Don’t Forget Father’s Day

You’re doing well. It’s halfway through the year, and you’ve remembered every anniversary, baby shower, neighbour’s pet birthday… then, boom, it’s Father’s Day.


Whoa, where did that come from? I thought my calendar said September (it did, for the Australian Father’s Day, at least).

Right, now I need a Father’s Day present, fast. And it’s got to be something good. Dad has been awesome this year (though I’d never say it to his face…) and I want to make sure he knows it.

Help please!

Pouring espresso into two mugs

Limited Edition Father’s Day Coffee

Put the panic on hold. We’ve got the perfect present for top dads of every type. Say hello to Daddy Cool, our limited-edition Father’s Day coffee. Grown in Kenya, this flavour-packed light roast coffee is a checklist of everything dads want from their cup of joe. He’ll find the bursting tartness of blackcurrant jam sweetened with swirly caramel. Warming hints of plums and fragrant cloves provide a cosy finish he won’t be able to resist.

This single-origin coffee was grown and harvested by a small cooperative of farmers in south-central Kenya. The chocolate-red soil in the area is ideal for coffee shrubs and produces some of the best beans in the country; we’re talking coffee that is vibrant, complex and downright delicious! Daddy Cool made the grade as one of our exceptional limited-edition coffees, so it won’t be around for long. We selected it for its intricate flavour profile and something-for-everyone versatility. We were also super excited by the SL-28 and SL-34 varietals in this coffee; they are regarded as some of the best in Kenya! Well, dads deserve nothing less.

png of daddy cool, single origin coffee from Kenya - Two Chimps Coffee

First-rate roasting

We hand-roast all our coffees in small batches here in our little Rutland roastery. A lighter roast works best for Daddy Cool because it elevates the natural acidity and lush, fruity flavours in the beans. Light roasts brew awesomely in filters or cafetieres but give any device a go – they’ll all be great!

Frequent roasting keeps our roastery topped up with fresh-as-can-be beans. Coffee always tastes best when fresh, no questions asked. Commodity coffee is squirrelled away after roasting, leaving you with grounds that taste dull and lifeless by the time they make it to your cup. It’s a different story at Two Chimps Coffee. We roast multiple times a week to make sure every order is brimming with the finest freshly roasted beans. Seriously, this stuff is so good it SHINES!

This is all music to the ears of last-minute gifters. Why? Because whenever you order Dad’s present – even if it’s just before Father’s Day – your Two Chimps beans will always be freshly roasted and top quality.


coffee in roasting sample trowel


Tailoring Dad’s gift

No two dads are the same, so that’s why we’ve made it easy to get his present just so. You can go cool beanz with whole bean or select his preferred grind size. We always grind on the day of dispatch because we like to keep things fresh (did we mention that?). We’ve got a range of sizes to choose from and a gift note option to give your present the personal touch. Go on, put something really soppy… ?

If Dad’s been very good this year, why not upgrade your gift to a Daddy Cool Father’s Day Gift Set? Limited-edition speciality coffee with a sleek Two Chimps coffee tin and magnet? All wrapped up with ribbon and tied smartly in a gift box? Well, that’s a happy dad right there!


Daddy Cool Gift set


Cool coffee, then awesome coffee, then marvellous coffee, then…

Our Coffee Gift Subscriptions are the gifts that last for months, no matter how last-minute you buy them. You can tailor his subscription to his taste and your budget by selecting a frequency and bag size. Choose from two to twelve delivery subscriptions and everything in between! Oh, and you can also make Daddy Cool the first coffee at no extra cost. Wow – who knew so much awesomeness could fit through a letterbox?


gift note ribbon tied with box

Whether you’re a pre-planner or a week-before gifter, we’ve got a coffee gift to keep Dad (very) happy this Father’s Day. Shop Daddy Cool, or take a look at our full range – it’s packed with good stuff!


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