Coffee Fresh To Your Door – Now In Recyclable Packaging!

Everybody knows what recycling is and that it’s all something we should do as part of our daily lives

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that many companies are continually trying to reduce their waste and become greener.


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There are so many stories online about how plastic is being thrown away and ending up in our oceans. It is always in the news that we need to stop buying plastic because many plastics cannot be recycled. It takes 1000 years to decompose in a landfill. This can be difficult, however, since plastic was invented in the early 20th Century, it’s found in so many products. From making our cars to keeping our food fresh.

Nowadays, companies are making a huge effort to find ways to use recyclable plastic. Or replace plastic with other materials instead.

A few examples of products made from natural materials. Polystyrene made from mushrooms. Drinking straws from corn starch and bricks made with leftover brewery grains! Read on to see how we try and stay green.


Two Chimps Recyclable Coffee and Tea packaging


What are we doing to reduce our carbon footprint?

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we do our best to reuse or recycle everything; from the sticker sheets we use to the chaff created through roasting our coffee.

For example, our coffee arrives in hessian sacks which are lined with Grainpro bags to ensure the freshness of the coffee throughout its journey.

We sell the hessian sacks online as decorative items or for people to upholster with. We’ve made cushion covers, covered footstools and even made a dog bed out of our coffee sacks!


coffee sacks


We also make sure the plastic inner ‘grainpro’ bags are reused by donating them to different people to use.

One hire company uses them to cover their chairs in when stacking to avoid damage. Others use them as bin bags. Either way, they have at least one other use.

If you have a use for large plastic bags, let us know; they are always available.


dog on a dog bed made from a coffee sack


Our takeaway cups and lids are fully recyclable, and so are the labels we use on our bags.

We put all of our coffee grounds into compost or onto our plants in the garden. It’s great for roses and keeping pesky slugs away. Our roaster is energy efficient as it uses air drawn from outside to help the roast, and the chaff that is produced when roasting is given away to a friend for bedding for her chickens!


A takeaway mug - It is important to decide on a style of delivery when working out how to start a coffee shop


Fresh Coffee

Our ethos is ‘Fresh is Best,’ which is why we only roast small amounts of beans multiple times a week. This way, our customers know they’re getting the freshest coffee in every order. In order to keep coffee fresh, we used to use plastic Ziplock bags lined with foil.

While foil-lined bags are fantastic for keeping the coffee fresh, they are not great for the environment. So, like the good little chimps that we are, we spent a while researching new bags that can be recycled as well as keeping our coffee just as fresh. We are pleased to announce that we have found something!

Tell us more!

Our NEW bags are available in the same sizes as our current retail packs, printed with our awesome logo, just as before.  Now, however, they can be recycled. The biggest challenge with coffee packaging is the mix of plastics used to make the bags.

Our new bags are made out of one material, making recycling easier. The bag, along with the one-way valve which allows gasses to escape and the zipper are all made from a material called LDPE – Low-density polythene, which can be fully recycled.


Two Chimps Coffee Recyclable Packaging


Our recyclable coffee bag supplier has said that customers can dispose of this product in their home recycling bin; however, we do advise to check with the local council in your area. Also, all large retailers such as supermarkets will accept this product in their recycling bins located in each store and at your nearest recycling centre, but it is always worth checking beforehand.


Two Chimps Tea Recyclable Packaging

You can check here to check what’s available in your area.

Our bags come under the same bracket as bread bags and plastic bags because, although they appear black, they’re a clear bag, but have been printed with ink. In fact, anywhere you see the ‘group 4’ recyclable logo, these can be recycled.

LDPE can be recycled as many as 5-6 times over and can be re-formed into many different items. The recycling company shreds up the LDPE before melting it down (which removes any contaminants and debris) before it’s dried.

It’s then made into thin plastic sheets or pellets which are sold on to manufacturers to be made into other things. It can be made into bin liners, furniture, rubbish bins and compost bins. Because the whole bag is recyclable, you don’t have to do anything to it before sending it off on its next journey to be made into something new.

Be Green

In a world where not all plastic can be recycled, and the vast majority is not, it’s good knowing that we at Two Chimps Coffee are doing our bit as best we can and improving all the time. You, as a customer can also feel good.


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By buying Two Chimps Coffee, not only are you getting the freshest coffee available in a fully recyclable bag, but your money is going straight back to the farms where we have ethically sourced our coffee.

Due to using direct trade, the supply chain is shortened, along with a higher price for speciality coffee, the farmers are benefitting from better working conditions, wages and in turn, giving them a better quality of life.


coffee farmers in peru


You’re also doing your bit for the planet by being able to recycle all of the packaging and helping your garden grow using your leftover coffee grinds to feed your plants.


coffee ground on plants in the garden


Basically, you’re saving the planet by drinking coffee so carry on, start your coffee subscription today and feel awesome!


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