Coffee by Post

We think post falls into two categories: good post and not-so-good post.


Not-so-good post includes things like dog wash flyers (we don’t have a dog), pizza menus (we’ve already had 12 pushed through the letterbox this week) and bills (of every sort). Good posts, on the other hand, are the enveloped-encased delights that make us very happy. Things like handwritten letters or free samples or bank statements with a little more in than you thought. And what else do we like to receive in the post? What makes us jump up and down like a caffeinated kangaroo? ?

Easy answer: Two Chimps Coffee!


Mega coffee gift set


A delivery of deliciousness

There’s a lot of faff in life. A bit too much, in our opinion. That’s why we keep speciality coffee simple. Our online shop is jam-packed with unmissable single-origin coffees from the best coffee-growing countries. We are mega proud of our range. There’s a coffee to suit every caffeine (and decaf!) fan, from sprightly light roasts to rich, velvety darker roasts. And it’s all a breeze to set up. Simply select your coffee of choice, add your preferred grind size and quantity and, bosh, done! Freshly roasted, ground-on-the-day coffee is on its way to you! And on its way pretty sharpish, too. We send out every order First Class and free of charge. That’s right: free delivery on every order, no matter how big or small!

A party in the post and deliciousness on the doormat. This isn’t just a good post; this is an AWESOME post!


sipsip horay coffee


Freshly roasted coffee – thanks, postie!

What are the other benefits, though? Ease is all well and good but opening a bag of supermarket coffee isn’t exactly challenging. What makes mail-ordered coffee from Two Chimps so great?

One word: fresh. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we only deliver the freshest possible coffee to your door. Our coffee range changes every eight to ten months in line with coffee harvests around the world, so you’ll always be getting the best seasonal beans there are. We source from an ethical coffee importer, too, to make sure the coffee farmers are paid a price that goes beyond Fairtrade.


farmers working in a coffee farm in rwanda


Back at the roastery, we hand-roast our speciality beans multiple times each week. We could roast in bulk and schedule in Mega Roasting Days once a month, but this would leave us with a vast load of roasted beans to get through. While it would save us some time, bulk-roasting would mean we’d be sending out old beans. Roasted coffee is best when fresh, without a doubt, and we want you to enjoy the very freshest coffee in your cup. Unlike supermarket coffee, which is stored for months before making it to your brew, all our coffees are freshly roasted and brimming with flavour.

What does this mean for the Two Chimps coffee you’ve ordered? A lot! It’ll be ethically sourced and climate positive. Lorna will have ground it on the same day as it left our Rutland roastery. And, most importantly, it will have been roasted only days before, so it will be like a firework of beautiful flavour! Delicious! ?


ground coffee in different grinds


Zoooom! Super speedy and always speciality!

Fresh coffee deserves fast delivery. That’s why we dispatch every order First Class. We could have gone for Second Class, but that’s not our style; we don’t do second-best anything at the treehouse. Order coffee from Two Chimps before noon, and we’ll do our best to have it in the post that day, and with you the next. What’s more, all our 250g coffee bags fit through the average UK letterbox. No more needing to search under the plant pot or behind the garden shed for your parcel!

But don’t panic if you will be out. No problemo. For anything larger than a 250g bag, we use Royal Mail’s First Class small parcel service. If there is a safe spot where you’d like a postie to deliver your coffee, simply get in touch, and we’ll pass the message on. You could also have your coffee delivered to your work address – just let us know!


coffee sacks


Subscriptions – it’s like coffee on tap!

What could be better than super-simple coffee by post? How about super-simple coffee that just turns up? Sound good? Let’s make it happen!

If you curse your low coffee supply while brewing bleary-eyed in the morning, only to have forgotten about it by lunchtime, then our coffee subscriptions are for you. A Two Chimps Coffee Subscription is the bespoke coffee delivery service you can tailor to your needs. You can choose how often you’d like to receive your preferred coffee, whether you’d like whole beans or fresh grounds, and how much you’d like us to send. And don’t fret if your chosen options don’t quite work for you– we’re more than happy to amend subscriptions as they go along.

We know choosing can be tricky when they all sound so scrummy (pssst… our Coffee Wizard can help you decide which coffee to go for!), so why not opt for a Mystery Subscription? This way, you’ll find a different Two Chimps coffee on your doormat with each delivery. Do surprises get any better than this?


Ordering a coffee subscription

Tell me how!

Whatever takes your fancy – whether it’s a bag of coffee, a subscription or a coffee gift set – head over to our online shop. Then, simply fill out the personalisation options so we can grind and post coffee that’s just right for your brew. If you’re fond of filter coffee or fancy a 500g bag, just tick the box. All our coffee checkouts are fuss free and user friendly – we’ve tested them all to make sure! Plus, you can set up a Two Chimps account with your first order, making re-ordering easy as pie!

Alternatively, we’re happy to receive orders over the phone. We love speaking to fellow coffee fans! And, hey, even if you’re not too keen on coffee and just fancy a chat, we’d love to hear from you. We won’t try to convert you, promise…


Buying Two Chimps Coffee online


Coffee by post – what could be better? No more fuss, no more sub-standard supermarket coffee. Just flavour-packed, fresh coffee delivered to your front door. ?


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