Does Freshly Ground Coffee Really Taste Better Than Pre-Ground Coffee?

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, our ethos is fresh is best.

Whether it’s the way we roast, how much coffee we recommend ordering or when we choose to grind coffee, we pride ourselves on how good our freshly ground coffee is.

Today we are going to show you why you should always buy freshly ground coffee rather than pre-ground.

Why Do We Grind Coffee In The First Place?

Grinding coffee increases the surface area of the roasted beans, and therefore allows the flavours and aromas to be extracted easier.

If roasted coffee beans were placed in water, there might be some extraction into a weak brew, but the flavours and aromas you would expect wouldn’t be there, due to the reduction of surface area available to the hot water.

Grinding coffee means that more of the bean is exposed to the water. This allows the compounds to dissolve into the water more quickly, leading to more compounds being extracted.


cafetiere and coffee


Why should I Avoid Pre-ground Coffee?

The increased surface area needed to brew also leaves the coffee open to environmental exposure.

When coffee is exposed to oxygen for a long period of time, it can degas. Degassing releases the gases the coffee has built up during roasting. It’s important to avoid degassing as it can cause your coffee to taste stale, old and muted in the cup.

In short, grinding coffee and then leaving it will result in that loss of taste.


espresso extraction


If you usually buy pre-ground coffee from the supermarket, you will often find that the quality of the coffee before it was ground was already low.

Generally, commodity-grade coffee is available from supermarkets, and it is used because it is much cheaper, and less labour intensive to grow and harvest. The flavours found in these commodity coffees are limited to begin with and are certainly not as desirable as the flavours found within a speciality coffee.

Freshly Ground Coffee

The very last thing we do before we send freshly roasted coffee to you is grind if required.

This assures that the time between your coffee leaving us and getting to you is as short as possible.

All coffee is sent using FREE 1st class delivery, meaning that more often than not, your freshly ground coffee will be with you the very next day.


espresso pouring into two cups


Flip over the bag and you will find a one-way valve allowing the gasses to be released from the coffee while keeping the oxygen out. Having this valve on our packaging helps to keep your coffee fresher or longer.

If you want even fresher tasting coffee, order as you usually would, however, keep your coffee in wholebean and grind just the amount required, when you require it. Need a grinder? Check out the Hario Hand Grinder.


ground coffee in different grinds

Storing Your Freshly Ground Coffee

Although we grind coffee just before it leaves us, storing it well can help keep the freshness for longer. Luckily for you, we have a few suggestions for How To Keep Coffee Fresh.

Make sure you don’t leave your bag/tin open for long periods of time. As we mentioned, oxygen isn’t good for coffee and will reduce the taste and smell. It will also reduce the freshness of the coffee quicker.


two chimps coffee tin and bag in the background


We recommend that you don’t store your freshly ground coffee in the fridge either. The constant change in temperature when moving the coffee in and out of the fridge will create moisture on your coffee, which is something you definitely don’t want. Moisture can affect the flavours and freshness of your coffee also.

Ready for Freshly Ground Coffee?

Buying freshly ground coffee is always the answer, and you will be sure to taste the difference.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bag of freshly ground coffee today!


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