Coffee Gifts for Her

Looking to get your girl an excellent coffee gift?

Take a look at this page to see our coffee gifts for her, or, if it’s just coffee you are after, check out our bags of coffee.

Chemex Gift Set:

This one is for all you style icons out there.


Chemex coffee maker with coffee


This unique and iconic looking device can brew enough coffee for up to six cups at one time. So whether you’re having a coffee party or a film night with your besties, this device will serve you very well.

However, without any coffee, you’re not going to get far. Our gift set offers freshly ground coffee and 100 round filters.

Next is the 
Hario V60 Pouring Kettle:



Yes, your regular kettle might be the best thing since sliced bread. Wait till you read about the Hario V60 Pouring Kettle. It’ll make you think twice.

With its long spout, the Hario V60 will give you excellent control when pouring your water into your coffee grounds.

Don’t you hate it when you’re pouring your water into your coffee, and it splashes everywhere? Well, those days will be gone. The pouring kettles long and thin spout will ensure that all your water is meeting its significant other; the coffee grounds!

The awesome Aeropress is next on our list:


boxed aeropress and coffee


We know that when it comes to coffee devices, getting the right device can sometimes be like trying to solve the Da Vinci Code. Aerobie, the awesome people who made this device, have made sure the Aeropress is an easy to use, portable device.

In addition, a tote bag is provided with this device to make sure you don’t lose any parts of it when you are travelling from place to place, as we are sure you will soon be taking this coffee brewing device everywhere!

When you get really good at using the Aeropress, there is even an Aeropress championship you can enter.

Our gift set for this device includes freshly ground coffee, a tote bag, 350 micro filters and an Aeropress device.

Still stuck? Buy her a coffee lovers gift voucher:




Not sure on what to buy your coffee lover?

A gift voucher is an excellent option for that hard to buy person.
With our gift vouchers, your girl can choose whatever she likes from our online store.

To make it even better we can email the gift voucher directly to whoever you want.

When your better half is ready to order, everything comes with free 1st class tracked delivery when you spend £25.

How about one of the classics? The humble, yet mighty Cafetiere:


cafetiere and coffee


Having a Cafetiere will bring anyone’s kitchen to life and what better one to have than the Barista & Co Cafetiere.

This Cafetiere has a high-quality mesh filter and produces a smooth coffee in minutes!

Fancy a cold brew? The Barista & Co Cafetiere is excellent for this too.

Our gift set for this device includes freshly roasted and ground coffee – ready to use in this device.

Oh, and did we mention, with its stamped metal construction, these look awesome too!

Check out The Handpresso Pump:

Is she going camping with her friends? Or maybe going to a festival? Gift her this remarkable device, and you’ll be hearing those wedding bells in no time.


handpresso in box and bag of two chimps coffee


The Handpresso is a lightweight device that brews a great espresso coffee in literally a minute.

The device works by using the pressure you build using the bicycle style pump to brew your coffee. So, with no electricity needed, just hot water, you can enjoy it knowing you’re doing some good for the environment as well!

You can use ESE (easy serve espresso) coffee capsules or our freshly roasted and ground coffee. The choice is yours.

Our gift set for this device includes freshly ground coffee.

How about the timeless Bialetti Moka Pot?



bialetti mini express boxed with bag of coffee


Is your coffee lover a fan of Espresso style coffee? The Bialetti Mini Express Double Serve Stovetop might just be the device they’ve been looking for.

Bialetti’s classic eight-sided aluminium base allows the heat to diffuse, which will enhance the aroma of your coffee.

When using this device, we recommend pouring freshly boiled water into the chamber rather than cold water. This will bring out the natural sweet spot in your coffee.

Our gift set for this device includes the freshly ground coffee of your choice.

Next is the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

This coffee device will turn your coffee lover into a Barista Queen overnight!


Pour over coffee gift set and coffee


As it says in its name, the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper is a drip, or filter, coffee maker. The V60 drips coffee either straight into your mug for you to enjoy on your own or into a vessel so it can be enjoyed together.

This device has been designed to ensure that what you are drinking is coffee and only coffee! The filter paper takes care of the coffee grounds and stops most of the oils, while the dripper does its job by giving you a delicious coffee.

Our gift set for this device includes freshly ground coffee too. Winner.


Show me the Coffee!


six coffee bags and tin


All our speciality coffees are available to buy online from our shop.

Our range of coffees have all been crafted for enjoyment at different times of the day. So if your partner is a morning, daytime or evening coffee drinker, you’ll find an awesome, freshly roasted coffee for her.

Want more than one bag? Of course you do.

Check out our Cafetiere or Filter Coffee Gift Set:


cafetiere or filter coffee gift collection


We have bundled our three favourites for a cafetiere or filter together. These three single origin coffees are great for someone who prefers a lighter coffee.

This gift set currently includes a fruity morning coffee, a deliciously smooth daytime coffee and a decaffeinated coffee with a hint of marshmallow and cocoa – yum!


Does she love a stronger taste?

Check out our Espresso, Moka or Aeropress Gift Set:


espresso, aeropress or moka collection gift set


Our three favourites for an espresso, Aeropress or Moka pot. Roasted slightly darker, but not so dark they taste bitter or burnt; these three coffees are awesomely tasty.

This coffee gift set for her currently includes a complex berry-like coffee for the morning, an all-day coffee with a biscuit sweetness and a full-bodied coffee for the evening.

If you can’t decide on what coffee gift for her will be perfect, or if you would like some advice – get in touch!

All our coffees, brewing devices and gifts have free 1st class tracked delivery when you spend £25

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