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Are you lucky enough to own or run your own business?two chimps a baord outside the rutland cake company

Do you own or run a Restaurant, Hotel, Bar, Café or Coffee Shop? Are you looking for a coffee bean supplier?

Or perhaps your business offers a service and you would like to add speciality coffee to your treat list when customers come to see you? We are here to help you do just that.

Becoming part of the troop

Although we love selling awesome coffee, we know it’s not just about that.

We say ‘join our troop’, and that’s exactly what we mean. You become one of us, and we will help you stand out from the crowd.

Your own, custom coffee blend

sam and romy from fish tank sushi cuppingWhilst searching for your ultimate coffee bean supplier, have you ever thought that having your very own custom coffee blend would be awesome?

Well, look no further; with us, you can get involved in creating and tasting your own blend of coffee.

Afterward, you can name it and tell the world it’s yours. No one else will have the same coffee as you – guaranteed.

We hand roast your coffee in small batches and deliver weekly to ensure that you have the freshest and best coffee possible and don’t waste a drop.

Tell the worldtwo chimps point of sale promo in a cafe

We believe that serving and selling speciality coffee is something to shout about.

We can work together to create marketing material to do so.

You can spend time with us at the roastery, learning about the whole process, have staff training days or even just chill out in our tasting room and play foosball!

coffee being ground using a grindertwo chimps coffee set up at scarewell farmRetail Coffee Bags

If you are looking for a coffee bean supplier so you can sell smaller bags of coffee to customers in your shop, we can assist you by creating a great customer experience.

We can give display ideas and help you to offer an on-site coffee grinding service From fine grinds to medium grinds and of course, coarse grinds. Imagine the smell of freshly ground coffee as people walk through the door – everyone loves that smell.


Best be quick though – we are looking to help and supply just a few establishments in any one area.

If you are looking to serve or sell awesome coffee and need a coffee bean supplier, read more about how we could become your wholesale coffee supplier today.


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