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07th March 2024

With a Two Chimps Coffee Subscription, we will deliver fresh beans straight to your door!

Have you been desperately searching for a coffee bean subscription? Look no further—Two Chimps is here to save the day! Just so you know, these aren’t your standard coffee beans; ours are extra special. We’re talking freshly roasted, single-origin, and speciality Arabica, all ethically sourced. Read on to see all our other subscription benefits, like 10% off, free delivery, VIP events, treats, exclusive offers, and more!


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How does a coffee subscription work?

In a nutshell, when taking out a coffee subscription, you are signing up to receive fresh bags of coffee at whatever frequency you like! Our coffee plan is completely customisable; you can choose if you want deliveries every week, fortnightly, three weekly or once a month. You can choose any coffee from our range, so there’s something for everyone. We can send coffee as whole bean or ground to suit your brewing method.

One of the most important things about speciality coffee is that it tastes fantastic. We are talking about brews bursting with incredible flavours, such as rich chocolate, caramel, a zing of lime, and apple. Our artisan roasters enhance these natural flavours by roasting them in small batches multiple times a week. This means you’ll always receive freshly roasted coffee that lasts up to 12 weeks once opened and a year when sealed!

Once you place your first order, you create an online coffee subscription account. Once logged in, you can make changes, such as pausing, rescheduling, changing your address, swapping coffees, changing the amount of coffee you receive, and viewing subscription updates, such as when your next delivery will arrive. If you have any questions or queries, check out our FAQs or ring us at the roastery! We will always be happy to help.

What are the benefits?

This is where it gets juicy! When you click that checkout button confirming your subscription, you are not just signing up to receive fresh coffee delivered to your door whenever you want. You also become a member of the Two Chimps Troop! High five! As a subscriber that means you get;

  • £1 off every bag of coffee
  • A free coffee storage tin, magnet and brew guide
  • FREE 1st class delivery on everything
  • 10% off sitewide
  • Exclusive subscriber-only VIP events
  • Surprise treats
  • Exclusive offers

When you sign up for a subscription, you trust us to provide you with delicious coffee. These benefits are our way of giving back to you, and we appreciate your support. Without you, we would have a very empty treehouse and a lot of sad mugs of coffee out there.

Let’s quickly look at the frequently asked questions concerning our coffee subscription!

Can you get different coffees every time?

So, do you like a bit of variation in your cup? No problem! We have a mystery subscription option, which will work perfectly for you. We will send you a random bag of coffee each time. If you decide you aren’t a fan of one of our coffees, maybe it’s too light of a roast for you, don’t worry! Drop us an email or give the roastery a ring, and we can make a note not to send you that one again. This way, you can keep getting surprise coffees you know you love!

Is there a subscription for decaffeinated only?

Absolutely! We have two decafs in our range, a medium and a light & fruity roast style, and you can choose from either. Can’t decide? You can do a mystery subscription for decaf only, giving both options a taste. If you like one more than the other, you can change your mystery subscription to a singular coffee through your online account!

Our decafs have been decaffeinated using natural processes; no nasty chemicals are used here. This means all the natural flavours are retained within the bean, which we develop during roasting, creating an uber-beautiful brew. If you want a decaf that tastes like the real deal, you’ve found it!

This would make a great gift. Do you have a gift subscription option?

We won’t argue with you here; it does make a great gift! So, of course, we have a gift option; who are we to deprive people of the gift of awesome coffee? You can choose a gift subscription consisting of 2,4,6,8,10, or 12 deliveries, and we can grind the coffee to suit any brewing device (or keep it as a whole bean).

Their first delivery will arrive gift-wrapped, and they will receive a Two Chimps tin, magnet, brew guide, and coffee in a gift box. You can give us the specific date you want the first delivery to arrive (Mon-Fri) and can also pop a gift message on it! Present = sorted!

This all sounds pretty awesome, right? What are you waiting for? Sign up for a coffee subscription today!

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