Chilled Chimps at The Grange Spa

If you’re in need of some serious relaxation, our latest troop member can undoubtedly help you out!

The Grange Spa, based in Lincolnshire is a family run business which has truly brought meaning to the word ‘relaxation’!

They have several facilities available, which guests of the spa can use as and when they would like. These include a quiet room where guests have access to The Grange Spa’s own library, a pool, treatment rooms which have been designed to fit around their surroundings and a fully equipped gym.



There are several relaxation treatments available at The Grange Spa which can be purchased on their own or included in their promotions and experience days. This is great if it’s your first time going to a spa and you just want to have one treatment or spend all day there for instance.

If you are new to a spa experience, you will find a ‘How to Spa’ section on their website. This gives details on what will happen on the day of your spa treatments and what you need to bring with you. Helpful eh?

You can also choose to have a half day or full day spa experience. You will be given full access to the facilities at The Grange Spa for a certain amount of time depending on which experience you chose. Why not add lunch to your spa day too?



The Grange Spa works with local producers such as Very Craftea for a selection of bespoke loose leaf tea. Their delicious cakes come from Nanny’s Hamper, and now you can take your relaxation a step further with a Two Chimps Coffee in your hand – Woop woop!

Unique Blend

Matt and Emma; the founders of Grange Spa visited the roastery to create their very own custom coffee blend. ‘Chilled Chimps’ is a mix of three of our single origin coffees, and it is exclusive to The Grange Spa! They serve this through their espresso machine in addition to our sparkling water decaf coffee, currently ‘Starry Eyed’ from Costa Rica.


coffee in a cooling bin


The coffee supplied to The Grange Spa is speciality coffee. Speciality coffee, simply put, is a much higher grade of Arabica coffee. Coffee tasting experts will score the coffee on a number of things such as aroma, taste and mouthfeel. If this score is anything lower than 80 it won’t be classed as a speciality coffee.

Own a small business and are looking to set yourself apart from the competition? Well, you can up your coffee game too. For instance, do you want to create your own custom coffee blend? Or are you looking for staff training? Well, two Chimps Coffee are wholesale coffee suppliers,  here to help in any way we can.


pouring milk into a mug

Want to try speciality coffee for yourself? Head to The Grange Spa today, or to our shop to get stuck in!


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