Coffee for Fun Father’s Day Gifts!

Father’s Day Coffee – It’s a Winner!

On the hunt for fun Father’s Day gifts? Quirky presents to make him grin from ear to ear? Check out Daddywaddydoodah – our awesome Father’s Day coffee! It’s packed to the rafters with flavour and rather a lot of fun…



Fun Father’s Day Gifts from Two Chimps

Comes around quickly, Father’s Day, doesn’t it? No sooner have you given yourself a pat on the back for Mum’s pressie than – hello – Dad’s day is here.

But what to get the man who has everything? Who says he doesn’t want anything but would be seriously miffed if you arrived empty-handed on June 18th?

Fun Father’s Day Coffee – that’s what! Pull out all the stops this year with a top-quality coffee gift from Two Chimps. Freshly roasted and FANTASTIC fun, this is the easy-order gift he’ll love!

Finding unique Father’s Day gifts isn’t easy. We know. That’s why we source, cup and roast a brand-new Father’s Day special each year. And FD23? Crikey, it’s something truly special. Something that will knock his socks off. It’s… Daddywaddydoodah!


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Father's Day coffee turning on a table



Full-on-Flavour Father’s Day Gift

Say ‘cheers’ to your A-Star Pa with stunning Father’s Day coffee! It’s packed to bursting with the taste of smashed strawberry and dribble-down-your-chin grilled peach. There’s a background of limeade, too, rounding things off on a zesty note.

Grilled fruit? Zingy limeade? Anyone getting BBQ vibes? Us too! Perfect for bbq-ing dads who show their culinary skill (*ahem*) when the sun comes out!


Lime cut in half


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Get Clued Up on the Coffee


Got to be Speciality Coffee

We can divide coffee into two segments: commodity and speciality. Commodity coffee is the stuff typically found in bags of big-brand instant. It tends to be dull, bitter and a bit mehhh…

Switch over to speciality, and it’s another story. Picked by hand (unlike commodity) and roasted in small batches (unlike commodity), speciality coffee is the coffee-lovers coffee! It’s the only coffee Dad deserves!

Every coffee, speciality or commodity, receives a score from professional Q Graders. If this score is below 80, the coffee is commodity. If the coffee in question is insanely delicious, free from defects and scored above 80, it’s speciality! And this is all we’re interested in at Two Chimps – high-scoring, ethically sourced speciality coffee guaranteed to get you ‘favourite child’ status.


Red speciality coffee cherries in a basket


Is Speciality Coffee Worth the Price?



How to brew

Freshly roasted Daddywaddydoodah suits any device. It’s great however Dad brews!

Got a Pa with a cafetiere, Chemex or pour over? Then you’ve definitely found your best Father’s Day gift box! Because Daddywaddydoodah is the perfect coffee for cafetieres and filter devices!

It’s a fruity light roast, so matches the way these methods brew. Lighter roast coffees are fab in these devices because their acidity levels work well with the gravity technique. Cafetieres and filters bring out just the right amount of Daddywaddydoodah’s fruity acidity, creating one mind-boggling Father’s Day Coffee!

Get him ready for an irresistibly balanced brew. One that’s crazily delicious and totally trendy. One that will prove him 100% wrong – he did want something for Father’s Day!


Pouring water into a v60 using swan neck kettle



Want more info on this brewing business? Grab a free Brew Guide for Dad’s gift!

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Incredible Indian Coffee!

Hit the mark with fun Father’s Day gifts – choose next-level speciality coffee from the Garigekhan Estate in southwest India. This estate is perfectly located in India’s Chikmagalur district. Premium arabica coffee goes crazy for its top-notch conditions and mountainous soil! Pepper, turmeric, oranges and lemons grow happily here, too. But we’re not gonna lie. We like the coffee best.

Garigekhan receives support from the Kelachandra Coffee Group. We give the guys at Kelachandra one mighty thumbs-up because they champion sustainable, socially-conscious coffee production. Right now, they’re helping to develop schools in local villages and supply living quarters and playschools for estate employees and their families. They shade-grow coffee, too. This artisan (often organic) method slows the trees’ growth rate and gives the flavours more time to develop. On the Garigekhan Estate, Daddywaddydoodah beans grow beneath tall Ficus trees, some of which are nearly 100 years old! The perfect coffee for the old man…


Father's Day coffee with Two Chimps mug and thumbs up


Upgrade to a Father’s Day Gift Box

Feeling stumped on what this year’s Father’s Day gift box will be? Look no further; we’ve got you covered with this awesome Father’s Day idea!

You can buy Daddywaddydoodah as a single bag or upgrade the gifting game with this awesome Father’s Day Coffee Gift Set. It’s dad-friendly and you-friendly (every gift box comes with fast and free 1st class tracked delivery over £25!)





The Daddywaddydoodah Father’s Day Gift Box option includes:

  • 250g bag of Daddywaddydoodah coffee, wholebean or ground to suit his favourite device
  • 1x Two Chimps coffee tin
  • 1x Two Chimps magnet (great for keeping his guide label safe on the fridge!)


We hand-wrap Dad’s coffee gift in a presentation gift box and can add a personal message free of charge. Just let us know when you check out! Go on, be soppy…

Stumped to success in an instant!


Fun Father’s Day Gifts? Sorted. Treat him to Daddywaddydoodah!

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