Coffee Gift Packs – Top 5 from Two Chimps Coffee

Are you looking for coffee gift packs for that ultimate coffee lover in your life?

Well, look no further. We have put together our top 5 coffee gift packs below.

Some are coffee gift sets and others include coffee and a brewing device. Whichever you decide, we’re here for you every step of the way to help you in your search for coffee gift set giving greatness.


two chimps coffee and tin magnet set

Let’s start with… The Coffee

To start, our first two coffee gift packs contain no brewing device; just loads of gorgeous coffee.

All of our speciality coffees are freshly roasted and ethically sourced.

In addition, we roast by hand and in small batches from our Roastery in rural Rutland. After roasting, we dispatch with FREE first class delivery on every order too.

Additionally, every coffee we have can either be left whole bean, or it can be ground for a particular device.


coffee in a cooling bin


First up, we have the Espresso, Moka or Aeropress Coffee Gift Set.

We have put together a trio of coffees, one for each time of the day. Currently, at the time of writing, our coffees are as follows.

Firstly, ‘Captain Caffeination’ is a coffee crafted with the mornings in mind. Great for that someone who needs an extra kick. This coffee has a dark, fruit-like kick, with a delicious full and creamy body. Grown in Colombia

Next, ‘The Tiny Horse’. This coffee has been crafted to be enjoyed throughout the day. A full-bodied coffee with a biscuit sweetness. It has a lemon twist and a hint of peanut butter as it cools. Grown in El Salvador.

Crafted with evenings in mind, ‘The Cat’s Pyjamas’ is a great coffee to finish an evening off. It has a silky smooth, sweet & full body with an apple-like acidity. This is complemented by strong hints of chocolate which subside into hazelnut as it cools. Grown in Guatemala.


Two Chimps Coffee Gift Pack


These can be ground ready to use, or in whole bean, it’s up to you! Also, add a coffee storage tin and magnet set to make this coffee gift pack that extra bit special.

As we have mentioned, we roast speciality coffee. We can often trace our fresh coffees back as far as the farm, or even plot of land it was grown and harvested.

With this in mind, only so much coffee grows per season. After a coffee has all been drunk, it has gone for good.

Never fear, however. When the stocks of a particular coffee run out, we source something else. Its replacement is always similar for instance; a fruity coffee is always replaced by another fruity coffee.


looking above three coffee labels and two chimps tin


Next up is a Cafetiere or Filter Coffee Gift Set.

These three coffees have been roasted a little lighter to suit these particular devices. As above, currently, at the time of writing, our filter or cafetiere coffee collection includes the following:

‘Ready, Set, Bananas!’ has been crafted with mornings in mind, to get your day started the right way. It is a bright & juicy coffee with a delicate acidity similar to raspberries. Grown in Costa Rica.

‘How many is a Brazilian?’ Is a moreish all day coffee. Smooth and creamy with notes of chocolate and praline are chased by a subtle plum-like acidity. Grown, as the name suggests, in Brazil.


Finally, our decaffeinated coffee ‘Knickers & Gnomes’ has been crafted for those caffeine free evenings. This is a moreish coffee with a soft acidity. With a silky smooth texture and mentions of toasted marshmallow & cocoa. Grown in Rwanda.

As before, add a tin and magnet set to make your purchase the ultimate coffee gift pack.



Brewing Devices

If you are looking for a coffee gift pack that includes a brewing device, then the ones below are for you.

Firstly is the classic Cafetiere Gift Set

You can never go wrong with a cafetiere.

The Barista & Co Cafetiere is a sleek looking device with a soft, glossy silver finish to it. How fancy!

Also, with its easy press plunger and comfortable handle, it has been designed to be incredibly easy to use with. The glass jug is inscribed with measurements in millimetres so you can see exactly how much coffee you are making.

We have two cafetiere sizes available. The three cup has a capacity of 350 ml, while the 8 cup has a 1000 ml capacity. These coffee gift sets include a Barista & Co Cafetiere and a coffee of your choice; ground ready to use.


cafetiere and coffee


Next, we have The Hario V60 Gift Set; ideal for making filter coffee to share.

This device is great for beginners or, equally for people who love a great, simple cup of coffee!

Also, this coffee gift set includes a jug, allowing you to make multiple cups of freshly brewed filter coffee. In fact, this device is capable of brewing up to 4 cups of coffee at a time.

The coffee included will be ground ready to use in your new device too. You will also receive a scoop and pack of 100 filters as part of this set.

Choose from a fruity morning coffee, a sweet and easy drinking all day coffee or decaffeinated coffee.


V60 pourover kit boxed



Finally, we have the Handpresso Pump Gift Set.

This device is lightweight and easy to use. Therefore, it’s great for making coffee on the go.

It works by building up the pressure required to brew an espresso, by hand. So, no electricity needed! Also, the leftover coffee grounds can be put to good use too.

For instance, use them as a fertiliser for your garden, or to keep the slugs and snails away.

This coffee gift pack includes a Black Handpresso Pump and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee, freshly roasted and ground ready to use.


handpresso in box and bag of two chimps coffee


And there we have it. Our top 5 coffee gift sets. Looking for other wonderful ideas? Check out our ‘Equipment & Gifts’ page for more:


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