Coffee o’clock

How do you like your eggs coffee in the morning?

Do you prefer a punchy roast or something a bit brighter? Or do you tend to enjoy your coffee in the evening, when you can settle down with a coffee that is smooth, creamy and comforting?


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Everyone takes their coffee in different ways and at different times of the day. From early birds to evening brewers, we all have personal preferences. At Two Chimps, we believe that you deserve great-tasting, freshly-roasted coffee, whatever flavours you like – and whenever you like to drink it! That’s why we created our coffee range with the clock in mind: we want to make sure you’ve got the perfect coffee, morning, noon and night!


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A coffee for every hour

We don’t believe in making things complicated, so we’ve colour-coded our labels to match the times of day:

Morning coffee: blue and yellow labels (think morning sky and sunshine yellow)

All-day coffee: pink and green labels (bright and grassy colours)

Evening coffee: purple and orange labels (lovely warm colours inspired by the sunset)

Limited edition coffees: Red and white labels (chosen because… ummm, we like red and white?)

We’re a logical bunch, aren’t we? We change our coffees (and their names) every eight to ten months as farmers harvest new crops, but we keep the label colours the same. This is because we select a bean with corresponding flavour notes to its predecessor, so it will taste pretty similar. And it will always be freshly roasted and ethically sourced.

Each pair has one coffee great for gravity brewing and one that works well in pressure brewing. Take our all-day coffees, for instance. The pink-labelled coffee is groovy in a gravity brew (filter, Chemex or cafetiere), while the coffee with the green label is more suited to pressure methods (espresso, Aeropress or moka pot). Of course, these are only suggestions – be guided by your taste buds and brew whichever way you prefer!


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Morning glory

Ahh, the early morning. The time of day when we all jump out of bed looking fresh and ready to face the day… or not. Morning’s can be hectic, but our hand-roasted artisan coffee is surely the best wake-up call out there. We’ve got a coffee to suit your style and turn serial ‘snoozers’ into eager early birds. If you’re looking for a strong roast that packs a punch, we recommend the blue label. Give your wake-ups some welly with Canoeing in a Cornish Pastyg; strong yet sweet with marmalade zing, it’s the perfect morning boost.

If you prefer something a little brighter and fruitier, why not try our yellow-labelled Oodles of Ongles? Grown in Rwanda, this coffee is juicy-lucy bright with hints of toffee. Our yellow-labelled coffees are acidic and fruity – they taste lighter, especially when made in a Chemex or cafetiere – but will still get you up and at ‘em every morning.

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All-day, your way

We dress our easy-drinking, all-day coffees in some rather lovely pink and green labels. All-day coffees are rounded and even. We select our all-day coffees for their harmonised flavours: from fruity to floral, sweet to chocolatey, our all-day coffees are beautifully balanced with no overbearing flavour. Other than delicious, of course.

In the pink at the minute is Have Faith in the Fairies. Smooth and creamy, it’s great in a filter, Chemex or cafetiere. More Coal for the Internet is another smooth operator, but this time with an oat-like biscuit nuttiness that makes it ideal for an Aeropress, espresso or moka pot.


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Dreaming of the evening

Smooth, light roasts make great evening coffees. Our purple and orange-labelled coffees are lovely in the evenings because they are soothing and homely. Knitting Badger is currently The Purple One at Two Chimps. It’s decaffeinated, so won’t affect your sleep pattern, and has a lovely lightness finished with gingerbread spice. Oh Do Beehave is our current orange-labelled coffee. Its velvety chocolate flavours with intriguing notes of orange and grape make it a great after-dinner coffee.

beehave - new coffee from Peru by Two Chimps Coffee

If you’d like some help choosing your coffee, just call on our Coffee Wizard. Simply say what grind size you prefer and what time of day you want to drink your coffee, and the Wizard will do the rest. Of course, feel free to go with your gut and ignore the Wizard’s advice (we love a rebel!). We believe you know best when it comes to what flavours you like. That’s why our colour packets are guides rather than gospel. We’re not saying you can’t drink a blue-labelled coffee at lunchtime or that orange is only for the evening. We’re not saying one has to be a filter and the other an espresso.

Enjoy your coffee your way – that’s what we’re saying!


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