Coffee for the Office: treat your team to Two Chimps!

Looking for an office coffee supplier?

Motivate Monday mornings with first class coffee delivered straight to your office! No fuss, no hassle (Zoom meetings provide enough of that), just great coffee in everyone’s cup.

Sound good? Let’s find out some more!




Benefits for your office

Choosing quality coffee for your office is a great move. The best decision you’ll make all week. Possibly all year.

Because no one functions well on sub-standard joe. Replace dull-tasting, plastic-packed instant coffee with speciality beans and you’ll have a very happy bunch of nine till fivers. The keyboards will be smokin’, their taste buds jumping for joy and the novelty mug competition will get REAL. Bleary-eyed Monday mornings will also become a thing of the past (thank you, caffeine).

Choosing Two Chimps is also a great way to meet your sustainability goals. Say cheerio to (overpriced) single-use cups and hello to planet-friendly coffee ground just for you. We’re a climate-positive roastery, which means your office coffee has a carbon footprint of precisely zero, and we’ll plant 100 new trees when you join the family!


Two chimps tote bag hanging on wooden board


A bit more about our speciality coffee

There are plenty of office coffee suppliers, but few of them roast fresh arabica beans multiple times a week.

We do. And rather well, if we say so ourselves. We source the finest high-scoring arabica beans from small farms and associations around the world. All our coffees are truly single origin: they’re not just harvested from the same country (as are a lot of ‘single origins’), but sourced from specific, fully traceable growing locations.


Group of workers sorting coffee cherries


Then, we roast your beans by hand in our little Rutland roastery. Roasting multiple times each week means you always receive the very freshest coffee. This isn’t just great-tasting coffee… this is uber delicious, fresh-as-fresh speciality coffee practically bouncing with flavour! We tailor each roast to bring your staff faultless coffee every time and grind on the day of dispatch, too. Because when it comes to office caffeine, only the best will do.


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Perks of choosing the chimps as your office coffee supplier

Choose Two Chimps to fuel your team, and you won’t get lost in a gigantic company. We’re small and family-run and always put you at the heart of your coffee. Setting up your own wholesale coffee account is a breeze and you can tailor your team’s coffee plan as you go along. We freshly grind your coffee to suit your brew method or deliver lovely whole beans if you brew with a bean to cup machine. Need different bags ground in different ways? Or prefer a selection of coffees (keeps things interesting!)? No problem – just let us know!


Overhead shot of 1kg bag of coffee with red mug


Running out of coffee is never cool. So stop those quick dashes to Tesco Extra and enjoy regular coffee deliveries instead. We post your bespoke coffee straight to your office, right when you need it and ground the way you like it. And there’s no need to tie yourself down with fixed deliveries. Instead, just tell us exactly how much you need during your quick weekly phone call. Set up a Two Chimps plan and you aren’t just ticking office coffee off your to-do list; you are ticking it off your list forever.

Becoming a wholesale customer will help you save the pennies, too. Our wholesale coffee costs £20.50 per kilogram (saving you £9 already!), and we very often give volume discounts based on your average orders. We don’t offer money off for buying so many bags because we don’t want to encourage bulk buying. This leads to fresh coffee going stale and should be kept to loo rolls only. Instead, order what you need, when you need it and enjoy flavour-packed coffee in every cup!


Outside Two Chimps roastery



Join the family!

Offices and businesses are already staying caffeinated with Two Chimps. Take our neighbour, Ruff and Tumble. They know anything is paw-sible after a mug of Two Chimps! Kettle Interiors also keep their staff happy with our freshly roasted coffee, as do the Leicester-based IT gurus at Cameo.

Why not come aboard? We’d love to have you and can’t wait to get started on your tailor-made coffee plan! Caffeine is loading…


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Take a peek at all the lovely coffees we can bring to your office…


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