Coffee Subscription Options

Wondering whether you need to set up a coffee subscription?

Don’t panic. Take five and do these simple exercises. Lift your head up, then lower it down. Up, down, up, down.


two chimps coffee and tin magnet set


Oooh, look at that – you’ve answered your question! And we agree, because a Two Chimps speciality coffee subscription will simplify your life and revolutionise your coffee. No more empty coffee tins or sub-standard brews; just freshly roasted coffee delivered free to your door right when you need it.

To make a coffee plan that works for you, we’ve perfected an easy, four-step personalisation process. That’s right: a bespoke, yours truly coffee plan in just a few quick clicks!



To keep things even simpler, we’re bringing you a whistle-stop tour of these four fabulous stages. Not sure what grind you need or how much coffee to put in your trolley? Finding all the options a bit baffling? Hold on to your hats, coffee friends, because we’re about to answer all your questions…


No. 1: First up, freshness!

We kick things off in the best way possible – choosing your coffee!

It’s a hard one, we know, but the first step in the process is to select the coffee that takes your fancy. You can choose any in our lovely range. They’re all slightly different, with their own flavour profiles and personalities, and always arrive at your door freshly roasted. And when we mean fresh, we mean fresh fresh. Roasting multiple times throughout the week ensures we only ever pack postie with the tastiest, freshest coffee for your mug.


Tamping coffee


Choosing your coffee

So, what are the different coffee options? There are three main types of roasted coffee: light, medium and dark. Light roasts spend slightly less time in the roaster and are, as such, a tad more acidic (because less of the coffee’s acidity has been roasted away). They taste bright, fruity and berry-ish – just like summer in a mug! Cafetières are ideal for brewing light roast coffees as they don’t draw out too much of the acidity. Filter devices are ace, too, as they put all the flavour nuances on the tip of your tongue.


Latte in a black cup with stack of magazines


Next up are the medium-dark roasts. 180° turn if you think all dark roast coffees are more bitter, because they are most definitely not. They spend a little more time getting toasty in the roaster, which allows their natural sugars to caramelise and gives you a rich, chocolatey coffee with whispers of toffee and roasted nut. Yup, they really are that good. See why we’re obsessed? Medium and dark roast coffees suit pressure devices like the AeroPress and espresso machine, and taste smashing paired with milk in a latte or flat white.

There are ten awesome coffees in our crew, with a fair spread of light roasts and darker roasts to keep everyone happy. Take your pick!


Mystery coffee option: try them all!

Live life on the edge – coffee style! If you can’t make up your mind or just fancy taking a coffee road trip, then our Mystery Coffee Subscription is for you. A new coffee will arrive each time, always ground for your selected device. You’ll be sipping a jam-like coffee from Kenya one month and a sweet, biscuity brew the next. Because when it comes to coffee, it’s totally fine to want it all.


coffee and cafetiere available for coffee subscriptions


Our mystery plan comes with all the personalisation options and subscriber-only perks (keep reading – we’re getting to these!) as a regular Two Chimps plan. You can also outline your preferences if you want a mystery-ish subscription. Still fancy all the fun and surprises but prefer to stick with lighter coffees? Or just want decaf? No problem – just let us know!


No. 2: Grind size options

It really is a daily grind at the TC roastery, because we grind every bag to order. Grinding your beans on the day of dispatch keeps all that lovely flavour locked in till the last minute. Take a sip and you’ll taste (and smell, and feel) the difference – freshly ground coffee knocks the socks off vac-packed!


Above shot of a burr grinder


And it’s not just freshly ground; it’s freshly ground for you. We offer six grind size options, including whole bean if you like to DIY it at home.

Cafetière, filter, stovetop, espresso and AeroPress are the five pre-ground options. Simply select your go-to device and we’ll grind your beans to the right texture.

Brew devices are choosy: they each like a slightly different grind size. Take espresso machines, for instance. They like a finer grind, while your cafetière will be much happier with coarse grinds that look a bit like demerara sugar.


No. 3: How much to order?

Bags of speciality coffee aren’t like those loo rolls we all bought: they don’t like being stashed away at the back of your drawer. Bulk buying your java might sound like a good idea, but little and often is always the way forward when it comes to quality coffee. Roasted beans are best when fresh, so we always advise ordering in small, frequent quantities. This way, you aren’t drinking months-old coffee that tastes a bit, well, meh.


two chimps coffee subscription on your doormat


Our letterbox-friendly 250g bags are the best-selling size. They cost just £8.95 (that’s £7.95 for you lucky subscribers) and are perfect for the average home coffee drinker. 500g deliveries are great for couples or keen caffeinators bordering on obsessed…

Or maybe you’ve got a household of coffee fans? And you’re permanently washing up mugs? Then our 1kg bags might be the answer…


1kg bag of coffee on table with mug



No. 4: How often should the postie pop round?

Selecting your delivery frequency is the final step in the process. Fortnightly and monthly deliveries are the most common options in our coffee club, and we guess they’ll keep your coffee tin happily stocked up. Weekly deliveries are up for grabs for the keen beans, too!

No need to start drinking it by the bucketful if you find yourself with a bit too much coffee (yup, it can happen). You can either pause your subscription until you’ve finished the bag or make an alteration in your Two Chimps account. When you subscribe, we set you up with a nifty subscriber platform where you can alter, amend or cancel your subscription any time you like. No strings, no dotted lines, just a simple coffee plan that’s unique to you!


Coffee spouting from moka pot


Party bags (full of coffee extras)!

The whiz-kids reading this will notice that we’ve gone through all four steps, but everyone likes a goodie bag at the end, don’t they? And this one really is good…


two chimps coffee enamel mug front design


Freebies! Discounts! Trees! Tick, tick, tick! All this and more will be yours when you subscribe. We plant a tree for each new subscriber who joins our troop and give you a whopping 10% off everything in our online shop. Free treats might just find their way to you, too, as might new coffee samples. All this on top of the £11 saving you can make each month by subscribing? Yep, pinch yourself. We swear you’re not dreaming.

Four simple steps to customised coffee. Always freshly roasted. Always fun. Don’t miss out!



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