Cafetiere Coffee at The Village Shop

A village wouldn’t be complete without a village shop.

They are the hub and centre of any village and offer not only a place to get your morning paper, but also somewhere to bump into a friend or neighbour for a quick catch up.

Edith Weston Village Shop offers just that. Nestled on the edge of Rutland Water, this village shop is extremely welcoming and packed full of goodies. You will find a varied selection of fresh and local produce on its shelves. If you are getting peckish, the team offer homemade baguettes and rolls which are made daily on the premises and can be served hot or cold.


outside the front of edith weston village shop


This village shop is also the local Post Office, allowing you to pick up some groceries and send a parcel all under the same roof – convenient eh?!

The team are very active on their social media accounts; keeping villagers and visitors alike up to date on the news from the store. They often post information about local goings-on, events happening within the village of Edith Weston and important notices too. For instance, if the local Police; or anyone for that matter, was to post about something or someone missing, they will always share to make sure it reaches as many people as possible — a true local gem.



As mentioned, Edith Weston Village Shop is packed with locally produced products. These include Vivia Crump’s Chutney and Corkers Crisps to name just a few.

Coffee Time

To add to their awesome list of local producers, Edith Weston Village Stores now stock 250g bags of Two Chimps Coffee! Currently on offer is ‘How Many Is A Brazilian’ ground for a cafetiere, and ‘Box of Frogs’ available as whole bean or ground for a cafetiere.

Each week, we contact Helen and her team for their coffee order. We freshly roast this to order and hand deliver a few days later. With this in mind, you can be sure of the freshest coffee possible. Sounds good? If you are looking for a wholesale coffee supplier, get in touch with the team today.


Coffee being poured from a roaster drum


The coffee that you will find at Edith Weston Village Shop will change in time. Because our coffees can be traced back to the farm, rather than just the country of origin, eventually the stocks from the harvest will all be drunk. This means that particular coffee will be gone for good. When this happens, we source a brand new coffee to replace it which will have very similar notes and flavours to its predecessor.


Two Chimps Coffee - Box of Frogs coffee bag and label


Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we only roast speciality coffee. This is a much higher grade of Arabica than its commodity graded sibling. For a coffee to be given speciality status, it must first receive a quality score of 80 points or above. The coffee is scored on elements such as its flavour, aroma and mouthfeel which determine its overall quality score. If it doesn’t get the score, it doesn’t get the name.


coffee in roaster sampling trowel


Can’t get to Edith Weston? Head over to our store to get a bag of freshly roasted speciality coffee posted to you instead.

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