This is an excellent way of sampling many coffees to find the one that hits the spot.


coffee in sample trowel from roaster


Order coffee online and you won’t have to leave your house or pause your Netflix binge. Did you know it takes as little as seven clicks from start to check out on our site? How easy is that! You’ll have great coffee in no time. What’s more, our sample bags and 250g bags of coffee are sent in a large letter sized envelope which fits through a standard sized letterbox. You won’t even have to pause to receive your delivery – happy days!

Browse this site to see our range of coffees available and spend time reading about them. To make it even better, you can do all this from the warmth of your own house.

When you are ready to order, we offer fast and free 1st class tracked delivery over £25 . If you need to guarantee that your coffee will arrive the next day, we also provide a special delivery option, available at an extra cost. So if you order before 12 pm, Royal Mail guarantee you will receive your order by 1 pm the next working day.


coffee in a cooling bin


We roast our coffee by hand an in small batches. We also grind your coffee to order and post daily. This ensures that the coffee you buy online super fresh when it gets to you.

We understand that sometimes a recommendation is the best way forward. If you ever want to chat with the team here at Two Chimps HQ, call us on 01572 774389.

Alternatively, our friendly coffee wizard is available to help you on your way to awesomeness in just a few steps. If you don’t like what is suggested, then choose something that tickles your fancy from below the recommendation.

Coffee Subscription

So, you’ve ordered a one-off bag of coffee, and now you can’t get enough of Two Chimps Coffee (woop). Well, let me introduce you to our coffee subscription.


coffee mug orange


With a coffee subscription with us, you are in full control. You choose the frequency of your subscription, the type of coffee, the weight and the grind size.

Upon creating an account with us, you will have even more control over your subscription. Going away while your coffee is due to be delivered? No worries. Just pause your subscription and then start it again when you’re back.

If you’re going away in the UK while your coffee delivery is due, change your delivery address and voila – Two Chimps Coffee on holiday. Just make sure you change it back after so your coffee doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.


espresso pouring into two cups


You are never tied into a contract when you start your subscription. If the time comes to leave us, you can do so easily. We will miss you, however.

You will find our coffees change from time to time. We source our coffees from small farms and single estates within any given origin. Small farms often produce smaller, more unique lots and when it has all been drunk; it’s all gone. Never fear though guys, when we do change a coffee, we always replace it with one that is as equally delicious with similar tasting notes. It’s an awesome way of trying lots of coffees from lots of origins too!



If you’re looking at our coffees and can’t decide on a favourite, take a look at our mystery subscription. With each delivery, you will be sent a randomly selected bag of coffee. As before, just choose your weight, grind size and frequency, and we’ll do the rest.

And there we have it. The differences between buying coffee online Vs in real life.


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