Coffee Courses in Rutland

14th March 2024

Are you eager to brush up on your coffee skills? Attend one of our coffee courses at our Rutland Roastery and become an expert!

From home Barista Training to latte Art Workshops and even roasting your beans, with our coffee experiences, you’ll walk out knowing how to make the best coffee at home. Not to mention some pub quiz trivia bound to impress your friends.

At Two Chimps, we don’t want to gate-keep all the weird and wonderful things about coffee. If you’ve ever wondered about the fascinating ins and outs of the caffeinated world, our coffee courses are the one for you! With six awesome coffee experiences made for coffee fanatics, the choice is yours. But which one to go for? Let’s dive right in!


Coffee Roasting

Barista Basics

Fancy stepping up your barista skills? This hands-on workshop is the one for you! Over two and a half hours, you will learn all the tricks and tips to become a barista genius and leave with a wealth of coffee knowledge and new skills to impress your friends and families.

We will begin by giving you a quick coffee lesson taught by Head Chimp Andy. He will walk you through speciality coffee and how it is grown, processed, and ethically sourced. Now for the exciting bit: You will get a behind-the-scenes tour of our roastery, meet our roaster, Rosie, and learn how we turn our beans from green to brown.

You’ll then head to the training room, where you will be let loose on one of our espresso machines. Starting with the basics, the humble espresso, you can dose, tamp, and extract your shot while hearing about all the side effects of over and under-extraction. This is where you’ll learn the tricks about changing your coffee to water ratio to create different styles of shots and begin your introduction to steaming and texturising milk. This is where you will discover the differences between lattes, flat whites, etc., and make one yourself!

Create your own Blend

This workshop begins with a brief rundown of coffee and how we roast it, AKA Head Chimp Andy’s Coffee School. Then the fun begins! You’ll get to undertake a cupping session with Head Chimps Andy & Laura, where you can taste our coffees like the SCA does when grading coffees. This method lets you judge the aroma, flavour, and mouthfeel throughout brewing.

From this, you can select the flavours you like the best or the ones you think will complement each other and create your blend through a process called wet blending. Once bagged, this is yours to take home (it can be ground to any size)! This workshop lasts around 2 hours and is the perfect activity for a fun day in Rutland!

How to start a coffee shop

With this down-to-earth coffee course, we equip aspiring café owners with an extensive breakdown of business knowledge. You’ll speak with Head Chimps Andy and Laura and learn everything you need to know about running a successful coffee shop. From advertising to best prices, legal agreements, and coffee brewing (of course!), we cover all the bases.

Our team will begin by discussing business legality, touching on planning permission, local law adherence, environmental health, and power supplies. We then move on to the best part: the coffee! You’ll get a detailed rundown of espresso-based drinks, their various sizes, and what to charge. We will also discuss menus, suppliers, and staffing.

So now you know the foundations of creating the perfect coffee shop, but how do you get the word out? We will give you our tried-and-tested advertising and social media techniques and advice on word-of-mouth promotion. This workshop is spread across three hours; we don’t rush it. We want you to leave feeling confident and ready for your new venture.

P.S. You’ll receive a full refund if you choose to serve our fresh, speciality coffee, joining the troop as our newest Two Chimps customer! Wahoo.

Introduction to Latte Art

We must admit that learning latte art is one of those things that, if you can do it, becomes a bit of magic power. We’re talking Harry Potter wizardry. The first step in making latte art is getting the right texture in your milk. Therefore, we start by showing you how to steam your milk to perfection, creating that fantastic glossy microfoam consistency at the correct temperature.

The next is perfecting that pour. It’s all about maintaining, adjusting, and having a steady milk flow to create the perfect canvas in your cup. After you’ve mastered this step, it’s time to wiggle. You read that right. It’s the technical term (sort of) given when you start to move the flow of milk to create a pattern on the surface of the coffee. By the end of this wiggling process, we aim to have you create a heart, which is the starting point for all latte artists.

Once you’ve made that initial heart shape, you can use the rest of your session to perfect your skills. Over two and a half hours, that’s a lot of hearts!

Roast your own Coffee

This is our exciting new course for 2024! Thanks to the arrival of our mini roaster (the Aillio bullet R1, to be specific), we can now roast our beans in even smaller batches of 1 kg. This is perfect for when we do a sample roast or if our roaster, Jordyn, is experimenting with new whacky methods.

Once again, this workshop will start with coffee school but go into more detail about roasting. You will learn about the smells, cracks, and temperature needed for roasting perfection. Over 2.5 – 3.5 hours, you will roast your kilo of beans and take them home! Imagine sipping on your very own hand-roasted brew. Pretty cool, right?


Roasting and Brewing Coffee School

This workshop does what it says on the tin! It is for coffee fanatics who want to learn more about the process of creating coffee, from bean to cup. In this session, you will get a live demonstration of our 12 kg capacity roaster Rosie in action, where you’ll experience the colour change of the beans along with smells and sounds.

We then head to our training room, where you will participate in a mini brewing workshop. Here, we discuss the importance of grind size and different brewing devices and ratios, all of which unlock the secret to making consistently great coffee at home. At the end of the session, you will take a 250g bag of any of our coffees, ground to any size! You can then use your new knowledge to brew to perfection! High five!

How to book

If any of these courses sound right up your street, the booking process is easy peasy! Head to the experiences section of our website and select which course you want to attend. On the right-hand side, there will be a section with various dates and times; select the one you want, how many places you want, and checkout! We will then send you your golden ticket via email. That’s all you need!


Gift a course!

These would make an excellent present for a coffee-loving friend, right? But how do you sneakily find out what date they can do? The good news is you don’t have to! We have a gift voucher TBC option, which means they can decide for themselves.

Now for the hard part. Which one to choose?

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