Coffee for Claus: Perfect Christmas Coffee Gifts

07th December 2023

Our Top 3 Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Christmas Coffee Gifts


Two Chimps is here to put the magic back into Christmas. We’ve got you covered this festive season with various gift sets for Coffee Fanatics, Chocoholics and even Decaf drinkers.

If we are honest with ourselves, the gift giving aspect of Christmas is quite overwhelming. Gone are the days of waking up and frantically rushing down the stairs to check if Santa had drunk his milk and eaten the cookies. The older you get, the more you hope you actually do get socks or that new toaster with the fancy bagel setting. With this, gift-giving has become more complex and somewhat stressful. People want things they will use rather than just something they’d enjoy for a week and then get bored. But have no fear, Two Chimps is here! There is no risk of this when gifting coffee; who could ever get bored of this nectar from the Gods? Especially if that person is sipping on speciality Two Chimps brew.


Now, it’s time to get specific. We have so much on offer at Two Chimps, and we want to ensure you get the best gift to fit your intended person. There are three main categories your gift receiver will fall into: The Coffee Fanatic, The Chocolate Lover and The Decaf Drinker. Luckily, we have something for everyone, regardless of what they like to put in their mug (even if it’s decaf!). Let’s tackle these one at a time.

The Coffee Fanatic

Now, this person wakes up craving their morning brew. Whether that means popping the kettle on for a cafetiere or turning on the espresso machine- we have coffees that fit every brew method! Our best-selling coffee gift set is perfect for any coffee lover. Three 250g bags of hand-roasted speciality coffee, a magnet set, and a coffee storage tin are bound to excite them this Christmas!

You can select either a trio of darker, or lighter roasted coffees. This is where your detective skills might need to come into play, as the decision partially depends on how they brew their coffee. Darker roasts are perfect for espresso, AeroPress or stovetop Moka pot. Meanwhile, the lighter roasted coffees are fruiter and fab for a filter or cafetiere. But this isn’t set in stone – everyone’s taste buds differ. At Two Chimps Coffee, we roast in small batches multiple times weekly to ensure fresh and fantastic-tasting coffee. Once you’ve chosen your coffee, we’ll grind it to suit the brew method (or keep it whole bean!) This gift set is packaged in a white presentation box and finished with a Two Chimps sticker and hand-tied ribbon. Add a gift message when you check out, and we’ll pop this on a card for you, too. Our coffee bags and packaging are 100% recyclable – high five! Christmas = sorted!

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The Chocolate Lover

It’s time to find the best present for a chocoholic coffee lover, and we’ve had a stroke of genius with this gift set. Our new Festive Bundle is pure festive joy and the best of both worlds, delivering Winter’s best combination of hot beverages. Beautifully packaged and finished with a red ribbon, this belongs on Santa’s nice list. It contains 250g of our limited edition Christmas Coffee and 250g of Hot Chocolate, the perfect combination for those frosty days.

Our Fab-yule-us Christmas Coffee is everything you want in a festive drink- minus all those sugary syrups and artificial flavourings! With just one sip, you experience marzipan sweetness with orange peel and cherries, just like Christmas cake (yummy). This medium/dark roast is uber beautiful in every brewing device, but we will freshly grind this to suit a cafetiere – the best device to use on Christmas morning for all coffee lovers.

Here it is, a dream come true for chocolate lovers everywhere: a 250g bag of hot chocolate flakes. These creamy hot chocolate flakes are sourced from our local expert chocolatier in England. They are made using 71% cocoa flakes of rich chocolate – ready to blend into your milk flawlessly. You don’t need any fancy machinery to make this drink. Simply add milk to a saucepan and melt your chocolate into the milk as it heats. This chocolate drink is also suitable for vegans and is equally delicious in milk alternatives.

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The Decaf Drinker

At Two Chimps, our mission is to deliver uber-beautiful tasting coffee- and decaf is no exception! We’ve cracked the code and created two awesome decaf roasts that taste just as good as the original. Our decaf gift set includes a Two Chimps coffee tin, magnet, and a 250g bag of decaffeinated coffee, freshly roasted and ground to order (or kept as whole bean). Presented in a white gift box and hand-tied with Two Chimps Ribbon, this will make someone smile on Christmas morning.

Currently, we have two chemical-free decaffeinated coffees available to choose from – yes, that’s right, two! Select between a medium to dark and a light and fruity roast. These beauties have no caffeine but ALL the flavour. These are awesome for evening drinks, late-night mochas, or even an espresso martini that won’t keep you awake all night! These single-origin coffees are decaffeinated using a gentle sparkling water method that uses no chemicals to remove the caffeine. This leaves the beautiful, natural flavours of the coffee for your gift receiver to enjoy.

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Two Chimps really does cover all bases when it comes to Christmas- just call us professionals in gift-giving! Check out our other goodies, such as tea gift sets, workshops and gift vouchers!

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