Coffee Gifts for Every Hiker

23rd November 2023

The best gifts for any caffeine-loving hiker: How to guarantee a good quality cup of coffee every time whilst on the go!

Autumn has officially arrived here in the UK; the countryside is bursting with beautiful golden shades and breathtaking sunrises. There is no better way to enjoy this season than to take a short walk or hike with your friends, exploring autumnal wildlife and spaces. With the sound of crunching leaves underfoot, the smell of Winter in the air and the excitement of Christmas on the horizon, these moments allow us to enjoy the fresh air before the cold Winter begins. Now, is there any better ending to a beautiful hike or walk than the promise of a fantastic mug of coffee? We don’t think so! Whether this means brewing on the go with a handy portable kit or taking the insulated flask out of your backpack, we have the perfect tools for excellent coffee whilst out on adventures!


Autumn Hiking

Ultralight Enthusiast Essentials- The AeroPress

The AeroPress is one of the ultimate hacks for coffee whilst on the go. This clever little kit lets you create a fresh, awesome cup of coffee in minutes. Goodbye, nasty instant coffee (seriously, everyone deserves better than this!). There are many reasons why this tool is ranked highly for being the best portable coffee maker.

  1. It is as light as a feather. Ok, well, not quite- but it only weighs 230 grams! It is perfect for storing away in your backpack without adding any extra baggage.
  2. It is very durable. Constructed from solid plastic, you can easily hike or climb, knowing that the AeroPress can withstand a few bashes and knocks.
  3. There is minimal cleanup. This device uses pressure to extract the flavours from the coffee via a tightly fitted plunge. Therefore, it squeezes out every drop of moisture, meaning there is no washing up to do (hurrah!).
  4. It creates the perfect amount for single-serve coffee. There is no need to tip away any excess (our coffee is too good to waste!)

What does it taste like?

This device is small- but you wouldn’t know this from the flavour! You get a reasonably strong taste, not quite to the level of an espresso, but to that degree. You can also expect a smooth, rich, full-bodied, low acidity and overall uber-beautiful flavour. If you prefer a heavier mouthfeel and more body, you can also purchase a metal version of the AeroPress. These will allow more coffee oil into your cup, providing these drinking characteristics. So, how exactly do you brew using this device? Check out our blog, which gives a step-by-step guide (there’s also a video on our YouTube channel!)

Which coffees are best for an AeroPress?

Our single-origin speciality coffee beans go with an AeroPress like bread and butter. We freshly roast by hand to ensure incredible, unique flavours. We recommend a medium or medium-dark roast when using the AeroPress, as this device’s pressure method amplifies the natural acidity in coffee. A lighter roast tastes more acidic and less sweet. Using a medium or medium/dark roast gives you more caramel sweetness and slightly less acidity, giving that perfect yin-yang balance to the acidity created by pressure brewing.

For a medium roast, you could grab a bag of our Coffee and Paste (red label), with notes of rich dark chocolate balanced by sweet strawberry jam and fresh grapefruit; we’re drooling! Or take our Freshly Knitted Bicycle (green label) coffee for a spin! At first sip, you’ll experience silky smooth layers of sweet caramel and smooth milk chocolate. With a subtle crisp acidity of apple and cherry to finish, this is a must-try! For decaf drinkers, we have you covered with our 3 O’Clock at Night (purple label) roast! Creamy, nutty & malty with a soft lemon acidity as it cools. What is not to love?

We also have a rather tempting duo of medium/dark roasts. Our blue labelled My Morning Allama is a blissfully balanced combo of toffee fudge, chocolate, and apple. All brightened up with a cheeky zing of lime! Our best-selling, orange-labelled Hamster on a Hoover is popular for a reason. This medium/dark roast has swirls of tangy-tart blackberry compote, which combine with hazelnut, dark chocolate, and fresh orange zest in this beautiful Nicaraguan coffee.

Can you still get a great flavour by putting coffee in an insulated flask?

Although fresh is best, we have conducted a little experiment proving that our coffee tastes great no matter what- including if it’s sat in a flask for a few hours! Naturally, coffee changes its flavour notes slightly as time passes, which is why undertaking a cupping session for new coffees is vital. We conducted a little science experiment using a cafetiere brewing method. We brewed a 500ml cup of cafetiere as usual, tasted it and evaluated the flavour notes before placing it in a flask for 2 hours. After the 2 hours, we poured and tested the flavours again to see if there were any changes. We compared the medium, medium/dark, and light roast flavour differences to make it especially interesting.


The Results

Light and Fruity- Autumn the Forth (white label)

To start: This brew has fresh and clean flavour notes with a nutty and mild citrus finish.

After 2 hours in an insulated flask: The flavours have remained more or less intact: it’s still a fantastic light and fruity brew. Intriguingly, the acidity had dropped slightly, replaced by a chocolate strawberry burst.

Medium- Freshly Knitted Biycyle (green label)

To start: As this is a medium brew, it has a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. These delightful caramel notes have developed with an increased roasting time. With one sip, you have a smooth, easy drinking experience.

After 2 hours in an insulated flask: We noticed that the acidity had dropped, with only a trace of the apple tang compared to our first sip. The caramel flavour had become slightly nutty, but the smooth drinking experience remained.



Medium/Dark- Hamster on Hoover (orange label)

To start: This medium/dark roast has a ‘traditional’ coffee taste. With chocolate orange and an edge of dark chocolate, this is our bestseller for a reason!

After 2 hours in an insulated flask: After sitting in the flask, we thought this brew tasted better than the first time round! The chocolate orange acidity had relaxed, allowing the classic ‘coffee’ flavour to come out. This truly is an irresistible cup of joe.


Campers Comfort- You can’t go wrong with a mug.

Are you looking for a great gift to compliment your Two Chimps bag of coffee or AeroPress? Well, here it is, the awesome Two Chimps Coffee Mug, made for holding a perfect 10oz/280ml brew. These are enamel with a soft porcelain coating, ensuring no metal is in contact with your coffee or mouth, keeping that uber-beautiful flavour. They are ideal for when out and about, as they will keep your brew hotter for longer. This material is also challenging to break. Unlike a traditional china mug, you’ll have no chips or smashing accidents here! You can chuck it in your rucksack for camping or in your suitcase, ready for the next adventure. They also have a cheeky chimp hiding on the other side. Just remember these enamel mugs are not suitable for use in the microwave. No mug cakes here, please- save them for the good stuff (coffee, of course!)

Hiker’s Coffee Subscription

So you have your AeroPress in the shopping cart but can’t decide which Two Chimps coffee to try? Don’t worry; this is an everyday dilemma- we’ve made our coffees too irresistible! But don’t worry, we have the perfect solution. Why not give our coffee subscription a go? Unlike other UK coffee subscriptions, which might limit you to one coffee, we give you complete control over your plan! We also offer this as a gift, allowing you to give someone the joy of fabulous coffee.


6 bags of coffee on kitchen worktop with two chimps coffee tin and magnet


Create your perfect schedule with our easy-to-use subscription maker. You can do it all in just seven quick clicks! Start with the coffee: choose any from our range or opt for the Mystery Subscription if you fancy new coffee each time. We prepare your coffee to the grind size of your choice, or keep it as whole beans! You can also select your coffee weight and delivery frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly – it’s up to you!). If you change your mind, don’t worry! Your choices are not set in stone. You can easily change them if you fancy something new! Just enter your Coffee Account or ring us, and we’ll make all the changes, no problem. Have you got a Mystery Subscription and received a coffee that was too light and fruity for your taste? Let us know, and we can note it down on your file so we don’t send you that one again. You can pause your subscription anytime and reactivate it whenever you are ready!

You see, this is the best subscription in the world, as you are guaranteed the finest speciality coffee ethically sourced from small farmers and cooperatives worldwide. Oh, and we are also carbon neutral, meaning you can order stress-free knowing that we have offset all the carbon needed to create your coffee- right up to your door! With our 100% recyclable packaging, this really is the bee’s knees.


There you have it, our top gifts and products to get your adventure-obsessed friend or partner for Christmas!


AeroPress Gift Set

Enamel Coffee Mug

Gift Coffee Subscription

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