Coffee Gifts For Him

Searching for unique coffee gifts for men? One to make their birthday go with a bang?

Fear not, gift-givers. We have the answer.

Around half the population are male, so there’s a fair chance you will have to buy a present for one of them at some point. Whether it’s a special gift for your partner or something different for Dad (tie no. 67 might be one too many…), we have a range of quirky coffee gifts they’ll love. Scroll down for our best-selling coffee gift sets, most popular devices and tastiest coffee products!

But first, the coffee

If you’re buying a special present, you want to give the best. It can be gift-wrapped to its eyeballs but if the coffee ain’t great, your gift will flop. Luckily, Two Chimps is a no-flopping zone. All our gift sets contain high-scoring, ethical coffee sourced from smallholder farms and associations. Every Two Chimps coffee is picked by hand and graded as speciality, which means it achieved 80 points or above when tested by a certified Q Grader. 

When our selected coffees arrive at the treehouse, we create unique roasting recipes to bring out the scrummy flavours in each batch. We use a machine, obviously (Rosie the Roaster), but it’s Andy who does all the hard work. By roasting in small batches and monitoring each roast, Andy can adjust the timings and temperatures to get top-notch coffee every time. Instant coffee, begone, THIS is the coffee lover’s coffee.

Quirky coffee gifts for him:

First in our line-up is the mighty Aeropress Gift Set:


boxed aeropress and coffee


Does your man take the title as the biggest, badest coffee drinker around? Not yet? Gift him an Aeropress, and he’ll be just that.

This portable AeroPress coffee maker is the device he can take wherever he goes. Walking with his mates? AeroPress. Fishing? AeroPress. Heading out for a day in the office? You guessed it, AeroPress.

The AeroPress device is super easy to clean and brews full-bodied coffee sporting a strong flavour and low acidity. Use it the ‘normal’ way or let him play with the near-endless alternative brew methods. Who knows, maybe he’ll end up at the AeroPress Championships? 

Our gift set for this device includes freshly ground coffee, a tote bag, 350 microfilters, a stirrer and a scoop. Plus his AeroPress, of course. Can’t say fairer than that.

How about a Handpresso?


handpresso in box and bag of two chimps coffee


Are you buying a gift for someone who loves coffee but never has the time to make one? The Handpresso might just solve their problem.

He just needs two things to use this device: boiled water and coffee. Plus a few seconds spare. 

The sleek Handpresso device makes espresso coffees without batteries, electricity or gas. It works a bit like a bike pump and is ideal for brewing great coffee when you’re out and about. It also gets the gold medal for sophistication and arrives neatly wrapped in a black presentation case. Very James Bond.

Something classy? The Bialetti Moka Pot:


two moka pots


This Bialetti Moka Pot coffee device is great if your man loves espresso-style coffee.

This art deco device produces rich, concentrated coffees on the stove. It’s a very suave device and rekindles the cool vibes of 1930s Italy. The eight-sided shape and iconic ‘moustachioed little man’ printed on the side are the markers of a true Bialetti. The original and best: a real classic that will look great in any kitchen.

Our top tip for the Moka Pot is to use hot water rather than cold when filling the chamber. This will enhance the sweetness of his coffee.

How about the classic Cafetiere Gift Set?

cafetiere and coffee


Whether you call it cafetiere of French Press, this is the dapper coffee device to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. 

The blueprint for the cafetiere design stems back to 19th century France, where two coffee lovers created a new way of separating their coffee grounds and water. The Italians then developed the Frenchmens’ idea to produce the cafetiere model we know and love today. 

Cafetieres are great devices for coffee fans wanting to up their home brewing. Maybe they love coffee shop cups but are tired of drinking instant at home (who can blame them?)? Grab a Cafetiere Gift Set and they’ll be away! The plunger is a doddle to use, and the immersion method makes it easy to get top coffee again and again. Other devices can be a little volatile but with the cafetiere, awesome home coffee becomes as regular as clockwork!  

We love the planet-friendly, plastic-free cafetiere that comes in our Cafetiere Gift Set. We selected a Barista & Co model for its cool, minimalist design and handy millimetre measurements. He’ll receive a bag of freshly ground cafetiere coffee, too.

Does he already have a cafetiere at home and love it a bit more than the kids? Then this Cafetiere Coffee Gift Collection is the one for him. Three bags of just-roasted coffee (for morning, noon and night) plus a metal coffee tin and magnet. Sorted.

The Chemex Coffee Maker Gift Set (it’s the fancy one)


Chemex coffee maker with coffee


Know a man with style? Or one in need of some? Then the Chemex Coffee Maker Gift Set is the one for him.

The elegant Chemex is a pour over coffee maker that creates stunning cups with crystal-like clarity. This is largely down to the thick filter papers, which trap more coffee oil in their fibres. We also give it the prize for being the best-dressed coffee maker… that leather tie and insulating wooden collar top a tux any day. 

Our gift set for this device includes a 6 cup Chemex, 100 pre-folded circle filters and a coffee of your choice.

Something easy? Introducing the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Gift Set:


V60 pourover kit boxed


This device will really ‘up’ his coffee game.

The V60 Coffee Dripper is another pour-over filter device. Pop it over your favourite mug and watch your coffee extract evenly through its 60° funnel. See those spiral grooves, too? They help to keep his coffee happy with the right airflow and heat retention.

He’ll receive a sturdy, virtually unbreakable V60 (great for camping) in his Coffee Dripper Gift Set. But that’s not all.  This one-stop set also features 100 paper filters, a jug, a measuring scoop and a 250g bag of coffee ground for filter.

Fancy the smell of freshly ground coffee? Grab a Hario Hand Grinder:



Does he like to show off his skills? Gift him a Hario Hand Coffee Grinder, and he can do just that. And brew you some fresh-as-fresh coffee in the process. 

Grinding by hand is ideal if he wants to bring some DIY vibes to his brewing. Grinding whole beans means he can treat his coffee device to freshly ground beans just BURSTING with coffee flavour. It’ll also give him the chance to experiment with different tastes. How finely you grind affects the final strength and flavour of the cup, so tweaking the grind size is a great way to personalise your brew. 

The Hario Hand Coffee Grinder can hold up to 100g of ground coffee in its lower chamber. It has an anti-slip base to give stable grinding and a lid to keep your freshly ground coffee nice and safe.

He’s the One Who Has It All. Fear not, our Gift Vouchers are the answer!


Looking for coffee gifts for men can be a struggle when that man has it all. But don’t panic: our Coffee Lovers Gift Voucher gives them the chance to treat themselves to anything from our website. A coffee gift voucher is a bit more personal than those spend-it-anywhere high street vouchers and is ideal for every sort of coffee lover.

Whether they’ve been brewing for years or are just saying ‘hi’ to speciality coffee, they’ll find something unmissable in our online shop. Maybe they’ll try a new coffee? Or book a place on one of our coffee courses? 

Good news for gifters, too: our vouchers range from £10 to £100, so you can find the perfect present whatever your budget.

Just coffee? We’ve got a gift set for that.

Try our Cafetiere or Filter Coffee Gift Set:


cafetiere or filter coffee gift collection


If he’s already decked out with a device, why not treat him to a coffee collection instead? These super sets include three bags of single-origin Two Chimps Coffee plus a black and white coffee tin and Two Chimps magnet (great for keeping your coffee label safe on the fridge). 

Our Cafetiere or Filter Coffee Gift Collection has already had a cheeky mention. But it deserves another; it’s pretty awesome. Three bags of coffee for different times of day, each freshly ground for his filter or cafetiere device? Yep, that sounds like awesomeness to us.

Something stronger? Check out our Espresso, Moka or Aeropress Coffee Gift Set:




With this snazzy collection, he’ll receive three coffees crafted for an Espresso Machine, Moka Pot or AeroPress. Kick start the AM with a punchy morning coffee then enjoy a biscuity-sweet all-day brew in the afternoon (or whenever coffee calls).

Follow it up with a chocolatey after-dinner coffee – it’s the best kind of (booze-free) nightcap.

Coffee Subscriptions for Him:


coffee in hands


Coffee is always better when it’s on repeat. So why not treat him to a coffee gift subscription from Two Chimps. It’ll make his day. Well, quite a few days, to be honest…

You can choose from small subscription gifts of two or three deliveries (starting from just £15.90!) or go all-out with twelve delivery options that can last all year! Best birthday present ever? We think so…

There we have it. Our definitive guide to the best coffee gifts for him.

Let’s get started!

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