Coffee on the move – how to brew the best coffee when you’re out and about

We’re a nation on the move again ? Yippeee!


We’re gradually waving goodbye to the days of being stuck at home with only the cat for company (sorry, puss). And, as we venture out into parks and start to enjoy day trips, a few lifestyle changes are in order. Getting dressed is a must again – the world can now see more than your Zoom-primed head and hair – along with early alarms and social planning. What’s even more important, though, is making sure you are topped up with tasty hand roasted coffee when you’re out and about. This is ESSENTIAL – even more important than the getting dressed bit. That’s optional really.


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Accessories for coffee on the go

Social plans and days out don’t have to replace great coffee. There are plenty of ways to brew on the move! Whether you’re taking a walk in your local woodlands or heading off on that long-awaited holiday, make sure you’ve got everything you need for the perfect portable coffee.

We’re not sure an espresso machine will get through customs (I mean, we haven’t tried, but we doubt it). It’s lucky, then, that there are lots of brew devices just itching to be your travel companion. Take the AeroPress – the famously moveable coffee device. The AeroPress is durable, compact and easy to clean, which makes it ideal for camping trips or nights away. The AeroPress is your saviour for when you don’t want to settle for sub-standard hotel room coffee. Or for when you just need great coffee fast – you can brew in 1.5 minutes (we timed it).


AeroPress with purple mug filled with coffee



More of a filter fan? No problem. The V60 Coffee Dripper is your travel buddy. Made from lightweight plastic, the V60 helps you brew clean, full-flavoured coffee while you’re out and about. Just pop it on your mug, boil some water and brew away! Great for camping, glamping, cruising, still-staying-at-homeing…

We’d always recommend taking your own brew device on your travels, if you can. You understand how your device works and how to use it best. If it’s a choice between fitting your brew device or kids in the car, we’d ask you to think long and hard about your decision…*


V60 Coffee Dripper with water being poured in



Check out our guide to V60 Pour Over!

*maybe bring both, just to be on the safe side 😁


Bring your beans!

Even if you can’t bring your brew device, bring your beans. Top quality, freshly roasted beans are at the heart of every great brew, so be sure to nestle some in beside your socks and sun cream. Don’t be fooled if your hotel room has a coffee machine; the final cup will only be sub-standard if your beans aren’t up to scratch. Luckily, we Chimps have made awesome coffee uber-easy to access. Our online shop is bursting with freshly roasted speciality coffee that will elevate your brew in an instant. Oh, and we post all our coffees First Class and free of charge – ideal for when you realise you’re out of beans amid the pre-holiday panic…

If you like to grind at home and are thinking, hmmm, how can I ‘grind at home’ when I’m away from home? Wonder no longer. This Hario Hand Grinder is particularly, errr, handy if you’d like to grind on the move.


ground coffee in different grinds




Don’t put it in the fridge!

No, not even the dinky hotel ones! Cold temperatures aren’t good for coffee: they add moisture and make the flavours deteriorate quickly. We recommend storing your coffee in a non-transparent airtight container. Alternatively, why not take your Two Chimps pouch with you just as it is? The one-way valve on the back allows gasses to escape without letting any oxygen in, so is perfect for keeping your coffee fresh.

Hey, good idea alert! If you’re planning a short break, why not treat yourself to our Coffee Lovers Taster Pack? The smaller-sized packets are ideal if you don’t want to bring back half-opened bags. What’s more, the tasty selection of six coffees means you can try a new coffee each day! Just another way to make this holiday the best!


Coffee Lovers Taster gift set



Remember the extras

You’re all set for a lovely cup of Two Chimps small batch coffee and then, d’oh, you realise you’ve forgotten your filters! Or left your mug in the kitchen cupboard. Don’t put yourself through the disappointment – make sure you’ve got everything you need.

While you’re still at home, make a mental note of all the bits and pieces you use. Beans? Brew device? Milk? We know that milk can be a tricky one, especially if your holiday is more outdoorsy. Fresh milk is easy in self catering or hotels (nowww, you can use your mini fridge), but isn’t an option if you’re hiking in the woods. UHT milk is an idea, or even coconut oil, which is brimming with health benefits and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Coconut oil adds a lovely mellow flavour to your brew so give it a go – it might even be a keeper for when you come back home!


Two Chimps mug



Speciality coffee is essential for travel. It sets you up in the morning and provides the perfect wind-down in the evening. So, whether you need to pop beans in your backpack or slip a Hario in your hand luggage, make sure you’ve got everything you need for coffee on the go!

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