Changing My Coffee Subscription – How To Use The New Account Section

New coffee subscription account features for our troop of coffee lovers!

Good news troop; we have some great new features in the ‘my account’ area online.

We’ve been working to make your account section even more bespoke, and hope you are going to love the new features as much as we do.

The new features mean that you now have even more control from your account dashboard and can change anything on your coffee subscription without having to contact us.

Now, you can change coffee, the grind size and the frequency of deliveries, all from your dashboard. You can also delay your next delivery, bring it forward, or even request an extra bag to be sent straight away; meaning no more running out of awesome coffee. How cool is that!

holding a red mug

Below is a step by step guide to help you use the new account features. Remember, if you have any questions at all just give us a call on 01572 774389 or email us at

Don’t forget…we offer FREE Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery to all our subscribers

Step 1

Login to your account by adding your email/username and password as before. You can also do this from our homepage by selecting ‘re-order here’ below show me the coffee.

Two Chimps Coffee Subscription

Step 2

Once in your account dashboard, there are now three quick links to coffees, equipment & gift subscriptions; handy to get to all of your favourite pages on the website.

On the right-hand side of your dashboard, you will see quick links to manage all areas of your account. You can view recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details. While these are not new, they are all super useful 🙂

Two Chimps Coffee Subscription

Step 3

To see your recent orders, select ‘orders’ from the menu. This will take you to all of your previous orders, including all orders sent with your coffee subscription.

Two Chimps Coffee Subscription

Step 4

Select ‘view’ on one of your most recent subscription orders to be taken to the order details page. Under ‘related subscriptions’ select ‘view’ and you will be directed through to your subscription where you can tailor every aspect of your subscription to your specific needs. This is also accessible by clicking ‘subscriptions’ from the menu, then clicking ‘view’ on your active subscription.

Two Chimps Coffee Subscription

Step 5

Here, you can cancel your subscription if you wish (but we’d rather you didn’t; we will miss you if you go ?), change your shipping address, change your subscription date and also pause your subscription. This is great if you’re going away and don’t need your coffee for a couple of weeks. Just pause until a date when you are going to be home from your travels.?

To bring you coffee subscription forward or to change the subscription date, choose ‘ change subscription date’, then choose a custom date or a quick change delay option.

Here you can also choose to ‘adjust my subscription’, have an extra bag of your coffee sent right away or ‘swap coffees’.

Two Chimps Coffee Subscription

Step 6

Swapping your coffee couldn’t be easier. After selecting ‘swap coffees,’ choose from the drop-down of all of our current speciality coffees including a decaf coffee; perfect for those evening cups.

Two Chimps Coffee Subscription

Step 7

Clicking ‘Adjust my subscription’ gives you the option to change your current coffee subscription. You can adjust the grind size, the frequency you would like your coffee delivered, whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and finally, the weight. Choose from 250g, 500g or 1kg bag of the freshest coffee a chimp can buy ?

Once you’ve made your selection hit ‘add to cart’, then checkout, (no new card details are needed), and, Voila, your subscription update is complete.

Two Chimps Coffee Subscription Two Chimps Coffee Subscription Two Chimps Coffee Subscription

We hope the updates make your coffee subscription with us even more flexible, and easier to get the coffee you love when you need it… all in 7 easy steps.

Give it a try now…login to your account and have a mooch.



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