Coffee Lovers Gift Set

Do you know a coffee lover?

We’ve made a list of some impressive coffee devices and to help you find the perfect freshly ground coffee lovers gift set for any occasion.

If you’re struggling with finding a gift for your partner, family member or a friend for Christmas, their birthday or Valentines Day, then you have come to the right place – here are our coffee gift sets!

Let’s start with the Aeropress Gift Set


aeropress coffee lovers gift set


If your coffee lover can’t be bothered with complicated coffee devices, then the Aeropress Gift Set is for them.

The Aeropress is super easy to use and quick to clean up.

This device is excellent to have with you if you are ‘on the go’ as it is virtually unbreakable thanks to its rigid plastic construction. It comes with a tote bag too, allowing you to keep it all together – there is even room to store your coffee!

It is capable of making up to 4 cups of coffee in around a minute. As long as you have hot water, this device can be used wherever you are!

Our gift set for this device comes with 350 microfilters, an Aeropress Coffee Maker, tote bag, scoop, stirrer and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee of your choosing.

Like everything on this site, the Aeropress coffee lovers gift set comes complete with Free first class delivery.

Next up, the Hario V60 Gift Set


Pour over coffee gift set and coffee



This device delivers an awesome filter coffee, either to be enjoyed on your own or with friends. Capable of making up to 4 cups of coffee at any time, either use this directly over your favourite mug or over a jug to share.

Filter coffee has been proven to be a very healthy way of making coffee. The filter papers are to thank for this as they stop both the coffee grinds and oils entering your cup.

Firstly, the Hario V60 has been ergonomically designed to extract all the flavours from the coffee. The cone-shaped device with its interior ridges allows a good air flow and heat retention. As a result, your coffee lover will have an excellent, healthy filter coffee every time.

Our coffee lovers gift set for this device includes one hundred filters, a Hario V60 Coffee Dripper and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee.

Free first class delivery.

The iconic Chemex Gift Set


Chemex coffee maker with coffee


If your coffee lover loves to host a party or two, then this is the coffee gift set for them. Add this to their arsenal of weapons for delivering an awesome coffee party.

The non-porous borosilicate glass doesn’t absorb any nasty odours or chemicals so you can enjoy your coffee knowing that it’s completely fresh.

This pour over device allows the coffee inside to be covered and refrigerated. So, if your coffee lover is going out and doesn’t want to waste their delicious coffee this will be ideal. Simply reheat by popping the Chemex straight onto any heat source. Thinking about it, it must have to be a real emergency for you to leave it in the first place!

The filter papers included are 20% thicker than others available. These thicker filter papers hold even more of the coffee oils back, allowing for a delicious and healthy cup of joe.

Our gift set for this device includes one hundred round filters, a Chemex coffee maker and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee.

Free first class delivery.

A culinary classic – The Cafetiere Gift Set


cafetiere and coffee


This sleek looking device will bring a touch of class to their coffee making experience.

Barista & Co’s Cafetiere produces a smooth cafetiere coffee as a result of the fine mesh metal filter.

A device that has been designed around comfort, the Barista & Co Cafetiere has an easy press plunger and comfortable handle. So, your coffee lover can consistently have an easy and repeatable experience with this device.

Also, If your coffee lover is known to be a bit clumsy, replacement jars are available.

Our gift set for this device includes a Barista & Co Cafetiere in one of two sizes (3 cups or 8 cups) and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee.

Free first class delivery

A time-proven classic, Bialetti Moka Pot Gift Set


bialetti moka pot boxed with coffee


Is your coffee lover a fan of traditional design classics? Superb. The Bialetti Moka will be right up their street. Utilising their iconic eight-sided design first created in the 1930s, Bialetti has been creating Moka Pots ever since. In just a few minutes, this Moka Pot can give you an espresso style coffee.

When brewing coffee through this device, we recommend that your coffee lover uses recently boiled water in the chamber, rather than water straight from the tap. This will result in a quicker extraction time, allowing their coffee to find its natural sweet spot and leave that bitterness behind.

Our gift set for this device includes a Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Coffee Maker (available in two sizes) and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee.

Free first class delivery

Our newest coffee lovers gift set – the Handpresso Pump


handpresso in box and bag of two chimps coffee


Wherever your coffee lover is, this device will be a great addition.

The Handpresso can be used anywhere just as long as your coffee lover has access to freshly boiled water (or took a flask with them) and coffee, of course.

This environmentally friendly device is straightforward to use, and it doesn’t use any electricity so it can be used no matter where your coffee lover is!

After using the Handpresso, rather than discarding the used ground coffee, put it to good use instead. The coffee grounds can be used as fertiliser for your garden or even to help keep pests away.

Our gift set for this device includes a Black Handpresso Pump and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee.

Free first class delivery.

Got all the devices you could imagine? How about the Hario Hand Coffee Grinder?



Does your coffee lover like to use an array of different coffee brewing devices? If so, the Hario Hand Grinder will help them tremendously by allowing them to switch up their grind sizes.

By using a hand grinder and whole bean coffee, the same bag of coffee can be used for a multitude of devices.

Change grind sizes with ease from a coarse grind for a filter device, to a finer grind for an espresso machine, with just a twist of the simple adjuster.

The Hario hand coffee grinder chamber can hold up to 100g of ground coffee and has an anti-slip base to ensure stable grinding. Also, it has a convenient lid to stop any grounds from escaping. Secondly, the Hario hand grinder can produce more complex flavours and a more even sized grind, thanks to the ceramic burr.

Lastly, your coffee lover can also put their Hario Hand Grinder through the dishwasher – High five!

Free first class delivery.

If your coffee lover has coffee devices left, right and centre, then treat them to one of our coffee lovers gift sets instead.

First up, the Cafetiere or Filter Coffee Gift Collection



For the coffee drinker who prefers a lighter roast

This coffee lovers gift set includes a bright and fruity morning coffee, currently from Costa Rica, a smooth and creamy daytime coffee from Brazil and a decaffeinated coffee with a slight marshmallow and cocoa taste from Rwanda.

Crafted for a cafetiere or filter device.

Free first class delivery.

Second, is the Espresso, Moka or Aeropress Gift Set


trio of coffees with a two chimps tin



These coffees have been designed to suit an Espresso Machine, Moka or an Aeropress.

Great for the coffee drinker who prefers a darker roast.

This coffee lovers gift set currently includes a moreish Colombian coffee with a dark fruit punch for the morning, an all-day coffee from El Salvador with a biscuit sweetness and a full-bodied coffee for the evening from Guatemala.

Free first class delivery.

Just want Coffee?


six coffee bags and tin


We have six single origin coffees that are always available.
All of our coffees are ethically sourced and freshly roasted from our roastery in Oakham, Rutland.

We have coffees for every time of the day. So if your coffee lover is an early bird that needs a kick in the morning or if they are someone who prefers to drink coffee throughout the day, you are sure to find a coffee that suits them.

Hate bitter and burnt coffees? Us too, you’ll never find these notes in any of our coffees. We don’t over roast our coffee which leaves room for smooth and sweet delicious flavours in your cup.

A real treat – Check out our Coffee Gift Subscriptions


portafilter with coffee


We have six different gift subscriptions available.

Ranging from two deliveries to twelve, you are in complete control of their subscription.

Choose the coffee, grind size and how often you would like a delivery and we’ll do the rest.

Free first class delivery.

Out of options? Head towards a good ol’ Coffee Lovers Gift Voucher



If you are well and truly stuck on what to get your coffee lover or you need a quick last minute present, a gift voucher is ideal.

Our vouchers range from £10-£100 and can be spent on anything from training courses to coffee and a coffee lovers gift set.

Also, we can email the voucher directly to your coffee lover.

So, there we have it, our coffee lovers gift set guide; perfect for anyone who loves coffee.

None of these take your fancy? Head over to our Coffee Equipment and Coffee Gifts page for more great ideas.

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