Celebrate Earth Day with climate positive coffee

Where can you find great coffee that doesn’t cost the planet?


Right where you are! Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we hand-roast speciality coffee in a way that puts the planet first. We don’t believe you should have to choose between top quality beans and sustainable living – we’re proving you can score top marks for both!

At Two Chimps, we put recycle, reuse and reduce on repeat – it’s basically our company soundtrack. We do all we can to be green while bringing you the best freshly roasted coffee beans. So, if you’re looking for a climate friendly coffee this Earth Day, we’d say we’re a great company to choose!


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Calling all earthlings to Earth Day 2021

April 22nd: one day when the planet will be priority. We know you care for the planet every day (we do too), but Earth Day is one day when our climate emergency will definitely be put first. Millions of people worldwide will work together to raise awareness and reduce their carbon footprint. This year, it’s all about getting back to normal sustainably; post-pandemic, we can’t lose our focus on eco-friendly living.

Most people do their bit for the planet. Whether you are committed to recycling and switching off the lights or decide to take it a step further with plastic-free living and solar energy, we’re all taking steps to live more sustainably.

Looking for another green tweak? How about climate positive coffee? Here at Two Chimps, we roast and package our coffee with care to make sure it has minimal impact on the environment. We’re keen beans when it comes to being green. Let us tell you a bit more…


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Carbon neutral coffee that tastes awesome? You bet!

In 2021, we became a carbon neutral* roastery. This means that we remove more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than we emit. It means we’re not just green, but bright, dazzling green with flashing lights!  Simply buying from a climate positive company like Two Chimps is an easy way to cut your carbon footprint. We do most of the hard work – all you have to do is enjoy great, eco-friendly coffee that’s entirely guilt-free!


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*Carbon neutral and climate positive mean exactly the same. We’re not sure why there are two ways of saying the same thing. We guess it’s just too good for one name!



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Re- Re- Recycle

We know we can’t solve the problem with one solution and that we need to tackle the climate crisis from all angles. That’s why we’re making every change we can to keep our sustainable standards tip-top. All our coffee and tea packaging is fully recyclable, right down to the stickers we use to mark our roast dates (most stickers aren’t bio-degradable). We’ll soon be saying goodbye to metal clips, too, and saying hello to recyclable glue dots instead.

We’re also pretty pernickety when it comes to our roastery. Installing divided LED lighting means that we only turn the lights on in the area where we are working. We use the backs of our used sticker sheets to print roast logs and scribble down all our great ideas. What else? We reuse absolutely everything we can! From cardboard boxes to coffee chaff, nothing goes in the bin if we can help it (our coffee chaff is used for chicken bedding, in case you were wondering)!


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We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but we think we are doing pretty well on the eco-friendly front. So, if you’re planning to make a sustainable switch this Earth Day, why not try Two Chimps?

We’ve got an awesome range of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, as well as some pretty smashing gift sets, so let’s get shopping!



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