Coffee labels – what do they mean?

From Hamsters on Hoovers to Knitted Bicycles- why do the names change so often?

If you are new to the Two Chimps troop- welcome! We are so happy you have come across our fantastic speciality coffee. Today, we will discuss one of the questions we get asked a lot from newbie customers- what does the colour of the labels mean?

Our online shop has twelve coffees, each with a different coloured label. Eight of these are our standard coffees, the rest being limited edition. However, all our coffees change roughly every 8-12 months. This is because all our speciality coffees are of single origin, meaning they come from small farms and single estates. Once it’s all been picked, processed, and sold, once it’s gone… it’s really gone! We could return to the farm at their next harvesting season; however, that doesn’t mean we would get the same coffee. The climate can affect how the coffee is grown and tastes. The smallholder farmer’s decisions can also change the flavour; he might decide to process his coffee with a new method this year, which could massively alter the final cup tasting.


Coffee Cupping


I love the current orange labelled coffee, but will it taste completely different when the name changes?

Even though the coffees change name and roast, the colours ensure you will get a similar tasting again. Panic averted! So, do you like the orange-label coffee? That’s great; the next orange-label coffee will be similar despite the name changes. Our orange always has a smooth, chocolatey taste, something that will never change! We might swap caramel notes for hazelnut, but all in all, you will get a very similar-tasting cup of joe.


How do we ensure that the new roast tastes similar?

When we know one of our current roasts is running low, we order samples of coffee beans from different origins, sometimes even the exact origin of the previous roast. We then undertake a cupping session. This is where we compare all the flavours. Once complete, we evaluate and choose the roast with the most flavour notes concerning that coloured label. We want our customers to receive a brew they know they’d like, which stays to the same brew device guidelines as before. Nice and easy.

Our coffee labels are also designed to match the times of the Day for which the coffee is best suited.

Morning: blue and yellow labels (think morning sky and sunshine yellow)

All Day Drinking: pink and green labels (bright and grassy colours)

Evening: purple and orange labels (warm colours inspired by the sunset)

Alongside the above coffees, we also have our limited-edition coffees – Red and white labels… not to mention our seasonal coffee offerings such as Christmas, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, and so much more!

We know it’s sometimes tricky to remember the coffee names when they change pretty frequently- especially when they are names as whacky as ours! So we recommend focusing on the coffee’s colour instead, and you’re good to go! Is it your first time ordering, or are you a loyal customer who fancies something different? Look at our chart below; this lets you know what roast style and brewing method correlates with which colour. However, this is just a guideline! Don’t feel tied down by what we state as the brewing method; you can make your coffee in whatever your heart desires! We even have decaffeinated coffee in two different roast styles. High-five decaf friends!


Two Chimps Label Colours 1.
Two Chimps Label Colours 2.
Two Chimps Label Colours 3.


Now that you are a Two Chimps expert with our coffee labels, why not treat yourself to a fresh bag of speciality brew?

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