Coffee Subscription in the Summer

The sun has got his hat on, but don’t let your coffee go away!



Coffee subscriptions don’t need to stop when the sun comes out. Soaring temperatures and sultry days might not leave you longing for hot coffee, but don’t worry; there are still plenty of ways to get your caffeine fix. This is great news for coffee subscribers who find their deliveries collecting in the cupboard when summer comes around. But, don’t be too hasty and make a beeline for the ‘cancel’ button. Summer is the perfect time to discover your hot coffee’s cool cousins! So, what can you do with your coffee subscription in the summer? Let’s take a closer look…


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What is a coffee subscription?

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we know how important coffee is to your day. It’s your wake-up call in the morning; your go-to when you meet with friends. Something this important can’t be side-lined.

That’s why our personalised coffee subscriptions put your coffee centre stage. With a Two Chimps coffee plan, you can create a coffee delivery schedule tailored to your tastes. You can select any coffee in our speciality range or opt for a Surprise Coffee Subscription if you fancy trying them all.

Personalising your deliveries is simple (we keep TCC a fuss-free zone!). After selecting your coffee of choice, just specify whether you would like to receive grounds or whole beans. We grind all our coffees to order on the day of dispatch, too, so you know you’re getting beans ground just for you. Third and finally, let us know how often you would like to receive your lovely coffee. We offer everything from 250g to 1kg deliveries at weekly, fortnightly, or monthly intervals to make sure you receive just the right amount of freshly roasted coffee.

And that’s it!

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Reliable coffee

How much do you have to think about each day? Have you done the packed lunches? Have the dogs done their homework and have you walked the kids?

Life can be hectic, right? That’s why you need great coffee to just happen. No complicated small print, no patchy delivery schedules. Just exceptional coffee turning up when you need it. With a customised coffee subscription, you know you’ll always receive freshly roasted, ethically sourced coffee that’s ready to brew.

Because the morning when you start trying to put a dog leash on the kids is not the time to run out of caffeine!


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Flexible is the way forward

Because we know that life happens and nothing is set in stone, we’ve made it easy to change your deliveries as they go along. Maybe you’re out and about so aren’t brewing at home much this summer? Or, maybe you’ve been hosting BBQs and need a top-up? No problem; whether you would like to pause your coffee plan or need to bring the next order forward, just let us know. We send every order out First Class, so can have extra coffee with you sharpish – the next day, if we send postie out the door with an espresso!



Sunny Summer Coffee Drinks

Hot coffee is only half the story. Don’t get us wrong, we love an Americano or beautiful latte, but summer can also call for something cooler. So, keep your coffee subscription in the summer months and head to the cool side…

You know those chain coffee shop staples that come around every summer? The iced lattes and cold brew coffees? Well, you can make them too! Try brewing summer coffee at home, and you’ll be smitten. No more pricey café stop-offs or plastic-packed drinks – just refreshing coffee you can make at home! And it’s simpler than you’d think…


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Cold Brew

Cold brew isn’t a new coffee drink; it dates back to 17th century Japan. Our tastebuds, however, have only recently been introduced to this cool concoction.

Cold brew coffee is easy to make. Simply leave your ground coffee and cold water in the fridge overnight to create a coffee mixture. Then, pass through a filter before diluting with water (still or sparkling). Feel free to add milk, too, if you prefer a creamier summer drink.

Take a sip of your lovely cold brew. It’s not just coffee minus heat, right? You’ll find a lush, quenching drink that’s more intense and less acidic than your usual hot coffee. The absence of heat gives cold brew a natural sweetness that’s just the ticket for days spent with flip flops and flowers. ?


Cold brew with ice

Iced Coffee

You might take ice in your cold brew, but that doesn’t make it an iced coffee. Nopity nope. Cold brew and iced coffee are a little different. Unlike cold brew, which is made without heat, iced coffee uses hot coffee –  ideally a double espresso! You simply pour this coffee over rocks of ice and swirl together with milk. You can add sugar or honey, if you like, or mix things up with a flavour syrup. Check out our failsafe guide to iced coffee at home!

While the cold water brew gives cold brew coffee its rich intensity, the flavour of your iced delight will be more similar to your regular hot coffee. Why? Because it was brewed in the same way: with hot water. It’ll just be cool, light and flawlessly refreshing when you take a sip – the perfect summer coffee!


Ice splashing into a glass of cold coffee


Summer cooking

Maybe you would prefer a summer coffee cake instead? Something sweet to bring to an afternoon tea, perhaps? Head over to our online recipe file to find cakes for every season. Our favourite sweet coffee recipes include this summer-ready Espresso Martini Ice Cream and this wibbly-wobbly Coffee Jelly.

Or maybe you’re more savoury than sweet. We don’t blame you – not when there’s a caffeinated Chilli Con Carne around! Trust us; spicy chilli and strong-brewed coffee create rich, meaty plates perfect for a crowd. If you’re squeezing a barbie in between the showers, be sure to try our smoky BBQ Coffee Rub. We were literally licking the plate of our coffee BBQ ribs!


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Coffee loves summer, so don’t put your cafetiere in the cupboard as soon as the sun comes out. Dip a toe into summer coffee and keep cool ‘n’ caffeinated in the heat! ?


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