Christmas Coffee 2023

Introducing our Fab-yule-us 2023 limited edition Christmas Coffee!

This coffee belongs underneath everyone’s Christmas tree- Marzipan sweetness with orange peel and cherries, just like Christmas cake. Freshly roasted in small batches, not even Santa can deliver coffee this awesome!


New FabYULEous Christmas Coffee 2023


Where does this festive roast come from?

This brew really is pure Christmas magic- but it doesn’t come from Santa’s workshop. We source this festive-flavoured coffee from the South Kivu region east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This region holds a fantastic natural advantage in producing high-quality Arabica coffee. The Kivu provinces sit near the equator and highlands of the volcanic Rwenzori Mountain range. This creates the ideal environment for speciality arabica cultivation, with high sunshine, rainfall, high altitude, and rich volcanic soils. AKA, all in all, it makes uber beautiful beans.

Despite all these natural advantages, decades of civil war have resulted in the DRC acquiring a bad reputation for low-quality beans. Military personnel’s presence created security issues for many sectors in the supply chain, with processing and export infrastructure significantly affected. However, companies such as Virunga Coffee (founded in 2012) knew the DRC could still produce high-quality coffee. They have made it their mission to restore this legacy by helping to grow top-notch beans.


Who are Virunga Coffee?

Virunga Coffee is a company that had the vision to improve the quality and yields of farmers in North and South Kivu. By introducing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), investing in processing infrastructure, and increasing overall coffee production through training smallholder farmers and supplying thousands of coffee planters. In return, the quality of life for the farmers has massively improved due to an increased income. With the ongoing improvement in the quality of beans, they have ensured a sustainable lifestyle. Everybody wins- wa hoo!


Farmer GAP Training Photo


This new farming improvement is monitored and supported by dozens of trained agronomists (experts in soil science management and crop production) who also work in the region, distributing over 3 million seedlings yearly to farmers in Eastern DRC. With eight coffee washing stations in North and South Kivu, these reliable, monitored systems are now in place; quality is increasing, and, in turn, higher premiums are paid to farmers, all things we love to support here at Two Chimps! Our Fab-yule-us new Christmas coffee was processed at the latest washing station, Lugendo, constructed in 2018. The perfectly ripe cherries arrive here, where the beans are extracted, washed, and dried before heading to us here at Two Chimps HQ! We then roast them in small batches to create our limited edition 2023 Christmas Coffee.


So what are you waiting for? This is the BEST festive drink of the season, folks!

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