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Decaf lovers, despair no longer! Here’s the only Decaf Coffee Subscription you need!




We’re doing a little spotlight feature today. Well, a BIG spotlight feature, because our Two Chimps Decaf Coffee Subscription UK deserves a big, shiny light!




What is a Decaf Coffee Subscription?

Here at Two Chimps, we like to look after you lovely lot. That’s why we created our bespoke coffee subscription maker!

And bespoke means coffee your way, whether that’s wholebean, light roast or… decaffeinated coffee!

Because we feel your pain, decaf lovers. Gorgeous decaf receives some bad rap. It’s often the but of dreary jokes (‘Decaf? Don’t you mean brown water?’), with all too many coffee lovers shunning it in favour of its caffeinated cousin.

Ahh, but this is the case no longer! Now, you can enjoy freshly roasted speciality decaf delivered to your door with a personal decaf plan. You choose every part of your coffee plan, from the delivery frequency to the grind size, to create a decaf subscription that’ll leave you smilin’!


(Pssst… Decaf fan? You’re not alone. Experts forecast that the market for caffeine-free brews will reach $2.8 billion by 2027, compared to $1.65 billion in 2019!)

Latte in a black mug sitting on a table beside magazines


Is this the Best Decaf Coffee Subscription? It might just be…

Lacklustre instant decaf is a thing of the past. Now, you can look forward to lush, caffeine-less cups boasting all the flavour of regular coffee.

Why? Because this is a speciality decaf subscription – the best decaf coffee subscription there is!

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we source and roast speciality arabica coffee. These are the best beans in the business. Hand-picked when perfectly ripe and hand-sorted by expert farmers, speciality coffee leaves the instant stuff standing!

Roasting comes next! We roast in small, 12kg batches to ensure every bag is utterly perfect. Hand-roasting means we can tailor every batch, while roasting multiple times each week ensures your decaf coffee is fabulously fresh! Always – no stale stuff here!

Combine speciality arabica decaf with small-batch roasting and our unique tailor-to-you coffee plan, and you’ve got yourself the best decaf coffee subscription! Well, we think so…


What makes Speciality Decaf the Best?

Let’s zoom in on the decaffeinated coffee in your subscription. Because that’s the part that really matters, right?

Your Two Chimps subscription features the finest single-origin speciality coffee. It’ll always be roasted fresh (just check out the roast date on the label!) and delivered to your door First Class.


But speciality decaf is even more unique, because there’s an extra stage in the sourcing process…

Close up of red speciality coffee cherries


Coffee producers can decaffeinate coffee beans using several methods. Some are natural and make us smile, while others are low-grade and chemically and make us feel a bit mehhh…

But don’t worry! Your Two Chimps subscription is jam-packed with the smiley sort of decaf beans!

We only source coffee beans decaffeinated by high quality, natural method. There are three methods we look out for:

All are natural, and the Sparkling Water and Swiss Water methods are chemical-free and organic, too.

This terrific trio gets top marks because they preserve all the flavour in the coffee bean. Unlike low-quality methods, they don’t mess up the beans’ molecular structure and damage their lovely flavour.

Coffee cherries laid our in Ethiopia


Want to know the decaffeination methods to avoid? Here they are:

  • Direct-Solvent Process
  • Indirect-Solvent Process

Easy to remember and easy to avoid. Especially if you’re drinking Two Chimps!

Two Chimps coffee mug laying on coffee sack


Which Decaf will you Choose?

Seasonal sourcing means our coffee range changes every so often. But we can’t not tell you about our current two decafs, can we?

And yup, you read that right. We have TWO dazzling decafs to choose from! Check them out!

New Penguin-ings

Take a sip of this stunning medium-dark roast, and you’ll find notes of blood orange and chocolate limes. It’s sweet, smooth and 100% luscious! Great however you brew, but especially awesome in an AeroPress or espresso. We source these single-origin beans from smallholder farmers in Argelia, Colombia.

Medium roast speciality decaf coffee beside Two Chimps Coffee tin


How many Llamas did you say were in the Phonebox?

This light roasted decaffeinated coffee boasts peach and mandarin acidity with cheeky hints of gingerbread. Super tasty as a cafetiere or filter, but awesome in any device. We source this Sparkling Water decaf coffee from Mustefaq Abakeno in Ethiopia.

Sparkling Water decaf coffee at Two Chimps roastery


Creating your Subscription

Creating your perfect decaffeinated coffee subscription is easy as pie. Probably easier. As uncomplicated as coffee cake?

We’ve kept things simple with a multiple choice maker (ahhh, remember the relief of multiple-choice exams…). After selecting your fave decaf, simply pick your preferred brew method, the amount of coffee you’d like to receive and how often you want to receive it. Do all the paymenty stuff and then, tadaaah, your best decaf subscription is ready!

Screenshot of coffee subscription delivery options


Are Decaf Coffee Subscriptions Worth It?

Personal coffee subscriptions are awesome! Check out some of the perks you have to look forward to…

  • Always having the freshest, tastiest coffee at home
  • Faff-free coffee – we deliver straight to your door
  • Single-origin coffee decaffeinated by high-calibre methods
  • Save £1 on every bag
  • A bespoke coffee plan
  • Pause, amend or cancel your decaf plan at any time
  • Support small coffee farmers worldwide
  • We’re climate positive and plant a tree when you subscribe
  • Receive coffee freebies
  • Try new coffees
woman holding a red mug coffee


Sound good? Fancy switching from dull instant coffee to a Speciality Decaf Coffee Subscription? Let’s do it!

Create your Decaf Plan!

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