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Coffee Club – Coffee Subscriptions Club

Are you looking to join a coffee club? Join our troop – become a coffee subscription club member now.

The first thing we want to tell you is how proud we are of the coffee that we roast. Our coffee is delicately grown, picked and harvested, ethically sourced and traded fairly. And that’s before it reaches us at Two Chimps Towers.

We hand roast all of our coffees in small batches to ensure that the coffee you receive from the coffee club is lovingly cared for and as fresh as possible.


If you are looking to join our coffee club but don’t know what coffee to choose, order a sample or two first. We have 50g samples available for you to buy and try at home. We can even grind the coffee to suit your desired brew method if you need us to.

A coffee tin being filled up with, ordered using a coffee subscrption

Choosing your Subscription

When you have tried all of the coffees you want, pick your subscription. Our subscriptions for the coffee club are tailored to your needs. Firstly, choose how you would like your coffee to reach you, ground coffee or whole bean coffee. You can also choose the amount (250g, 500g, or 1kg) depending on the amount of coffee that you drink. Next choose your frequency, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We’ll then deliver your coffee subscription uk wide.

Top tip

If you won’t be in but want your coffee delivered at home, all of our 250g coffee club orders are sent via Royal Mail Large Letter and will fit through a standard letterbox. This way, you will never miss your coffee fix again! If you choose a larger quantity, or you drink most of your coffee at work, have it delivered there instead. You may have to hide it from your colleagues but at least you won’t have to collect it from the post office!

fresh coffe delivered and sitting on a door mat

Mystery Subscription

If, after trying the samples of the coffee, you can’t decide on just one, then choose our Mystery Coffee Subscription. We will send you a surprise bag each time at your desired frequency. Pretty cool huh – only the best for our coffee club troop members.

Two Chimps Coffee Bag with ? Label


The speciality coffee that we roast is sourced from small farms and we only source what is fresh. With this in mind, our coffees will change with the harvesting seasons. This is a massive bonus for all coffee club members because no matter what subscription you choose, you will always get to try new and exciting coffees throughout the year. When a coffee changes, we notify you of this and replace your chosen coffee with that of a similar taste profile.

red coffee cherries

Managing your Subscription

You can manage your coffee subscription from your online account. If you are going on holiday and need to pause your subscription until you return – you can! Log into your online account and with just two clicks you can pause and re-activate your subscription with no cost involved.

So go on, join the troop and become a coffee club member today.

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