Coffee trends 2022 (6 trends to look out for)

What’s hot and what’s not? Come with us as we check out the coffee trends for 2022!


Here they are… the coffee trends 2022:

  • Artisan coffee blends
  • Sustainable coffee
  • Returning to coffee shops after lockdown
  • Continue brewing awesome coffee at home
  • Non-dairy milk (including potato…)
  • Healthy coffee


Two Chimps coffee tin with lid and teaspoon in the tin


Coffee Blends

Coffee blends are mixtures of at least two single-origin coffees. And 2022 looks to be the year coffee blends become swanky!

See ‘coffee blend’ on the back of your coffee bag, and you might be a bit wary. And rightly so: some roasteries and big-name coffee chains use blending to hide dull flavours in their low-quality beans. It’s also a cheeky way of keeping their costs down…

We’re strictly single-origin at Two Chimps. Why? Because

  • It enables us to develop relationships with individual farms and farmers
  • It keeps our coffees traceable
  • Roasting single origin allows you to taste the flavour profiles of different coffee-producing countries

Buuut… this doesn’t mean we put the red tape over blends. Coffee blends can be a great way of exploring new flavour combinations. And we’re excited to see what happens as they become a bit more artisan in 2022!


Three trays of coffee beans and three cupping dishes filled with coffee


Eco-friendly coffee

COP26 put carbon reduction centre-stage (rightly so). And we can all do our bit as governments try to tackle the rising temperatures.

Your mug can, too! Because eco-friendly coffee will be BIG news in 2022. Conscious coffee drinkers like you want top-tasting, ethical coffee packed in planet-kind packaging. Take our trendy black coffee bags: they’re made from LDPE, which recycling plants can recycle five or six times. We use glue dots, too, to avoid sticky tape and wasteful metal clips. Top stuff.


Coffee shop visits

Meet you at 11? Yes! Because coffee shop trips are BACK! Months of closed doors and switched-off ovens have left us craving the café atmosphere. We’re excited to get back, see friends and enjoy the awesome coffee shop buzz.

Did you know that coffee shops were one of the things we missed most in 2021? A survey by Allegra Strategies discovered that 42% of us Brits cite coffee shops as the thing we’re craving post-lockdown.

So have a wander into town and support your local coffee shop… but I bagsy the window seat!


Portafilter inserted in espresso machine and pulling a double shot of coffee


Brewing better coffee at home

Covid sent us crazy for coffee subscriptions. The cafes were closed, but our coffee love was as strong as ever. We needed top coffee at home!

Clever guys at Barclaycard Payments found that UK subscription services increased by 39.4% in 2020. Tailor-to-you coffee subscriptions made it possible to enjoy coffee shop-standard coffee at home. And now that we’ve tasted it, we’re not going back!

You’ve invested in a device and got sorted with your coffee. So why stop in 2022? Great home brewing is (unlike the all-day PJ days) a lockdown habit we want to keep!




Non-dairy milk

You don’t need us to tell you that plant-based alternatives will be big in 2022. And dairy-free milk? That’s leading the way. Research by Mintel found that about a third of British people now drink non-dairy milk. Oat milk currently takes the top spot, with almond coming in second. We’re particularly fond of oat milk because it’s great for adding to coffee.

Heard of potato milk? Just give it a year, and you most certainly will have! This sippable spud drink is made from heated and emulsified potatoes and produces much less CO2 than cow’s milk. It’ll be stocked by Waitrose in 2022!


Healthy coffee

Healthy coffee adaptions is another of the coffee trends for 2022. And a tasty one!

Take lovely cold brew. The unique brewing method gives cold brew a low acidity and natural sweetness, meaning you can skip that extra teaspoon of sugar. Cold brew is the millennials go-to drink – it’s a healthy alternative to fizzy pop and artificially sweetened drinks.

Want to keep things hot? No problem. There are plenty of ways to sweeten coffee that don’t involve sugar. How about vanilla, Stevia or a drizzle of honey?


Honey cold brew with ice


Have we tempted your taste buds with talk of coffee subscriptions? Why not find out how to create one just for you? You’ll be so on trend…


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