Coffee Gifts

12th March 2024

The best Coffee Gifts for every coffee lover!

With the rise of corporate giants and online shopping, finding unique, thoughtful gifts is challenging. Most people can type exactly what they are looking for into Google and have it delivered the next day (which is how quickly we ship our products, too!). But if you are looking for that perfect gift for any coffee, hot chocolate, decaf, or tea drinker, we are here to give you a helping hand.


Coffee Gifts

Why Two Chimps?

Not to brag, but our speciality coffee is a cut above the rest. No, seriously, we aren’t exaggerating. When graded by professional Q-graders, all our brews have been given a gold star and, more importantly, a specialist label!

These experts mark the coffee out of 100, judging the beans on taste, aroma, mouth feel, and more via cupping. If a coffee scores above 80, it is classified as a speciality, with anything below that grade falling into the commodity ranking (hello supermarket brews). Speciality coffees are bursting with unique flavours and are of much higher quality as they are handpicked, which is something you don’t get from commodity coffee. You’ll only ever see speciality brews around here, folks!

We ethically source all our beans through a small supply chain, so our farmers get a fair price for their hard work! All our coffees are single origin, meaning we can trace them back to the small estates and co-operatives that grew them. We try to support as many positive movements as possible, like the Café Delas programme, which helps to give female farmers access to knowledge and resources and gives them the same opportunities as men within the industry.

The Coffee Addict

We feel like coffee is the best place to start with this gift guide (it is probably how you came across Two Chimps in the first place!). We have a brew to suit every palette, from rich chocolate to zingy fruity notes; the world is your oyster.

Let’s quickly run down our personal favourites (and yours, too!) Our best seller has always been our orange-labelled coffee; this medium-dark roast has all those notes you want from a strong cup of coffee. With a rich chocolate base topped with caramel, this is the perfect base to create any coffee drink you want, from a simple espresso to a foamy latte. You’ll have them smiling after every sip.

It’s a tricky one for a medium roast style. We can’t decide between our green and pink-labelled coffees. They both share a silky milk chocolate undertone, with the pink having a delicious twist of dried fruit. But if it’s a warming caramel you are looking for, look no further than the green.

For light and fruity lovers, our yellow-labelled coffee is the cream of the crop. This bright and sunny coffee is the perfect brew to wake up to. It has chocolate notes topped with cranberries, apples, and citrus acidity. Yummy.

Gift Sets

Now that you’ve heard a little about coffee, what if you want to gift more than just one bag? Our coffee gift sets have you covered! We have various combinations of gifts, including brewing devices, awesome Two Chimps merch, and multiple bags of coffee. All our gift sets arrive in premium white boxes tied with a Two Chimps black ribbon. You can also request a gift card, which we can print out for you!

Decaf Drinkers

Gone are the days when decaf drinkers were offered naff coffee—our speciality decaf brew has changed the game. We source our speciality beans as usual, but they have been decaffeinated using natural methods such as sugar cane and sparkling water. Not using harsh chemicals retains the uber-beautiful flavour in beans, which we highlight during roasting. Trust us—this brew tastes like the real deal.

We offer a medium or light and fruity roast style for our decafs. Our medium, purple-labelled coffee is rich, chocolatey, and fruity. But if you’re looking for a coffee with a unique buttery biscuit base, our lilac-labelled light and fruity coffee is for you. Topped with dark chocolate and walnuts, you’ll also find a cheeky chunk of toffee sweetness! These decaf beauties will have any decaf drinker smiling ear to ear.

Both sound too good, right? Thank goodness we offer a gift set containing a bag of both decafs, and a Two Chimps white enamel mug. (all gift-wrapped, of course!)

Tea Fanatic

You read that right; few people know, but…we sell tea! And we aren’t just talking about English breakfast; we have five delicious loose-leaf teas! We offer Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Green, and Peppermint teas ready for brewing.

Some people get put off by the words ‘loose leaf,’ but we promise it’s not as much faff as you think—and it’s worth it! Loose-leaf tea has a superior flavour because it is fresh and not created through mass production like tea bags. Due to this, you don’t need to brew these teas with a teabag for as long as you would. The flavours can infuse quickly due to the freshness of the leaves and the fact that they directly merge with the water in your cup rather than being filtered through paper (like a teabag does).

No strainer? No problem! Our gift set includes a strainer, any of our teas, and a tea spice pouch (a strainer is also available for purchase separately). We also have various tea sets, such as our best-selling tea lovers gift set, which includes four bags of tea, two strainers, and a tea spice pouch.

Hot Chocolate Lover

What’s a better way to get a chocolate fix than a warm cup of hot chocolate? (Topped with marshmallows and cream, of course). Our rich and impossibly creamy artisan hot chocolate flakes are the way to every hot chocolate lover’s heart.

A step above the powdered stuff, these flakes are 71% real chocolate, creating an irresistible sweet cup. They can also be used to create the perfect mocha or as a baking ingredient! Once again, we have done all the hard work for you, as we do a gift set that includes our Two Chimps enamel mug, which can be sent straight to your gift receiver’s door.

You see, it is possible to gift something unique and, most importantly, bursting with flavour!

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