Coffee Gift Subscription

Know someone who loves their coffee?

Are you trying to find that gift?

Well, let me introduce you to our coffee gift subscriptions. The gifts that keep on giving.

Choosing a gift for someone is always a tricky process. However, our coffee gift subscriptions might just be the gift you’ve been looking for.

All you have to do is choose the coffee, grind size, how often you would like it sent directly to your recipient and lastly, how long you want to treat them with delicious coffee. We’ll do the rest.



Our coffee gift subscriptions are great for that friend who can’t get enough of coffee. They make for great presents as unlike our standard coffee subscriptions; these are for a set amount of time, of which you can choose. This means you won’t have to worry about any unsuspected bills coming your way.

When it comes to paying for the gift subscription, you only have to pay an initial sum of your choosing.

How many bags?

We have six different subscriptions available, which run from two deliveries to twelve. You can choose whether you would like a subscription to be sent weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We recommend that if you are ordering a larger subscription to have it sent over a longer period of time. For instance, if you have purchased a 500g coffee subscription, rather than sending a bag a week and the stocks piling up, it’s better to have this sent fortnightly or monthly.

This way, the last bag has been consumed before the next one arrives, so the latest bag of coffee stays as fresh as possible.


Coffee being poured from a roaster drum


The first order from a gift subscription will include a Two Chimps Coffee Tin and a Magnet Set. The following orders will be sent via Royal Mail Free 1st class postage. Our 250g bags will fit straight through the letterbox, and our 500g bags will arrive as a small parcel.

If your recipient moves house – don’t worry. The delivery address can be changed from your account so the gift subscription can be sent straight to your coffee lovers new door.


fresh coffe delivered and sitting on a door mat


Our Coffee

Our coffee is hand roasted in small batches multiple times each week. You can be sure your coffee lover is always drinking the freshest coffee.


hand full of green coffee


We always have six single origin coffees that you can choose from. These single-origin coffees are ethically sourced from small farms around the world. Our coffees will run until the end of the coffee harvest and when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. This means that our coffees do change from time to time. However, we always try and aim to source a new coffee with a similar taste. If the coffee isn’t being enjoyed as much, just give us a quick bell and we’ll change it for you.

How to order

When ordering your coffee gift subscription, as mentioned previously, you have some choices to make. Firstly, you need to decide how many bags you would like for the duration of your gift subscription, then choose how often you would like your coffee to be delivered. The possibilities are:


Next, choose how much coffee you want. The options are:



Next up is the grind size. The possibilities are:

Whole Bean
Pour Over
Espresso Machine
Aerobie Aeropress


Looking down on an aeropress with coffee being added


Finally, you can choose the roast style. The options are:

Morning Lighter Roast
Morning Darker Roast
All Day Medium Roast
All Day Darker Roast
After Dinner Winner Roast

Mystery Coffees

Our mystery coffee gift subscriptions are ideal if you know your coffee lover will want to try lots of different, individual coffees. Each time your coffee lover receives their coffee, it’ll be completely different from the last one. Depending on how many deliveries your coffee lover has, they could try all of our coffees, including our limited edition blends!


Two Chimps Coffee Bag with ? Label


If you decide to gift them twelve mystery deliveries, that’ll give them the opportunity to try every coffee we have twice, or maybe twelve different coffees as the harvests change.

Ready to order but don’t want your coffee gift subscription delivered straight away? No problem! Just leave a note at the checkout, and we’ll send it whenever you’re ready.

So go on, get your coffee lover a gift subscription and you’ll be in the good books forever!


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