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Send a coffee gift card for sure-fire present success (minus the stress).


The best gift for coffee lovers

We all know them. The one who is tricky to buy for. They’ve either got it all or have a serious case of present pickiness.

Ahh, but do they like coffee? Yes? Panic over. Because we’ve got the only solution you need! Whether you’ve got a caffeinated cousin or a filter-mad friend, our coffee gift cards are the foolproof present you can tailor to your budget. Gone are the days when gift cards seemed a cop-out. With a Two Chimps gift voucher, they will be able to treat themselves to high scoring speciality coffee straight from our roastery. Whoop whoop – what a way to birthday!


Three bags of dark roast coffee laid on table beside coffee tin and magnet


What are my options?

We like to keep things simple at Two Chimps. That’s why we’ve avoided weighing down our Coffee Lovers Gift Voucher with a bucket load of small print. The lucky someone can use their gift card on anything in our online shop. From bags of coffee to new brewing devices, the choice is entirely theirs (phew, saves it being yours…). Maybe they’ll fancy a tea top-up and go for some of our loose leaf tea instead? Whoa – this much choice is exhilarating! It’s like a caffeinated Pick n Mix…

Don’t worry; you’ve got plenty of options as well. Our gift cards range from £10 to £100 and increase by intervals of £10, so you can always find the perfect amount for your budget. Oh, and there are £25 and £75 options as well, because those numbers always look pretty on gift cards. You can accompany your gift card with a personal message (because that looks pretty, too) to send some extra smiles their way.


Two Chimps gift note tied beneath a ribbon



How to buy a coffee gift card

‘Simple’ began the previous section, and simplicity shall begin the next! Because buying their coffee gift card couldn’t be easier. Simply head to the Coffee Gifts section of our online shop and scroll down to the voucher. Then, follow the dropdowns (don’t worry, there are only two!) and add your payment details. And that’s it – all done!

Who knew success could be so, well, simple!


close up of mug with coffee and tea taster packs



And then, we send!

You can choose to email a digital coffee gift card directly to their inbox or send a printed version in the post. Email gift cards are a lifesaver for last-minute buyers. Avoid the bother of belated birthday cards and choose a coffee present that’ll be with them in seconds!

Fancy sending an envelope rather than email? No problem. Simply select the printed and posted option to receive a printed version of their voucher. We can send this either to you or your recipient – just let us know! You can also postpone the post date if you’re uber-prepared to make sure it arrives on the right day.

Whichever option you select – print or digital – we always send a confirmation email, so you know their gift voucher is on the way and all is tickety-boo.


Coffee envelope sitting on doormat



Give the gift of knowledge! Buy them a place at coffee school.

Maybe they’re the hands-on type? No problem – why not treat them to a place on one of our coffee courses? They’re a Grade A coffee geek at heart, and now you can make their dream a reality.

We offer courses for every type of coffee lover, whatever they fancy learning. Do they want to start brewing better coffee at home? Then our Barista Workshop is the answer. Or maybe they like plastering their Insta with coffee pics? Secure them a spot on one of our Latte Art classes, and they’ll be barista-ing away in no time. They will also learn the secret of the oh-so-‘stagrammable latte ‘wiggle’…


Latte sitting on espresso machine



Is this the best coffee gift card you can send? We think it might well be…

Gift cards are the answer to many a gift-giving woe. Maybe you know someone who loves – really loves – coffee, but you’re not sure what kind. And to give them a hey-do-you-like-light-roasts call seems a bit too obvious. A Two Chimps Coffee Lovers Voucher is the answer! Or, maybe they’re not sure themselves? Send a coffee gift card and let them try them all. Coffee gift card to the rescue again.

Or, maybe it’s 11.51pm, and you’ve realised their birthday is tomorrow. We’re guessing you’ve just zipped through this article and need an email-friendly gift right now. Order a coffee gift card and you can send the best present to their inbox well before twelve (psst… click here to get started).


Pouring coffee from moka pot


And the crowning glory? A Two Chimps gift card never expires! Twelve months can go by in a flash, so we decided to give our gift cards unlimited duration. Like we said, this might well be the best coffee gift card there is…


Make gifting simple and send a coffee gift card to someone special.


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